Dynamighty Autoflower


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Dynamighty Autoflower
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Dynamighty Autoflower
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Dynamighty Autoflower
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  • Parents: AK-OG Kush x Chocolate Diesel x Ruderalis

  • Type: 30% Indica – 60% Sativa – 10% Ruderalis

  • Sex: Autoflower - Feminized

  • Taste: Diesel - Earthy - Sharp

  • Effect: Uplifting Head Effect

  • Flowering Time: 10 - 11 Weeks

  • Cannabinoids: THC 20% - CBD 0.5%

More information

Product description

Hold on tight and brace yourself for Dynamighty Autoflower cannabis seeds, packing some impressive high-explosive sativa-dominant genetics from Amsterdam, California, and beyond! Watch in awe as this high powered, low maintenance autoflower weed strain booms into bloom, promising shockwaves of euphoria packed in fragrant diesel fumes and dark earthy taste.

Take one part ruderalis for automated growth instincts. Then, add some stuff of legends by mixing in three parts of AK-OG Kush pure indica joy. Finally, keep adding spoonfuls of Choco Diesel sativa power until the whole recipe seems about to blow up, and prepare for impact: here’s Dynamighty Autoflower!


Dynamighty Autoflower seeds are a clear-cut case of bombshell cannabis genetics. The high hits like a nuke: fast, hard, and bound to make a lasting impression. Light the fuse for a smooth but speedy brain kick mushrooming all over your cerebrum. Once the dust of the initial euphoria starts to settle, a warm smile of relief will mark your face like a bomb crater. This characteristic blown-away expression marks the relaxingsmile-inducing mental state that only a truly great sativa-dominated strain can bring.

The obvious medical reason for growing Dynamighty Autoflower seeds is stress relief and mood improvement. Don’t rule out the sense of focus and direction that this strain can bring in its wake, however: she may be more of a creativity booster than you initially expect. If you have some hard physical labour ahead of you, the aftershock of this relaxed full blast marijuana strain will keep you shellshocked for quite some time!

Taste & aroma

We challenge you to find a wine that manages to pair hints of chocolate with sweet fruits, deep earthy tones, and diesel fuel aroma in its bouquet… You can rest assured that Dynamighty Autoflower Cannabis Seeds, once properly cured, will catch any traditional sommelier completely by surprise – if the taste doesn’t do the trick, the high surely will! The pungent earthen scents of humulene and the fuel fragrances hitting right from the initial toke are made all the more interesting by a delicate touch of chocolate floating underneath.

Growing information

This fully autoflowering lady can look after herself as she grows and flowers, leaving growers with a lovely low-maintenance sativa inspired ganja plant to cultivate. For cannabis this heavy on sativa genetics, Dynamighty Autoflower seeds offer a fine trade-off between robust plant power, delicate taste, and effects that will send even dedicated experts scuttling for cover. Ruderalis genes tend to offset the stress-prone sativa aspect of the plant, nicely rounded off by its remaining indica contents. Expect the buds to mature over a 75-day period, delivering a veritable cluster bomb of fragrant earthy and diesel scented flower, amounting to 400-450 grams per square metre harvest results for successful indoor grows.

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