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3 Best Weed Strains For A Good Night’s Sleep

The cannabis plant is a beautiful and versatile organism. Just look at the many different effects of the endless amount of strains (or better yet cultivars) available nowadays. Whatever it is you’re looking for ‘there’s a strain for that’. And if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, these are your go-to cannabis strains:

Sleeping with cannabis

If you have consumed cannabis before, chances are you know about the sleep-inducing properties of the herb. Not all strains have the ability to knock you out on the spot, but some are so sedative that they make it difficult just to keep your eyes open during ‘the sesh’.

This has everything to do with some of the components present in these cannabis strains. Of course, the main cannabinoid ‘THC’ carries some narcotic traits; but we’re here to tell you that it’s not the only substance that gets you to sleep. The two biggest reasons behind that sleep-inducing effect are the cannabinoid CBN and the terpene Myrcene.


We guess that most of you know the cannabinoids THC (the one that gets you high) and CBD (praised for her many medicinal properties). Though there are hundreds of other cannabinoids yet to discover. One of them is CBN, and funny enough this cannabinoid has a lot to do with THC. In fact, CBN is made fro犀利士
m breaking down THC.

thc becomes cbn over time
THC becomes CBN when the cannabinoid ages

When THC ages, it slowly turns into CBN. A process that can take years under normal circumstances. Some cannabis strains though, typically indica-dominant strains, already go through that process while they’re alive. Providing not only a high THC-content, but also a significant amount of CBN in the plant. To such an extent that the flowers from these strains are more sleep-inducing than others.

You can also try to increase CBN levels in your homegrown cannabis after you have harvested it. To do this, simply store the weed badly. Not airsealed in a dark space like you would normally, but in full light and with access to oxygen. This speeds up the process so that in 3 years, around 20% THC(A) gets transformed in just 3-5% CBN according to the renowned Steep Hill Labs. It may not look like much, but thanks to its potency it’s more than enough to guarantee a good night’s sleep.


Another component that increases the sleep-inducing effects of cannabis strains, is Myrcene. This terpene – also found in mangoes – is one of the most important aromatic compounds in weed. It is this sedative compound that determines if a cultivar is to be deemed sativa- or indica-dominant. Though it is not the only calming / narcotic terpene found in cannabis.

mangoshot scaled
Indica-dominant strains and mangoes have one thing in common: myrcene.

If a strain contains less than 0.5% Myrcene, it is categorized as sativa-dominant. Strains with more than 0.5% Myrcene are usually categorized as indica-dominant. The terpene is so powerful, that eating a ripe mango (carrying Myrcene) before you smoke a sativa-joint could provide you with a sleep-inducing effect nonetheless!

If you’re looking to grow strains to help you sleep, these are the best picks:

1. AK-OG Kush

ak-og kush

This indica-dominant hybrid is the love child of the classic ‘AK-47’ combined with the widely known ‘OG Kush’. Her coffee/kushy aroma provides a heavy hitting bodybuzz, making this strain ideal to battle ailments like stress and sleeping disorders.

2. Pineapple Kush

pineapple kush

Pineapple Kush was developed especially for her medicinal properties, by crossing ‘OG Kush’ with the tasty ‘Pineapple’. This sweet tasting hybrid kush variety is guaranteed to give a heavy, body stoned effect in medium to higher doses. The popularity of this strain makes it a hard one to come by, unless you grow your own with our cannabis seeds.

3. Milkshake Kush (autoflower)

milkshake kush auto

The autoflower variety of our AK Choco Kush, the Milkshake Kush autoflower, is another great strain to help you sleep. Her sweet fudge aroma provides an almost instant sedative effect described as a prolonged and heavy bodybuzz.

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