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Why Buy Feminized Seeds?

Maybe you wonder why you should buy feminized seeds, especially if you are new to the field of cultivating weed. The decision to use these sorts of seeds can have a huge impact on cultivation. In fact, it makes growing cannabis much easier and more efficient. In this blog, you can read all about why this is the case.
Feminized Weed Seeds
Feminized Seeds Give Female Plants

Male And Female Weed Plants

Anyone who wants to concern themselves with cultivating weed, should take into account that only female plants will yield the much coveted flowering buds. These contain THC, CBD and a great deal of other cannabinoids.

If you’re new to growing weed, you may never have thought about buying feminized seeds. If you don’t however, you don’t know how many of the seeds you plant will be females. After you plant the seed into the ground and lovingly cover it with earth, you can’t predict whether a male or female plant will grow out of it. This will remain a surprise until the plant has matured. Once they have grown, you’ll see what they will produce.

Without feminized seeds, you’ll notice a natural distribution: approximately 50% of the plants will be male and 50% will be female. And unfortunately, if you are a regular grower, male plants are basically useless. They don’t contain useful levels of THC or CBD. After all your hard work, you’ll end up throwing away half of your harvest.

Feminized weed seeds
Feminized Seeds Make Growing Efficient

The Disadvantages Of “Not Knowing”

Is it really that bad, not knowing in advance whether you end up with a male or female plant? Well, that depends on what you call bad? Sure, growing weed is fun, but you’re about to invest valuable time, energy and money in your plants. Without feminized seeds,  you’ll have to throw about half of your plants away. You need to ask yourself: do I want to waste all that effort?

There is a second reason to choose feminized weed seeds for your growing plans. Male plants can really ruin your harvest if you don’t. Male plants produce pollen and pollinate the female plants, stopping them from producing those big glistening buds you’re after.  Your harvest would be over before it began. You can of course remove any male plants as soon as you spot them, but it’s not foolproof. With feminized seeds, you’ll be 99% sure of a ‘ladies ony’ growing adventure.

Without feminized seeds, it’s crucial you keep a close eye on your plants. The first weeks the plants will use their energy to grow and you won’t be able to discern their sex. After six weeks of growing, you’ll see the first characteristics that will help you identify if a plant is male or female. If that’s the case, you can take out the male plants.

Because you won’t know how much and which plants a yield a harvest, many growers solve this problem by planting twice as many plants. This also costs more money, space,  and energy, because you need more seeds and a larger ground area.

The Advantages Of Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds can help you cultivate weed easier and without worries. You’re almost 100% guaranteed that you’ll get a female plant. One with flowering buds full of THC and CBD. There’s no need to speculate, or to throw out any plants.

This is a great advantage in most countries; even in the Netherlands. Because here, cultivating weed is tolerated only up to a maximum of 5 plants. If you have more than 5 cannabis plants, than you are punishable. So if you abide to these rules and stick to a maximum of 5 plants, and half of these are male, you run the risk that you won’t end up with much. However, if you use feminized seeds, you’ll actually have 5 plants that will result in a harvest. If you live in an area where growing weed is completely illegal, you’ll want to work as efficiently as possible. Feminized seeds will really boost that efficiency.

In case you have realized the potential of feminized seeds, please take a look in our shop. We sell a great variety of female cannabis seeds, which make cultivating weed, especially for beginners, much easier!

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