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CBD Bars: Healthy, Vegan and Gluten-Free

As we all know health is wealth. And thankfully health and cannabis go together like salt and pepper. Just take a look at our new ‘CBD Bars’: delicious powerbars made with healthy ingredients and infused with 10MG CBD per bar!

CBD Bars

If you say Amsterdam Genetics, you say ‘innovation’. Because here in Amsterdam we love to experiment with our products. This allows us to see if we can make them better, tastier or otherwise more appealing to our valued customers.

It is a fun and above all rewarding process. Seeing that this time we came up with our new ‘CBD Bars’, containing 10MG SupMedi CBD per bar. Considering the average daily dosage with CBD Oil and Melt Tablets is 24mg; we can say one the Bars already contains almost half of the average daily dose of CBD.


Our delicious Spacetries have been putting most edibles from Amsterdam to shame for the past few months. Made by a Michelin-star chef, these cannabis-infused pastries are  literally of the highest quality and they pack a serious punch. Just follow @boerejongensspacetry on instagram to stay up to date with our latest creations:

With our CBD Bars we now not only cater to those wanting to get high off edibles. But also to those who are looking for a natural and healthy snack without experiencing the trip. All the while providing some pretty solid benefits to the body and mind.

The CBD Bars measure (around) 65 x 25 x 25 mm, weigh 53 gram (e) and contain 190 kcal per bar. They also contain NO additives like sugar, E numbers or any other preservatives. All Bars definitely contain nuts though, so be careful if you’re allergic to any.

Available Online

CBD Bars are available at the Boerejongens Coffeeshops and can be ordered online on amsterdamgenetics.com in three delicious flavors:

  • CLASSIC: Dates, walnuts, coconut, cardamom and 10mg CBD
  • POWER: Plums, walnuts, oats (gluten free), cocoa, cinnamon, dates, clove, pepper and 10mg CBD
  • JOY!: Figs, pistachios, cashews, yellow raisins, sunflower, agave, orange and 10mg CBD

and cost €23,70 per six pieces (3×2) or €55,30 for fifteen pieces (3×5). The bars are best served at room temperature and can be stored up to four months in the freezer, two months in the refrigerator or one month outside of the refrigerator. Try them all:

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