7 Reasons Why Cannabis Edibles Are Creating A Buzz

Cannabis edibles can be any type of cannabis infused food. There’s much more than just muffins: there’s a range of cakes, chocolates, candy, five-course dinners, hot cocoa and even CBD Ice Tea out there. Edibles are available infused with THC and with CBD only. THC cannabis edibles remove the need for smoking and can keep you high for hours. CBD edibles can unlock various health benefits, or counter the effects of THC if they are too strong. With all these different forms of edibles on the market, we decided to sink our teeth into some cannabis edibles. Here’s our top 7 reasons why anyone should try cannabis edibles for themselves.

1. Cannabis Edibles Are Delicious!

Edibles offer people many new and tasty alternatives to try cannabis. They have changed people’s beliefs and attitudes towards weed with their yummy looks and gourmet taste. Apart from the good old baked goods – with which we proudly win award after award – cannabis edibles can come in multiple forms. These include AG’s multiple award winning Spacetry Edibles you’ll find in Amsterdam coffeeshops, but there’s more to try. CBD candy like SupMedi’s CBD Gummies, Hot Choco Spoons, and wholesome CBD Bars are just a few examples.

spacetry cannabis edibles amsterdam genetics
Spacetry: haute cuisine, only higher…

From the humble brownie to fine-dining experiences: you name it and you can bet someone baked it. With an ever growing curiosity among consumers about edibles, food and beverage companies explore creative ways to enjoy cannabis. Resulting in a huge number of startups and existing companies exploring opportunities to launch new cannabis-infused products where it is legal. Just look at this 4 Billion dollar investment into the Canadian cannabis company ‘Canopy Growth’ in 2018.

And yet, these companies are less innovative than they may think. Us being who we are, Amsterdam Genetics has been pioneering the field of cannabis edibles and CBD nutrition for years, adding valuable early adopter experience to our track record.

2.  Cannabis Edibles Are Safer Than Smoking

Edibles are an excellent choice for people who cannot smoke because of an existing illness; or because they don’t like smoking in general. Similar to cigarette smoking, cannabis smoke contains toxins which can negatively impact your health. Therefore it is advised to at least use Mascotte’s Active Filters when smoking your cannabis. Still, munching away on some nice CBD treats or THC cannabis edibles is a better experience for increasing numbers of people.

cannabis edibles alternative to smoking weed

In contrast to joints, vapes, or bongs, edible weed products do not negatively affect lung health. Moreover, smoking cannabis without a proper filter or with tobacco can pose a health risk – possibly resulting in bronchitis for example. These complications can be safely avoided with edible cannabis.

3. Cannabis Edibles Offer New Possibilities

Edible forms of cannabis, whether containing only CBD or carrying the full psychoactive payload of THC-rich cannabis, offer interesting new possibilities. That can be highly relevant from a health perspective. Unlocking the health potential of CBD (cannabidiol) without ever having to buy a single gram of weed is attractive to many non-smokers who still want what’s best for their health.

Also, quickly packing a bag of CBD Gummies into your briefcase is a fully acceptable and covert way of using CBD at the office or in school. Off to the gym? Bring some CBD Kombucha along and quench your thirst while you replenish your body’s own cannabinoid supply!

hand gets cbd gummy / edibles out of bag
CBD Gummies are an effective, easy, and tasty way of consuming CBD.

Similarly, cannabis edibles with THC inside give you the chance to experience sublime highs without having to smoke. No smoke means no smell, so no nobody can tell what you’re up to as you chill out first-class weed treats.

Edibles allow an even distribution of the essential compounds, providing a long-lasting and holistic effect on the body.

4. Cannabis Edibles Pack More Than Just Taste

To many people, edibles are the tastiest method to consume weed. From chips to chocolates to chews, there are cannabis edibles to match any taste. Still, cannabis edibles often contain much more than just great taste. Not only do they provide your body with the essential fatty acids and vitamins, but they do so without the often nasty taste of traditional supplements. So while you’re getting your mind and body in just the right state, the edibles you consume can help keep your system functioning in optimal conditions too.

5. Making Your Own Edibles Is Easy

Making your own edibles at home is easy! Just make sure the cannabis is processed right – to bake or cook with. The weed has to be decarboxylated before or while you make the edible. Without it, the THC in your weed will remain in its acid form (THCa) and will not get you high like it’s activated form: THC. A similar point applies to CBD. Decarbing weed is not hard to do: below, we’ll show you how to do it at home.

edibles bake spacecake
Making edibles is easy, unless your goal is to make award-winning ‘Spacetry’ like our Michelin-star Chef Rick!

Cannabis-infused butter is super simple to make and is used and stored like regular butter. The same applies to cannabis-infused oil. These can then be used as basic ingredients in your edibles recipes. Ground cannabis is easy to add to any food without a noticeable difference in taste, as long as its properly decarbed first.

You can add ground weed to your cookie dough or sprinkle it on salads, toasties and pizza’s. You can also make cannabis tea, cannabis milk, and even cannabis beer at home. Check out My Edibles Chef for some of the best cannabis edibles recipes. Looking to create your own CBD edibles? Growing your own AG CBD cannabis strains is your personal ticket to a cheap deeply rewarding way of baking your own CBD delights!

6. Edibles From Homegrown Cannabis

The best thing about cannabis edibles is that you can make them using your homegrown cannabis. Cannabis does not require any complex processing for making edibles. You can make them directly out of the cannabis flowers and buds and trim (or ‘sugar leaves’). Don’t go baking just yet, though! As mentioned above, you need to decarboxylate your weed before it’s good enough to eat (literally). To do so, simply follow the step-by-step guide in our blog on decarboxylating your weed. Decarbing will turn THCa into THC and CBDa into CBD for the full experience of their effects.

THC molecule decarboxylateTHC molecule decarboxylation

Properly decarbed, your cannabis is now ready for cooking, baking or sprinkling over any of your favorite recipes!

7. Long-Lasting Effect

Smoking is a very rapid process that is capable of providing a near-instantaneous high that may last up to 1 -3 hours. On the other hand, edibles take much longer to kick in. That’s because the THC has to pass partway through your digestive system before it can reach your bloodstream via the stomach. Smoke reaches your lungs right after you inhale it, allowing it to pass into your blood almost instantaneously.

Edibles may take you to peak experience more slowly, say after an hour or two, but the effects can last for up to 4-8 hours. That can be a real advantage and great value-for-money, as long as you don’t let it take you by surprise.

Be careful with dosing edibles, as it may take a while before you feel the effects!

Eating Cannabis Edibles Sensibly

The most crucial factor to remember though, is that the impact of edibles often doesn’t hit you as soon as you’ve eaten it. That is especially relevant for edibles containing THC. One bite of that Spacetry cake can take an hour to kick in: you don’t want to feel it hit home right after you’ve decided to eat another one. So don’t go gobbling up that second helping if you’re not feeling anything after a half-an-hour wait. Start slow and wait for the effects to set in before you consume more of it. We mean it!

Cannabis Edibles Benefits At A Glance

  1. High In Vitamins, Minerals & Fiber – Edibles made with raw cannabis are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, calcium, and folic acid. In fact, many athletes even use CBD Drinks & Nutrition to boost their performance and help recover faster. If your body is lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, cannabis edibles or raw weed juice could be the answer.
  2. Full Range Of Cannabinoids & More Plant Goodness – Cannabis edibles contain much more hemp plant goodness than just CBD or THC. Many other cannabinoids are in the natural mix, including promising compounds like CBG, CBN and CBC. What’s more, cannabis edibles are full of natural ingredients like terpenes and flavonoids, all of which work together for an overall experience by means of the entourage effect.
  3. Discreet – Cannabis edibles provide an option to enjoy weed discreetly. You could medicate at home or on the job without bothering others with the smell and smoke. That goes for handy CBD edibles as well as for THC snacks. Be sure to keep the dosage low though, as high-THC edibles can provide a trip you won’t forget, and which your boss won’t fail to notice.
  4. Easy Access – Cannabis edibles play a significant role in a weed-permissive future and are being sold by many serious enterprises. In the US and across Europe, successive waves of legalization have made cannabis edibles available to more consumers than ever.  Both online – like we do our CBD Edibles – as well as in upscale retail stores like high-end coffeeshops. Always source your CBD or THC infused edibles from a reputable vendor, to ensure optimal quality, taste and more importantly: safety.

If you want to learn all about why quality matters when it comes to your cannabis edibles, check out this Vice documentary online or on Netflix account: Rotten, High On Edibles. It’s an honest look into the fast-expanding business behind cannabis edibles, featuring a few industry best practices. If you watch closely, you may spot a familiar player – unless you didn’t heed our warning and ate all those edibles in one go…


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