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What Is Kush Cannabis, Exactly?

A quick glance at the Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds catalogue reveals a dizzying array of fancy strain names. Tasty choices of words like Choco, Tangerine, Cake, and Lemon spark the appetite, and abbreviations like AK-020 instantly get the imagination going. But what about those kushy names like AK OG Kush or Kosher Tangie Kush? Exotic as the word ‘kush’ might sound, many people are at a loss to its meaning and origins. That is exactly why this blog explores the what, the how, and the why of Kush cannabis genetics!

Kush As A Category Of Cannabis Genetics

As you probably know, there are thousands of different cannabis strains, each with its own name that can be just as awe-inspiring as it can be puzzling and mystifying. Marijuana variants can be ordered along different lines, according to personal preference: there is no single ‘correct’ way of classifying all the strains we have today. Instead of the popular distinction between ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ strains, we can choose to label certain types of weed as kush strains. Some of these are obvious choices, such as the famous OG Kush classic at the root of many modern strains or our very own Pineapple Kush, but it is often hard to tell just where the class of kush genetics ends.

At the end of the day, hundreds of different weed strains can be linked to Kush origins, and the number grows every year due to ongoing crossbreeding efforts. So with that out of the way, let’s try to figure out what unites all of these delicious and fascinating kush cannabis genetics.

The History Of Kush Cannabis

In essence, Kush is a geographic name rather than a weed category. The Hindu Kush is a mountainous region that crosses present-day India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The name is has disputed roots, but Hindu Kush is thought to denote ‘Killer of Hindus’ due to the many Hindu slaves that perished while crossing these mountains long ago. The Hindu Kush is one of the areas where the first original cannabis strains evolved in nature, as early occupants of the region soon discovered to their advantage.

hindu kush cannabis history
The Hindu Kush mountains where it all began…

In the 20th century, hippie travellers stumbled upon the local weed strains of the Hindu Kush region. In a rare moment of clarity, some of them decided to bring some Kush cannabis genetics back with them as they returned to Europe and the US. As cannabis kept becoming more popular in the west from the Sixties onwards, many growers learned to appreciate the properties typical of these early kush strains, and started to experiment with them to create their own crossbred types of weed. The result is obvious in our online collection of top quality cannabis seeds: Kush genetics have struck a chord with growers and connoisseurs – and they’re obviously here to stay!

Effects Of Kush Weed

Kush cannabis strains have a reputation for containing strong genetics that produce potent highs and heavy, sedative stoned experiences. Although that is certainly true for some of our heavy-hitting kush greats like Magic OG Kush or Milkshake Kush Autoflower seeds, there are just too many kushes around the world today to justify such a crude classification. We can make a few general observations, however, as long as you remember to take any kush claims with a healthy pinch of salt.

Kush cannabis strains usually lean towards the indica side of the cannabis family tree. Accordingly, they often produce more of a physical bodybuzz stoned effect than many other weed types. Any grower looking for weed seeds with relaxing, calming effects and muscle relief ought to keep an eye out for genuine kush genetics.

best autoflower weed amsterdam genetics
Milkshake Kush

Body Buzz, Stress Relief, And Couchlock

The relaxing effect of a true kush is mainly felt in the body as opposed to the mind, even though many experts recommend kush cannabis for meditative purposes. Our Kosher Tangie Kush is in fact our top recommendation for stress relief, providing a wonderful balance of THC and CBG cannabinoids aided by a great terpene profile.

Broadly speaking, kush strains are often sedative in the high they bring, with euphoric effects and a knack for introspective moods. They are also famous for producing couchlock; the sense of apathy and unwillingness to ever get off that comfy couch. Experienced consumers recommend kush weed for evening-time use, as they can seriously undercut motivation for doing pretty much anything but vegging out.

Kush Cannabis Appearance

Today’s innumerable strains are a tapestry of interwoven genetics, making it very hard to link kush strains to any single set of outward appearances. On top of that, grow practices determine how any plant will look to considerable extent. Very generally speaking, however, kush plants tend to be dark green in appearance, with short, broad plant growth patterns and compact, dark green buds that display bright orange to coppery brown pistils while flowering. Some of the most famous kush strains even tend to turn purple in the right conditions, though modern kush hybrids often do not. This kush profile does seem to overlap with some of the main traits of cannabis indica genetics associated with kush weed, in contrast to properties usually ascribed to sativa variants.

purple kush cannabis
Some kush strains tend to grow gloriously purple.

How To Grow Kush Strains

Kush cannabis seeds are generally not that hard to manage, even for inexperienced growers. This is another (overly) broad generalisation though, so always check an individual (kush) strain’s grow characteristics to determine the best approach. Throwing caution aside, however, many growers appreciate kush cannabis strains for their hardiness, compact stature, and relatively short flowering times.

Strain hunters, breeders, and geneticists are known to be rather fond of using original kush genetics; or at least, strains that come close to the legendary original landraces found in the Hindu Kush. This is due to their reputation for robustness, which is explained by their evolutionary background. The mountainsides of the Kush region are a harsh and unforgiving habitat with brutal winters and short summers. Any plant able to survive there has to be tough and resilient to the weather and threats like fungus and pests – including eager hippie hikers, that is. This makes ‘genuine’ kush genetics highly sought after for breeding back some original ruggedness into today’s often over-hybridised strains. Grow a true kush in any garden or tent and you’ll experience just what we mean.

Our Greatest Kush Cannabis Seeds

So now that you know something about the origins and traits typically associated with kush strains, here’s a quick glance at our best Amsterdam Genetics Kush cannabis seeds.

Top Kush Seeds #1: Spicebomb

Just to prove that a name is just a name, or top Amsterdam Genetics Kush cannabis seeds carry the strikingly unkushy name of Spicebomb! Don’t worry though, as these beauties are loaded with distinctly kushy genetics. Inside, OG Kush x Kosher Tangie Kush parent strains make the history and future of kush cannabis meet. The result is not just a dazzlingly full-flavoured explosion of spices, but also an intense and thoroughly relaxing body buzz that will have any stressed out connoisseur smiling contently for hours and hours.

spicebomb marijuana seeds
Spicebomb has a seriously kushy loadout…

Top Kush Seeds #2: AK Choco Kush

Our second greatest kush strain would have to be AK Choco Kush, although we’ll admit the competition is fierce looking at our full list of kush genetics. It’s largely a matter of taste, but we are just too proud of this successful merger between classically kushy genetics and our long-time champion White Choco strain. What’s more, AK Choco Kush seeds are a joy to grow, with plenty of medical and recreational potential to offer for anyone interested in harvesting their very own kush crop!

ak choco kush cannabis seeds
A big bush of AK Choco Kush!

Getting To Work With Kush Cannabis Genetics

So there you go – you’re fully up to speed on the current state of kush cannabis genetics. As you can see, our seeds vault contains enough great genetics tracking their origins to the slopes of the Hindu Kush mountains. Whether you’re looking for classic heritage or innovative kush hybrids, we have the finest seeds waiting for any grower. So why not dig in and try some original cannabis history in real life?