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7 Reasons Why Cannabis Edibles Are Creating A Buzz

Cannabis edibles can be any type of cannabis infused food. Including cakes, chocolates, candy, complete dinners, hot cocoa and even Iced Tea. Edibles are available infused with THC – and with CBD only. Offering various health benefits while counteracting the effects of THC. With all these different forms of edibles on the market, we decided to find out what the big deal is about this form of cannabis consumption:

1. It’s New And Fun!

Edibles offer people many new and tasty alternatives to try cannabis. They have changed people’s beliefs and attitudes towards weed with their innocent appearance. Apart from the good old baked goods – with which we proudly win award after award – cannabis edibles can come in multiple forms. Including candy like SupMedi’s CBD Gummies, Hot Cocoa, healthy powerbars and even pizza!

From the humble brownie to fine-dining experiences – like our Greenmeister dinner from the video above – you name it and it is there. With an ever growing curiosity among consumers about edibles. Food and beverage companies explore creative ways to enjoy cannabis. Resulting in a huge number of startups and existing companies exploring opportunities to launch new cannabis-infused products where it is legal. Just look at Corona’s 4 Billion dollar investment into the Canadian cannabis company ‘Canopy Growth’ in 2018.

2.  Cannabis Edibles Are Safer

Edibles are an excellent choice for people who cannot smoke because of an existing illness; or because they don’t like smoking in general. Similar to cigarette smoking, cannabis smoke contains toxins which can negatively impact your health. Therefore it is advised to at least use Mascotte’s Active Filters when smoking your cannabis. Wether you smoke cannabis with tobacco – or choose the healthier option: smoke pure weed.

mascotte active filter for joint
Although filters make it better, smoking still has some health risks.

In contrast, edible weed products do not negatively affect lung health. Moreover, smoking cannabis without a proper filter or with tobacco can pose a health risk – possibly resulting in bronchitis for example. These complications can be safely avoided with edible cannabis.

3. Edibles For All Ages

The elderly – and children alike – may prefer to consume cannabis edibles as opposed to smoking it. It’s a safe and convenient way to supplement adults and the young with the benefits of THC (or CBD only with minors); without making them smoke it.

hand gets cbd gummy / edibles out of bag
CBD Gummies are an effective and tasty way of consuming CBD for both adults and children in need.

Edibles allow an even distribution of the essential compounds, providing a long-lasting and holistic effect on the body.

4. Tasty Cannabis Edibles

Undoubtedly, edibles are the tastiest method to consume weed. From chips to chocolates to chews, cannabis edibles come in all things delicious! An estimated $1 billion was spent in 2017 on cannabis-infused food and drink in the United States and Canada, the majority of which fell into the candy and chocolate categories. Not only do they provide your body with the essential fatty acids and vitamins, but they also taste so much better than traditional supplements.

5. Making Weed Edibles Is Easy

Making your own edibles at home is easy! Though it is always necessary to make sure the cannabis is processed right – to bake or cook with. The weed has to be decarboxylated before or while you make the edible. Without, the THC in your weed will remain in its acid form (THCa) and will not get you high like it’s activated form: THC. You can either grind decarboxylated cannabis over a fatty food (like cheese on a pizza or peanut butter) or infuse it in melted butter or oil to cook with.

edibles bake spacecake
Making edibles is easy, unless your goal is to make award-winning ‘Spacetry’ like our Michelin-star Chef Rick!

Cannabis-infused butter is super simple to make and is used and stored like regular butter. Ground cannabis is easy to add to any food without a noticeable difference in taste. You can add ground weed to your cookie dough or sprinkle it on salads, toasties and pizza’s. You can also make cannabis tea, cannabis milk, and even cannabis beer at home. Check out My Edibles Chef for some of the best cannabis edibles recipes.

6. Edibles from Home Grown Cannabis

The best part about edibles is that you can make them with your home-grown cannabis. Cannabis does not require any complex processing for making edibles. You can make them directly out of the cannabis flowers and buds and trim (or ‘sugar leaves’). To make the edible, the weed has to be decarboxylated though – as said before.

heat THCa thc decarboxylate
THCa requires heat to decarboxylate and turn into the psychoactive THC. [Image: Leafly]

To do so, finely chop the cannabis, place it on a baking-tray, cover with foil and then warm it in the oven at 110 degrees Celcius for about an hour or until it slightly changes colour. Your cannabis is now ready for cooking, baking or to simply sprinkle on your food!

7. Long-Lasting Effect

Smoking is a very rapid process that is capable of providing a near-instantaneous high that may last up to 1 -3 hours. On the other hand, edibles take much longer to kick in. You may reach peak hours more slowly, say after an hour or two, but the effects can last for up to 4-8 hours.

Be careful with dosing edibles, as it may take a while before the effects are noticeable!

The most crucial factor to remember though, is that the impact of edibles often doesn’t hit you as soon as you’ve eaten it. So don’t go gobbling up because you’re not feeling anything after a half-an-hour wait. Start slow and wait for the effects to set in before you consume more of it. We mean it!

Benefits Of Cannabis Edibles

  1. High in Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber – Edibles made with raw cannabis are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and folate. In fact, many athletes even use CBD protein powder to boost their performance. If your body is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, cannabis edibles or raw weed juice could be the answer.
  2. Discretion – Weed infused edibles provide an option to enjoy cannabis’ benefits discreetly. You could medicate on the job without messing with your work or losing focus and be in control of how you’re feeling. Be sure to keep the dosage low though, as high dosed edibles can provide a trip you won’t forget.
  3. Accessibility – Cannabis edibles play a significant role in a weed-permissive future and are being sold by multiple businesses. Both online – like we do our CBD Edibles – as well as in upscale retail stores. Always source your THC infused edibles from a reputable coffeeshop, like the ones listed here, to ensure their quality, taste and more importantly: safety.