Cannabis bij covid-19

Cannabis Coronavirus Protection

As the world keeps facing new variants of the COVID-19 coronavirus, science is racing to find new treatments and therapeutic options. Unsurprisingly for many weed enthusiasts, cannabis has been one of the most promising plant remedies investigated so far. Cannabis has shown potential against corona or Covid symptoms, and new studies show it could even help prevent virus infection. Full Spectrum CBD Oil and CBG Oil show particular potential. Check out this update on what cannabis could do to protect us throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus And Cannabis Today

Fortunately, we have moved past the days when the coronavirus was completely new and puzzling, when health authorities and national governments scrambled to cope with this unknown disease. The past two years were hard for many if not all of us, but the world is getting to grips with the Covid-19 pandemic. We now have vaccines, antiviral medication, distancing protocols, and a host of other effective measures in place. The general sense of dread and doom has dissipated somewhat, largely thanks to scientific progress.

In spite of these developments, however, new mutations and variants of the coronavirus keep complicating everyday life. As we adapt to the virus, it adapts to us in turn, but we are still working hard to stay one step ahead. Interestingly, recent discoveries indicate that we may have a new ally in the race against the coronavirus pandemic: an old friend of mankind called cannabis. CBD(A) and CBG(A) are receiving a lot of attention at the moment, but there is more that cannabis could offer in terms of coronavirus protection.

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Taking Cannabis, Facts, And Covid-19 Seriously

Of course, we take our responsibility as a cannabis authority seriously, so we don’t want to make any overly bold statements about cannabis and the coronavirus. Instead, we state the scientific facts we have available to let you form your own opinion, and make informed choices from there. Whether you’re a cannabis grower, a weed enthusiast, or simply an inquisitive person looking for clear information, Amsterdam Genetics has got you covered.

Cannabis Coronavirus Science

Several studies have so far highlighted potential ways in which cannabis can help us fight the coronavirus pandemic. We go over some of the most promising ones here.

CBDA And CBGA In Cannabis Against The Coronavirus

A study published early January 2022 in the Journal of Natural Products is the latest to claim serious potential of cannabis compounds against the Covid-19 coronavirus. Researchers at Oregon State University discovered that CBDA and CBGA, two acidic precursor cannabinoids to CBD and CBG, appear able to block the virus from entering into the body’s cells. By binding to the spike proteins of the virus itself, they render it unable to infect us. That means these natural cannabis compounds could help treat as well as prevent coronavirus infections.

CBDA and CBGA occur naturally in all cannabis plants. In fact, CBGA is also known as the ‘mother cannabinoid’ from which all other cannabinoids are formed. The process known as carboxylation turns these substances into cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), which theoretically makes smoking, vaping, or otherwise heating cannabis detrimental to these protective effects. However, before all you growers start eating your uncured fresh flower buds, there may be other ways to use cannabis for coronavirus protection!

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Our Full Spectrum CBD and CBG Oil

Full Spectrum CBD And CBG Oils Contain CBDA And CBGA

The CBGA and CBDA compounds cited in the study are in fact quite easy to come by in the form of Full Spectrum CBD Oil (for CBDA) and Full Spectrum CBG Oil (for CBGA). The full spectrum formula of these products means both these products contain many other cannabis compounds than CBD or CBG alone. That means these special hemp oil products, available to order online in the Amsterdam Genetics web store, may help prevent and protect against Covid-19 coronavirus infections!



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Cannabis And Severe COVID-19 Cases

Let make this clear from the outset: conclusive evidence is still some way off, and research is still ongoing. We’re not trying to make any bold medical statements here; we are merely exploring the possibilities of cannabis and COVID-19. However, the evidence does hint at some potential of cannabis in reducing the production of inflammation proteins, known as cytokines, by our immune system. Right now, this is an area of particular interest for coronavirus research, on top of the recent discoveries about other cannabis compounds.

Many of the most severe COVID-19 cases involve overproduction of such cytokines. This escalation of our natural immune response is known as a ‘cytokine storm’: the body starts attacking its own cells and tissues instead of the virus it is supposed to fight.

In such cases, both CBD and THC could have useful parts to play. Scientists indicate that pure CBD can help the lungs recover from severe complaints caused by cytokine storms triggered by COVID-19. It can help restore normal oxygen levels in the body.

A study by scientists at the Medical College of Georgia demonstrates that CBD can help relieve the symptoms experienced by COVID-19 patients. This could provide relief for serious breathing difficulties, preventing mechanical ventilation and ARDS, although this has not yet been tested on humans. The only studies conducted so far involved mice, but as with all medical science, researchers have to move with caution.

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Influence Of THC On Covid-19 Symptoms

One consequence of a cytokine storm is ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome). The Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research journal explains that in severe cases of viral respiratory tract infection, ARDS is one of the chief causes of death, including cases of COVID-19. Better treatment options are urgently needed.

One of the studies conducted to zoom in on the potential effect of cannabis on cytokine storms involved mice. Two groups of healthy mice were exposed to a bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus enterotoxin B. This bacteria causes ARDS in mice, usually with fatal consequences. The scientists treated one group with THC immediately after exposure; further doses followed 24 and 48 hours later.

All mice in the control group, which had not received THC, died because of ARDS, whereas all mice administered THC survived. The study concluded that THC reduced pneumonia related lung inflammation, as well as lessening the severity of cytokine storms. In addition, the blood of all mice treated with THC showed increased T-cell concentrations, which helps suppress inflammation.

For now, we will have to wait for more data to come in, but it appears as though both CBD and THC could offer valuable options for reducing or even preventing some of the most dramatic and lethal coronavirus infection symptoms. Scientists are hopeful about the initial results. Still, we should realise that these studies only involved mice. More research is needed before we can proceed to treating human subjects with CBD or THC. We can’t predict whether the same results will apply to people affected by COVID-19.

Cannabis For Treating Coronavirus Stress, Anxiety & Depression

As the above findings show, cannabis consumption could offer advantages during the corona pandemic. This is not only due to the protective properties it could offer; cannabis can be a source of mental support as well. You are not the only one experiencing more signs of stress, depression, and anxiety these days. Now, we want to point out that cannabis is never a point-and-click miracle cure. However, the fact is that the consequences of corona are increasingly impacting various facets of everyday life: socially, financially, and, of course, in terms of health. To some people, cannabis could offer temporary relief from depression, stress, and anxiety issues.

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Keeping Your Spirits Up

It seems as if cannabis could become a major ally in the ongoing battle against the coronavirus. You now know that ongoing research is focusing on interesting possibilities for using cannabis to tackle COVID-19. Perhaps that prospect alone is enough to cheer you up a bit in these gloomy times – if the right happy cannabis strain doesn’t do that for you. No matter what you do, though, do make sure you stay healthy and try to keep your spirits up. We will keep you informed of further developments – until then: stay safe!

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