Affiliate Program - Become a Partner!

Would you like to generate additional revenues from your online content?

Are you looking for new ways of increasing profits without the need to invest more valuable time? If so, the Amsterdam Genetics affiliate programme might be just the thing for you!

What does our affiliate programme entall?

Our affiliate programme works as follows: when you register as one of our affiliates, you can place links to our website in the content of your own web pages. If one of your visitors clicks these links and proceeds to purchase one of our products within the next 30 days, we will reimburse 3,5% – 21% of the sold product’s retail price to you (including VAT and excluding shipping costs).

Here are the percentages per category:

  • Cannabis seeds: 0-10 sales: 14%, 11-25 sales: 17,5%. 26 sales and more: 21%
  • CBD, Cosmetics, Smoking Gear, and Caps: 15,4%
  • Clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, jackets): 3,5%

Payments occur by the conditions you select in your personal Daisycon account.

How can I see what was sold based on my links?

As a publisher, you will have your own personal account at There, you can log on at any time to check your statistics using the menu item.

What are the costs?

The affiliate programme is absolutely free for you. No costs will be charged whatsoever.

What revenues should I expect?

The more products you help sell through the affiliate programme, the more money you will receive. It is therefore entirely up to you to determine the revenues gained from the programme.

How do I / We register?
1. Please proceed to to register as a publisher. Publishers receive a free Daisycon account where all statistics can be reviewed;
2. Go to the campaign:;
3. Go to the SupMedi text link(s) or banner(s) and place these on your own website;

From here on, you have started to promote, and you are on your way to boosting your revenues!
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For more information or question, feel free to email us at