Improved ‘White Choco’ Body & Hand Cream: Now 100mg CBD

Taking CBD orally is not the only way to benefit from the cannabinoid. As research shows, the substance is extremely effective in treating different kinds of skin problems. Our ‘White Choco’ CBD Body & Hand Cream was the first product we’ve launched to help treat skin disorders and discomfort. Now we have improved it, to be more effective and easier to use:

CBD Topicals

We like to believe there’s much more to weed than getting high. After all, a growing body of research proves the efficacy of cannabinoids like CBD in treating a wide array of ailments and discomfort. There are various studies showing how CBD Cosmetics could potentially help treat various skin disorders. Hence the fact that we tasked our R&D-team over at SupMedi to create a full range of skin care products with the trusted Amsterdam Genetics quality standard.

The first product of the range that we launched, is the White Choco CBD Body & Hand Cream with 50mg CBD. An aromatic cream suited to help battle dry skin after washing your hands or showering; or to use as a soothing after shave. The CBD infused cream spreads well and is perfectly absorbed by the skin. Meaning your skin won’t feel greasy after application. Named after our prize-winning creation ‘White Choco‘, this CBD cream carries a similar chocolate aroma, with hints of vanilla.

Improved CBD Cream

Thanks to feedback from our valued customers though, we’ve discovered some points of improvement in the product. So our R&D-team headed back into the lab, on a mission to make the CBD infused cream more effective, more practical to use and more importantly: keep it affordable for the consumer. And they delivered!

Our ‘White Choco’ CBD Body & Hand Cream is now infused with double the amount of CBD, 100mg instead of 50mg. Guaranteeing the efficacy of the CBD cream in countering skin problems as dryness, red skin and itches from eczema, for example. Moreover, the infused topical now comes in a handy bottle with a pump. This greatly eases the dosing and overall use of the product and increases the level of hygiene – as opposed to the pot the cream came in before.

Be amazed by our renewed ‘White Choco’ Body & Hand Cream with 100mg CBD: