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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are bred especially to germinate and grow into 99.9% female marijuana plants. That way, you can enjoy maximum harvest results with any feminized strain you order. Check our full collection of feminized indica and sativa seeds, for indoor and outdoor growing, available in a dazzling range of flavours, grow characteristics, and medical or recreational effects.

13 items

  • Banana Slush cannabis seeds

    Banana Slush

  • candyfloss cannabis seedscandyfloss


  • quicksilver cannabis seedscannabis sativa indica buds


  • lemon iceLemon Ice as grown from Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    Lemon Ice

  • amnesia haze cannabis seedsthe best amnesia haze seeds

    Amnesia Haze

  • grapefruit superstar cannabis seedsGrape fruit Superstar

    Grapefruit Superstar

  • Lemon haze cannabis seedslemon haze sativa sex strain

    Lemon Haze

  • white choco haze cannabis seedsWhite Choco Haze Seed

    White Choco Haze

  • Super Silver Haze cannabis seedssuper silver haze

    Super Silver Haze

  • White Choco strainWhite Choco as grown from Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Seeds

    White Choco

  • Sketch cannabis seedsSketch cannabis


  • BLUE AMNESIA HAZEblue amnesia

    Blue Amnesia Haze