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What Is Haze Cannabis?

If you look at all the many marijuana strains found across the world, you’re bound to run into the notion of ‘haze’ pretty soon. In fact, the sophisticated collection of Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds includes a broad range of haze strains, too. But what exactly is a haze strain? And, more importantly: which specific growers should consider ordering haze cannabis seeds to cultivate? You’ll find out all of this and more in this blog, as we present the finest haze strains our breeders have evolved.

How Haze Cannabis Was Born

Looking at the origins of haze cannabis genetics, we should note that the word ‘haze’ aptly describes their obscure and nebulous origins. Perhaps it is no coincidence, then, to find the history of haze marijuana shrouded in the mists of time. Like many other weed sagas, the story seems to start back in the sixties, somewhere near Santa Cruz, California, USA. It was there that the fabled J. and R. Haze brothers (most likely a pseudonym) appear to have crossbred the very first original haze cannabis strain, more or less by accident.

As the story goes, they used a pretty random assembly of cannabis seeds brought to them by a motley crew of travelling hippie friends. As the story goes, they used to apply different colour codes for every seasonal breed. These include famous labels like silver haze, gold, and even purple haze, hinting at roots at least as deep as the Jimi Hendrix song we know by the same name. Looking back, then, it appears as if the origins of true haze are a decidedly hazy affair.

purple haze

As far as anyone can tell for sure, the hippie seeds originated from multiple countries including Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, and India. That makes for a pretty cosmopolitan background reflecting that of the flower children who brought them home from all over the planet. We could claim that haze has been a multicultural and decidedly hybridized type of weed from square one, even if the name is often associated primarily with cannabis sativa strains. This seems especially fitting from our Amsterdam point of view, since after all, what city could be better for such a lovely hazy mix of global traits than our very own pot strain melting pot town?

Dutch Haze: A True Cannabis Legend

Apparently, the first of the mist-covered haze phenotypes hit European shores somewhere in the eighties of the twentieth century. Of course, these shores included Amsterdam, where local weed legend Nevil Schoenmakers used them to create his famous Nevil’s Haze strain. Well, at least that’s how the hazy story goes…

The Properties Of Haze Cannabis

By this time, the true roots of haze cannabis were already quite impossible to pin down. However, whether you believe in the distinction between indica and sativa genetics or not, most connoisseurs agree that haze appears most closely related to what we usually call cannabis sativa today. That hints at a high marked by cerebral effects making a predominantly mental impact. Haze strains are usually portrayed as having uplifting, cheerful, and creative influences on the brain.

purple weed flowers

This broad description does call for some nuance, though, since almost all contemporary haze cannabis seeds are the hybrid offspring of a dazzling array of chemovars and parent strains. Moreover, our experience of any high depends heavily on non-THC cannabinoids such as CBD or CBN, as well as on terpenes and other compounds. The mutual influence of cannabis ingredients is known as the entourage effect. No matter what, though, the link between haze strains, cerebral sativa effects, and characteristic flavours appears every bit as hazy as their genetic descent.

Haze Cannabis Today

With such a misty history, it’s no surprise to find today’s haze a staggering diversity of strains. Nonetheless, haze is more popular than ever, which only seems to add to the confusion. All the major breeders have been busy developing new, unique haze cannabis strains. You can imagine how fast that got messy seeing how nobody knew the original recipe in the first place…

Still, high-quality seeds suppliers usually sell wonderful haze cannabis seeds to match any taste and preference. In that sense, every haze cloud has a silver lining. If you’re wondering whether there’s a unique haze strain just waiting for you to discover, here’s a few characteristics and prime haze cannabis seeds you really should consider.

The Best Personal Matches For Haze Cannabis

Of course, any cannabis lover is free to sample all the haze variants they can get their hands on. Still, certain specific situations and purposes are especially suited for haze cannabis strains:

  • Creative moments and productive highs;
  • Daytime use, or early evenings long before bedtime;
  • Psychedelic music, spaced-out movies, or immersive games that just suck you right in;
  • Occasions that call for a bit of cheering up;
  • In social settings where you don’t want to just sink away onto the sofa.
homegrown weed
Homegrown Haze…

From a medical point of view, haze is usually most effective for generally mental symptoms such as:

As you can see, haze cannabis seeds are generally most suited for moments when you can use a bit of additional energy and inspiration. Many people indicate that haze is their daytime preference, but that obviously depends on one’s schedule of activities and personal preferences.

Anyone looking for deeply relaxing, lazy high with a full body buzz, a night of sound shuteye, or a physical cannabis treat for after that intense session at the gym is probably better off picking a kush strain with more indica-oriented effects. Fortunately, you’ll find plenty of these in the Amsterdam Genetics marijuana seeds range, too.

Growing Haze Cannabis Seeds

Traditionally speaking, growing haze cannabis seeds is often considered a difficult affair. To be fair, the sativa-dominant background of the first haze strains did make them more suited for experienced growers. Today, however, all that has changed. Many of the greatest contemporary haze variants are crossbreeds that embody many different genetic lines. On top of that, breeders have been working for years to make haze cannabis seeds more robust, with improved resistance to mold, disease, and weather influences. As a result, anyone can grow their own haze marijuana strains these days.

The Amsterdam Genetics collection contains a wonderfully broad choice of top grade haze cannabis seeds. Which haze strain is you best personal match is a matter of taste and preference, but the top 3 haze seeds below will give you a fine basis of first-class haze genetics to work with!

Amsterdam Genetics Haze Top 3:

#1: Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is one of the classic haze strains Amsterdam just can’t get enough of. Multiple Cannabis Cup awards and a star-studded pedigree celebrate skunky-sweet flavour with a twist of lemon. These reflect terpenes supporting towering THC levels to create a legendary energetic high.

The euphoric buzz characterising Super Silver Haze (a direct referral to one of the Haze bros’ originals) makes for some great medicinal applications too. Depressed moods and mental stress tend to blow away like haze on the breeze when this lady comes to town.

Super silver haze cannabis

Not the easiest Amsterdam genetics haze strain to grow, Super Silver haze seeds nonetheless remain among our all-time bestsellers – that’s what you get when you reach worldwide haze legacy status!

#2: Blue Amnesia Haze

Blue Amnesia Haze is a direct descendant of local urban legend Amnesia Haze, only with an added touch of Blue Dream sophistication. Also available as an autoflower for added grower convenience, both versions of this super tasty, high-yielding haze are widely appreciated for pain relief and long-lasting brainy highs that leave fans productive and relaxed all through the day.

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Growers willing to make a bit of an effort will experience how Blue Amnesia Haze thrives outdoors as well as inside, yielding fat buds gleaming with trichomes full of pure hazy delights.

#3: White Choco Haze

Whereas our champion strain White Choco balances magically at the 50/50 indica-sativa tipping point, White Choco Haze tips the scales squarely into the hazy domain of 80% sativa-dominant genetics. Nevertheless, she still carries her hallmark chocolate perfume, which heralds her unparalleled stress relief capacity and luxuriously uplifting mental high.

White Choco Haze cannabis seeds have surprised even the most seasoned growers out there by their relative ease of cultivation, especially in indoor settings. Definitely one to try for the haze purist, this haze strain makes a fine addition to our acclaimed seeds product range.

White Choco Haze

Get Those Haze Cannabis Seeds Growing

Well then; armed with this fresh dose of haze cannabis knowledge and our top three hazy strains listed for your convenience, we feel it’s high time to go and try growing your own! Proceed right to our selection of top quality cannabis seeds and pick your favourite: there’s plenty of hazes to try before you determine your personal haze match!