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CBD Skincare: The Benefits


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Most people instantly think of getting high when we say ‘cannabis’. Though nowadays weed is much more than a joint or a smoke-filled bong. Cannabis in this day and age means wellness in all forms and ways possible. Mainly thanks to the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol). Now included in the next generation Skin Care products:

CBD Products

Since the discovery of CBD’s benefits to the body and mind, we at Amsterdam Genetics have actively searched for the best ways of using the plant’s compound to improve our general well-being. Leading us to develop a variety of CBD Supplements for oral use, like CBD Oil and innovative Melt Tablets. Alongside a line of CBD Edibles including our healthy Wünderbars and new CBD Gummies.

Though lately we’ve largely focused on the benefits of integrating CBD into your skincare routine. As we’ve discovered CBD could greatly improve your skins’ health and looks.

CBD Skin Care

Adding CBD to your skincare routine may not be the first thing you think of when you try to upgrade your skin care. Especially as most people are used to consume the cannabinoid orally through CBD Oil, Melt Tablets or CBD Edibles. Though it becomes less surprising when you consider that our skin is covered with receptors of the endocannabinoid-system (ECS). This system helps control all important processes in the body and mind. From hunger and pain to the functioning of our immune-system.

cbd cream skincare

Adding CBD to your skincare routine may not be the first thing you think of when you try to upgrade your skin care

This ECS requires signals to function properly – normally provided by the body’s own cannabinoids (endo-cannabinoids). Though often the body is not able to produce (enough) of these compounds to bring much needed balance to the body and mind. This imbalance can be the root-cause of inflammation, pain, stress and other common ailments. It can also cause irritated, red, itchy and dry or fatty skin. As skin cells rely on cannabinoids to find the right balance to stay healthy.

With a big need for effective CBD cosmetics, our specialists headed to the lab. With the mission to create a number of practical, affordable and above all effective CBD Skin Care products for daily use. After our luxurious and handmade Hemp Oil Soap and ‘White Choco’ CBD Body & Hand Cream with 50mg CBD, we’re proud to present our newest creations in terms of CBD Skincare: SupMedi CBD Argan Salve 30ml (150 mg CBD) and SupMedi CBD Argan Cream 50ml (250mg CBD).

CBD Argan Salve (150mg CBD)

Give your skin cells the power to naturally restore themselves, using a sophisticated blend of organic argan oil, CBD, and vitamin E. SupMedi’s CBD Argan Salve is a natural first aid remedy for minor injuries and damaged, dry or flaky skin. It alleviates and soothes irritation caused by calluses, cracked skin and coarse spots. Moreover, the organic Argan Oil in the salve forms a wafer-thin protective layer over any damaged spots – while it keeps your skin supple and smooth.

cbd Argan Salve Supmedi

CBD Argan Salve with 150mg CBD – Now Available Online

This 30ml Salve is infused with natural vitamin E and CBD by SupMedi as powerful antioxidants. Shielding you from free radicals, while stimulating healing processes and countering skin aging influences. That is how the solely natural ingredients of CBD Argan Salve keep your skin in prime shape. Make sure to always have it ready to provide first aid in case of dry skin, scratches, grazes and other minor injuries.

CBD Argan Cream (250mg CBD)

Treat yourself to a vital, supple and silky-smooth skin by relying on the soft power that nature grants you with this rich blend of organic argan oil, CBD and vitamin A!

SupMedi CBD Argan Cream is a facial cream for daily use for a vital, supple and silky-smooth skin. A mild and nurturing facial cream full of powerful active ingredients drawn from nature’s bounty. Organic Argan Oil protects and relaxes the skin, while the vitamin A profoundly vitalises the cells of the deeper skin layers. We love this CBD Skincare product at Amsterdam Genetics HQ too as a great CBD primer!

cbd Argan S

CBD Argan Cream with 250mg CBD – Now Available Online

CBD Argan Cream is infused with natural vitamin A to nourish your facial skin with its stimulating effect. This active component permeates the deeper layers of the skin to reduce and prevent the onset fine lines and pigmentation due to skin aging. Vitamin A promotes the generation of collagen in the skin cells. Confidently boosting your skin’s firmness and elasticity from within. This sophisticated facial cream provides a delicate interplay of natural vitamins, organic oils and the finest CBD by SupMedi for comprehensive care and the silky-smooth feel of a face that shines with healthy looks.

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