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BioTabs Awarded Cannabis Grow Product Of The Year

At the 2021 Cannabis Industrie Awards ceremony, Amsterdam Genetics happily shared the podium with the inventors of BioTabs. We’ve been fans for years, but we’re glad to see the whole cannabis industry as well as a broad audience of growers and gourmets agree with our choice.

BioTabs Awarded Top Cannabis Grow Product

The raw organic power of BioTabs had us convinced long ago, but as of this year, a professional jury and an audience of expert consumers confirmed our choice. The 2021 edition of the Cannabis Industrie Awards crowned the smart, organic BioTabs grow product range Grow Products of the Year. That’s an impressive achievement in a blossoming industry such as ours, so Amsterdam Genetics congratulates the BioTabs team with this new celebration of their innovative cultivation concepts!

BioTabs Organic Cannabis Grow Solutions

As you can see in our web store and blogs, the BioTabs system is a comprehensive, ingenious, and fully organic solution for anyone looking for a full-on natural cannabis grow. Obviously, that’s a perfect match for sustainable and conscious organic crop cultivation. Add to this The slow-release formula of BioTabs enabling gradual distribution of nutrients, and yu have the ideal innovative grow solution on your hands.

organic cannabis nutrition biotabs
Our full BioTabs product range.

Years Of Experience With Organic Nutrients

The BioTabs R&D team have been perfecting the art of organic plant growing for years, and the Cannabis Industrie Award is certainly not the first reward for their effort. Of course, that doesn’t make their victory any less sweet or impressive. The appreciation of cannabis industry professionals and a large grower and connoisseur audience is a welcome celebration of their efforts.

BioTabs Cannabis Products

The Amsterdam Genetics range contains all the BioTabs products a grower could ask for. From the iconic slow-release tablets to Bio PK 5-8 liquid nutrients and the ever-popular BoomBoom Rescue & Booster Spray, BioTabs has the right products waiting for any stage of your grow.

Anyone interested in growing cannabis organically for a naturally pure harvest ought to give BioTabs a try. The easy-to-use formula makes child’s play out of any grow: simply pop a tab into the soil and you know you have all the important nutes, vitamins, and other essential compounds present in the right quantities. The gradual release of ingredients prevents nute burn and deficits, so apart from water, you’ll be giving your plants all they need right from square one.

organic cannabis nutrients
Our favourite type of organics…

A Well Deserved Cannabis Industrie Award

So anyone who wasn’t convinced so far should be now: BioTabs have earned their Cannabis Industrie ward fair and square! If you haven’t tried them yet, we suggest you order a few for your next grow straight away. In fact, why not score a good-to-go BioTabs Starter Pack as you shop for strains at the award-winning Best Seed Bank Of The Year – Amsterdam Genetics, of course!