Forbidden Passionfruit


Parents: Fatkid’s Cake x Granddaddy Purple
Type: 60% Indica – 40% Sativa
Taste: Spicy / Tropical / Fruity
Effect: Happy / Relaxed / Creative
Flowering time: 8 – 10 Weeks

  • + / –22%THC
  • + / –0.6%CBD
  • + / –0.2%CBN
  • + / –0.08%THCV
  • + / –1.2%CBG

Product description

The taste of Forbidden Passionfruit is every bit as thrilling as her name suggests. Of course, having Granddaddy Purple and Fatkid’s Cake for parents is bound to raise expectations: such premium genetics will reflect in all aspects from great flavour to joyous highs, with special emphasis on the loaded buds in purple hues that await at the end of the grow!

Forbidden Passionfruit Cannabis Seeds

Forbidden Passionfruit is a nexus where great names converge. If you’ve ever tried Fatkid’s Cake before, you’ll know what to expect in terms of bountiful grow power, tough girl resilience, soaring THC levels and opulent taste. Meanwhile, Granddaddy Purple still remains one of the most in-demand strains of the whole US West Coast – quite a feat when you realise the sheer amount of great genetics the region produces these days. 

Perhaps it’s time to start your own grow of Forbidden passionfruit cannabis seeds, if only to indulge in gaping at the purple influences of Grand Daddy Purps. The moment you do, you’ll be amazed by the added impact of the cookies & pie that out Fatkid brings to the table. All things considered, this is a monolithic 60% indica hybrid that has tonnes of fun in store for any grower and ganja gourmet.


Just try and keep a straight face once you feel the effect of this much THC and fruity terpenes in a 60% indica thrill… Forbidden Passionfruit promises a kind-natured, cheerful high that takes your mind to new places with a blissful smile on your face. Keeping your full creative powers and mental faculties intact while being blown away by 22% THC: how’s that for a prospective high?

The sativa part of the Forbidden Passionfruit story soon reveals that euphoria follows on the heels of relaxation in this wonderful strain. As far as forbidden fruits are concerned, we reckon Eve and Adam will not be pleased when they figure out a simple apple was all it took to tempt them out of Paradise – they might as well have picked this Forbidden Passionfruit instead…

Medicinal Potential

As far as we’re concerned, this Forbidden Passionfruit should not be taboo at all when it comes to her medical qualities. Fits of the blues are easy targets for her loving caress, but if stress and tension are your main hurdles, you can rely on her to soothe your mind and body with equal ease. 

Physically speaking, though, pain relief is the main trump of growing Forbidden Passionfruit cannabis seeds. This potential stems directly from the intense bodybuzz she brings in her wake, so if pain or worries are keeping you awake, this strain is highly recommended.

Taste & Aroma

The genuine taste of passionfruit is a real revelation when encountered in the bouquet of a great cannabis strain. That alone makes Forbidden Passionfruit mandatory genetics for any grower. Fruit determines the overall flavour range, countered by an excitingly spicy edge and a solid base of earthy tones. Wondering how that culminates in an overarching sense of a scented steamroller thundering across your palate? Time to pop some Forbidden Passionfruit cannabis seeds into the ground and start growing your own!

Growing Forbidden Passionfruit Cannabis Seeds

Forbidden Passionfruit has additional rewards in store for growers, because there is more to this plant than morbidly obese and dense buds alone. The influences of Ganddaddy Purps in these delectable genetics extend a spectacularly violet hue to the flowers, making for a dazzling contrast with the fiery orange pistil hairs protruding from the buds. 

In terms of yields, Forbidden Passionfruit is a fine heir to Fatkid’s Cake’s legacy. If you play your cards right, you can make about 400 to 450 grammes of first-rate cola’s flower per square metre of grow surface. This is a tough, resilient strain that makes for fine results both indoors and out. Her predominantly indica profile keeps her stature nice and compact while her dense buds proudly display their bewildering colours. If you have true passion for growing, skipping these Forbidden Passionfruit seeds ought to be banned by law!



Medicinal Benefits

Stress Relief
Depression Relief
Pain Relief
Fatigue Relief
Headaches Relief




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