cannabis in belgium

Cannabis In Belgium

If you are living in Belgium and you happen to love cannabis, you may wonder what the local legal and cultural status of weed is. This blog explores the current situation for our southern neighbours, as well as explaining whether it is possible and indeed legal to order Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds from Belgium.

Cannabis In Belgium

As part of the Benelux, Belgium is a close, close neighbor of the Netherlands. And we could assume that the cannabis regulations would be similar in both countries. But in theory and practice, the legal situation regarding cannabis is really different on both sides of the border. Although the Belgian government is examining the possibilities of weed legalization, it is not yet a reality.

Possessing, cultivating, and selling cannabis is still penalized by law in the whole country. Some gray areas exist though, and it is sometimes difficult to understand what is allowed or not regarding cannabis in Belgium. This blog will give you some directions in the labyrinth of Belgian cannabis regulations. And we will look for the signs of a Belgian weed legalization in the future.

cannabis in belgium

Is Cannabis Allowed In Belgium?

In Belgium, as in all European countries, CBD products are totally legalized, under the condition that the plant has a maximum of 0,3% of THC. Hemp is considered a legal substance and has been cultivated in Belgium for hundreds of years for construction materials and clothes, among other things. It means that you can possess, consume, and sell CBD in Belgium and fully enjoy the numerous benefits of cannabidiol for your health and well-being.

As you probably know, however, CBD is but one of the many useful and sought after compounds derived from cannabis, so we still have to figure out the situation for other weed-related consumer products and medicinal options.

Cannabis Above 0,3% THC

Once cannabis has more than 0,3% THC in its composition, this is another story. It gets more complicated, and when crossing that line, you risk being caught as an outlaw. Of course, there are nuances, and some situations have a minimum of consequences while you should absolutely avoid others. The quantity of weed you own is a determining factor for the penalization, but most importantly the disturbance of public order and the trafficking activities are severely reprimanded.

cannabis in belgium
Belgian beer? Yes indeed! Belgian weed? Not so much…

History Of Cannabis Legislation In Belgium

Let’s have a look on the relationship between cannabis and Belgium law through the different stages in history and we might get closer to the truth. Since 1921, several laws have been applied and changed to regulate cannabis consumption. Consequently, the whole picture has become rather ambiguous for the user as well as for the jurists. One thing, however, is quite clear in 2022, you may possess up to 3 grams of marijuana and grow one female plant for your own consumption without risking too much.

Evolution Of Belgian Cannabis Laws

Until 2003, having or growing cannabis in Belgium was not legal at all, and any consumption or possession was forbidden by law. In 2003, some flexibility was introduced: the police force did not have to systematically report the consumer up to 3 grams of weed in his/her possession. You could even grow one female plant for your personal use without risking anything.

In 2005, due to some disagreements among political members in the government, the reporting of cannabis below 3 grammes is reactivated. You only must pay a symbolic fine (up to 100 euros), the reporting is not anonymous anymore, but you still can keep your weed if you are reported.

In 2018, the reporting is still mandatory, and your cannabis, no matter the quantity, can be seized by the police.

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Cannabis In Belgium At A Minimum Risk

Following the actual regulation, it is relatively safe to possess up to 3 grams of cannabis with a higher THC percentage than 0,3% and grow one female plant at home for your own consumption. But, and this is essential, you must be above 18 years old. The other restriction is that you can have a personal stash of cannabis in Belgium of up to 90 grams at home but it should be from the same plant.

The police have the right to proceed with test analysis to make sure the stash is from the same plant. And if not you could face unpleasant consequences and be suspected of trafficking which is not advisable.

More Severe Consequences

In some cases, though, the law is more restrictive and punitive even for small quantities when:

  • Displayed in presence of children under age 18, within or around schools’ precincts, educational and leisure institutions for the youth
  • Possession of cannabis in a sports club or sportive structures
  • Consumption in any public place
  • Having at-home gear that suggests growing and trafficking weed with the intention to sell cannabis in Belgium
  • Any commercialization of cannabis, no matter the quantity

cannabis in belgium

So When Will They Legalize Cannabis In Belgium?

In July 2022, the Mayor of Brussels restarted the debate regarding the legalization of cannabis in Belgium or at least that it could be decriminalized. But it seems that the country is once more divided on the question: Wallonia is rather pro cannabis legalization while the Flemish part is against the idea.

The Mayor would prefer to free his police force to focus on hard drug traffic and possibly reduce criminality related to trafficking of cannabis in Belgium as a whole. With the elections coming in 2024, cannabis legalization is clearly a target of some political parties, pro or against, it cannot be avoided.

Hoping For The Best

Some people who wish to freely enjoy cannabis in Belgium are obviously envious of Canada and some states of the US that took recent steps toward legalization. Some cannabis lovers also wish that growing weed for medicinal or recreational use would be allowed in their own country. Numerous Belgian documentaries on the web show the great cannabis culture breakthrough in other nations compared to the old school restrictions of Belgium. That just about says enough…

The debate is also very passionate in France for similar reasons although the French law is much more severe. Belgium as a progressive country should win this race against the conservative voices or be taken into the international stream of cannabis legitimization soon enough.

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Growing Dutch Cannabis In Belgium

In case you travel through Belgium though, be careful with your cannabis consumption in public spaces. And if you live there, stay calm and grow your one and only plant until it gets better! Quality is as important as quantity, and if you grow one plant choose the best genetics in our online store.

Obviously, if you have only one shot at growing your beloved plant, you want the finest quality there is – and luckily, you don’t have to go far abroad for that living in Belgium. All you need to do is check the Amsterdam Genetics collection and pick your favourite seeds to order premium cannabis in Belgium.

Pick The Best Seeds For Your Belgian Grow

Buying cannabis seeds is allowed in Belgium as it is in France, so it is maybe the right time to collect cannabis seeds “best of” for the next 420 Day! The legalization of growing and selling weed is maybe not so far away, so get ready!

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