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The Best Cannabis Gift Ideas

Still stressing to find that last Christmas present, or that unique present for your friend’s birthday? Anyone looking for a gift to surprise a cannabis aficionado will find what they need to please a connoisseur, ready to order online from our web store!

Cannabis Gift Ideas For Everyone!

Giving someone a cannabis gift may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but then again, think of how many people appreciate quality weed if they’re perfectly honest! We all know the traditional gesture of getting someone a nice bottle for a birthday or holiday party; so why not treat someone to an original gift based on hemp or weed for a change? At the very least, you’ll be making a wholly unique gesture, and you can be sure any grower or expert will love you for it.

cannabis gift ideas

Order Your Cannabis Gift Online: Fast And Convenient

Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we’re adding a few big advantages to the equation. First of all, all our cannabis seeds, accessories, and other items are of the very best quality you’ll find, so you know you’ll be giving something great. If it turns out not to be perfect, you can always return unopened packages and swap them for something else. And best of all, you’ll receive your presents on your doorstep fast, east, and 100% discreet if you order in our web store!

A Perfect Green Present For Everyone

We’ll get your imagination fired up by listing some of our best cannabis gift ideas below. Rest assured that your perfect weed present is just a few clicks away!

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Cannabis Gift Tip 1: Marijuana Seeds Instead Of The Same Old Flowers

Let’s face it: we’ve all given someone flowers as a gift, right? Well, with over 40 tyes of premium cannabis seeds in our online catalogue, you’ll always find the perfect floral gift for anyone – or a whole patch of flowers if you like! The tips and information in our Grow Blogs enable anyone to grow a few plants; even in the garden or out on the balcony. Rest assured that you’ll be giving a 100% green, eco-friendly cannabis gift that will last the receiver for quite some time.

Our collection contains a choice of different flavours and varieties; from super-easy autoflower seeds to genetics for special CBD strains and taste sensations from sugary sweet to fresh citrus taste. Our strain descriptions tell you all you want to know about fragrance, aroma, the various effects, and all the growing details, making any cannabis gift a full-on green experience – how great is that?!

We have a lovely range of different strains waiting for you. You can be sure that even experts will smile from ear to ear once they see it’s an Amsterdam Genetics present: our brand has been a global connoisseur’s choice for decades!

Weed plant presents

Suited for any garden or balcony!

Cannabis Gift Tip 2: Accessories, Gadgets, And Clothing

A strong brand like Amsterdam Genetics obviously offers a collection of branded merchandise that any weed lover will recognise from across the room. If you’re not sure which seeds to pick, don’t worry! We have apparel ranging from caps and beanies to comfy hoodies and even cannabis socks, as well as pin badges and other accessories as great ideas for small gifts.

Our fun and useful gadgets like keychains, grinders, or luxury hash holders and stash containers make great and original insider’s presents, too.

wiet kado

Great Gifts Without The High: CBD Presents

Our third cannabis gift tip comes from our luxury collection of CBD supplements. By now, most people are aware of CBD or hemp oil, and their potential for offering natural benefits for health and wellbeing. CBD is used for sleeplessness, stress, pain, anxiety, and many other purposes; but new applications of this special hemp compound are still being discovered all the time. CBD will not make you high, making these hemp products suited for just about anyone.

In our web store, you’ll order the finest and purest CBD Oil, as well as other supplements such as CBD Tablets, or delicious fruit-flavoured CBD Gummies. We also offer a full CBD Skincare range that lets any skin type benefit directly from all the natural possibilities hemp supplements provide.

cbd hot chocolate

For true gourmets, we have developed our delicately roasted CBD Coffee Beans and scrumptious CBD Hot Chocolate Spoons that make for a lovely cup of hot coco complete with CBD infusion!

A Unique And Fitting Cannabis Gift For All

As you can see, we have the perfect cannabis gift waiting to match any taste and personality. So why not go green and original this year by browsing all the wonderful stuff we have in store? If you have any questions, our team is happy to help. Take your pick, and enjoy the free seeds and goodies you’ll get as an extra present with the cannabis gifts you buy!

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