Cannabis Infographic And Related Blogs

Blogs About Chapter 1 (Biology)

1. Cannabis Leaves

This blog zooms in on cannabis leaves and their uses for plants and growers. As a cannabis community, we tend to focus on the flower buds of our beloved plants, but this blog explains why leaves are crucial for any attempt to grow, understand, and truly enjoy cannabis. Continue Reading

2. Cannabis Branches And Stems

Growers should also have some basic knowledge on the stems and branches of cannabis plants. This blog zooms in on their function and anatomy, as well as exploring their use for human consumption. Continue Reading

3. Cannabis Roots: Health Tips And Smart Use

cannabis root extracts have been used for millennia in light of their medicinal potential. Here, you’ll read how and why to keep cannabis roots strong and healthy, and what to do with them after the harvest. Continue Reading

4. Cannabis Trichomes

This blog will explain just what trichomes are, what purpose they serve, and what it is that makes them so attractive to cannabis connoisseurs. Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 2 (Cannabinoids)

1. THC Effects On The Cannabis High

We do have some idea of what happens in the brain and beyond when we get high or stoned. THC interacts with certain receptors throughout the body, influencing processes ranging from emotion to pain perception. Continue Reading

2. Cannabis And The Endocannabinoid System

FIt’s sphere of influence includes sleep, metabolism, communication between cells, and brain activity, among other areas. Without an endocannabinoid system, your body would become unbalanced. Continue Reading

3. Cannabis History: Ancient Roots

The story of cannabis has been part of human history for many thousands of years. These days, we like to pride ourselves at the notion of Amsterdam being the traditional weed capital of the world, but that wasn’t always so. Continue Reading

4. Can CBD Control a THC High Effect?

How does CBD work in case you get too much THC in your system? Can you tone down the impact of a too intense high with CBD weed, CBD Oil, or a bag of tasty CBD Gummies? High time for some research and a bit of CBD mythbusting! Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 3: (Terpenes)

1. Find The Perfect Cannabis Strain: Use The Smell Of Terpenes

The smell produced by cannabis terpenes is a great way to find the perfect cannabis strain for our personal needs and desires. This blog explores the many scents of marijuana, to help growers pick their favourite cannabis by the smell of terpenes alone. Continue Reading

2. Terpenes In Cannabis: Myrcene

So far, some 140 terpenes have been identified in cannabis plants. Together, they culminate in the unique aromas characterizing individual strains. Terpenes have much more to offer than aromas, though. This blog focuses on myrcene, an important terpene found in many cannabis strains. Continue Reading

3. Terpenes In Cannabis: Pinene

For growers of taste out to order weed seeds with alittle extra inside, a high-pinene strain can be an excellent choice. Let’s find out how pinene works, and check our strongest pinene cannabis strains. Continue Reading

4. The Entourage Effect: How Cannabis Compounds Interact

when these substances come together in our body, they also interact with each other. This interaction is known as the entourage effect, and it could be responsible for the subtle differences that give every cannabis strain its own unique high. Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 4: (Strains)

1. The Difference Between Sativa And Indica

some say the difference doesn’t make sense, or in fact doesn’t even exist. Of course, we’re here to help all you growers order the best weed seeds for your specific situation. So here we go: let’s explore the difference between cannabis sativa and indica strains. Continue Reading

2. Why Buy Feminized Seeds?

Maybe you wonder why you should buy feminized seeds, especially if you are new to the field of cultivating weed. The decision to use these sorts of seeds can have a huge impact on cultivation. In fact, it makes growing cannabis much easier and more efficient. In this blog, you can read all about why this is the case. Continue Reading

3. 5x Why You Should Consider Growing Autoflowers

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are indica-, sativa- or hybrid-strains carefully crossed with a ruderalis-variety; originating from the cold climates of northern Russia and China. Other then indica or sativa cannabis plants, this particular ‘race’ – if we can call it that – is NOT dependable on its hours of light and darkness to start flowering. Continue Reading

4. Choose Your Perfect Cannabis Strains

Every person is unique, and the same applies to all marijuana strains in the world. We all have our individual preferences and favourites when it comes to cannabis seeds. Picking weed is a matter of taste, and we all know pot is a tasty subject. So how do you choose the best matching cannabis strains? This blog helps growers decide. Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 5: (Growing)

1. All You Need For Growing Weed

Growing weed at home can be easy if you’re allowed to by law. Anyone with some time and space to spare can become the proud owner of their own unique cannabis plants. In this article you’ll find some grower’s basics to get started. We have all the knowledge and all the prime cannabis genetics to get you set up. So without further ado, let’s talk growing cannabis at home #101! Continue Reading

2. Photosynthesis, Cannabis, And How Marijuana Grows

In addition to water and nutrition, light is another crucial ingredient needed to make them grow. It is the key ingredient for photosynthesis, by which cannabis turns light into energy needed for growing and flowering. This blog teaches you how photosynthesis works, and how it affects the production of cannabinoids. Continue Reading

3. Cannabis Nutrition For All Grow Stages

Whether you choose to minimize intervention and let the plants grow on their own, or go for a well thought-out strategy using specialized fertilizers and boosters, there are many great products out there, suitable for every phase in the life of your cannabis plant. Continue Reading

4. What Is The Best Soil For Cannabis Plants?

LSoil quite literally provides the foundation for a good weed harvest. That’s why finding the right type of soil is important for growing cannabis plants. For good growth and flowering, plants need soil that meets certain conditions. Continue Reading

5. Cannabis And How Marijuana Grows

f you approach watering marijuana the wrong way, you may cause nutrient shortages, or your plants could get sick. To prevent that from happening, this blog gives you a clear guide to wearing cannabis plants, including how much to give, when to do it, and in what way. Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 6: (Life Cycle)

1. How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The hardest part for some growers is germinating their newly bought cannabis seeds. After all, the vulnerable seedlings are easily damaged. However, making sure your cannabis seeds survive germination is essential for a successful grow. Continue Reading

2. Cannabis Genetics: The Basics

The life cycle of cannabis plants comprises several stages. You’ll get better results and bigger harvests once you know how these stages work. It will allow you to care for your weed plants in a better way, tailored specifically to the phase your plant is going through. So let’s explore how cannabis grows, shall we? Continue Reading

3. The Cannabis Vegetative Phase

Cannabis is a perennial plant that always moves through the same stages from seed to harvest. This blog zooms in on the vegetative or growth phase of cannabis. With this information, even novice growers will understand the basic principles of this developmental stage. Continue Reading

4. The Cannabis Flowering Phase

Ordering cannabis seeds, growing them, lovingly caring for them, and then harvesting them at the exact right moment: ultimately, all growers are in it for the flower buds the plant develops in the flowering phase. But just what happens in this flowering phase, and how do you make sure cannabis plants get through it in the best possible shape? Continue Reading

5. How To Harvest Cannabis In Five Easy Steps

Harvesting cannabis is not that difficult, if you know how to go about the job. You’ve just spent weeks spoiling your plants with everything they could possibly want. Now, the time has come to reap the rewards. Once your weed plants are ready to harvest, a good preparation can ensure you make the most out of every plant. Continue Reading

6. Drying and Curing Cannabis: Preserving Your Weed’s Taste

Do you ever wonder why some weed smells and tastes amazing – and other buds rather taste like dried grass? Cannabis from caring home-cultivators often is of better quality than cannabis you randomly buy off the streets or from lesser coffeeshops. Part of it has to do with growing the weed, but most of it has to with what happens after it has been grown. Continue Reading

Blogs About Chapter 7 (Amsterdam Genetics)

1. Top 3 Autoflower Strains

Amsterdam Genetics has developed a wonderful selection of unique, world-class autoflower cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis seeds offer ease of growing, fast results, and glorious harvests. Has the outdoor growing season moved past its peak? Our Top 3 Autoflower strains give any grower the chance to squeeze in that extra grow with prime genetics! Continue Reading

2. Top 5 Chocolate Cannabis Strains

Cannabis comes in many shapes and sizes, and its spectrum of flavours and aromas is even more diverse than its appearance. This blog is a tribute to a line of strains that brought fame to Amsterdam Genetics: chocolate flavoured cannabis genetics! Love cannabis, adore chocolate? Well. sit back and feel your stomach growl as we present our Top 5 of Chocolate Cannabis Strains…. Continue Reading

3. The Best Cannabis Fruit Strains

In recent years, the favour of cannabis strains has become increasingly important for growers and connoisseurs alike. Anyone trying to keep up with the trends will have noticed how more and more cannabis strains have some kind of fruit in their name. But do those strains actually taste and smell fruity? And if so, how come? This blog takes you on a short tour of our fruitiest genetics, so you can enjoy the rich pickings of what we have in store! Continue Reading
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