kosher tangie strain review

Cannabis Strain Review: Kosher Tangie Hash Block

In this episode, cannabis expert Hans Plomp samples a strain you won’t find in the Amsterdam Genetics seed bank. Still, this Kosher Tangie Strain Review is at home here, because Amsterdam’s coffeeshops just can’t get enough of the Kosher Tangie Hash Blocks!


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Kosher Tangie Strain Review

Hang on a minute… This is some serious stuff here! Kosher Tangie Block has managed to take me by surprise, regardless of the well over 50,000 pipes or joints I must have smoked over the past 50 years. Thank goodness then – there are still some genuine surprises left for me in the wide world of weed and hash. As I let the strain’s  effects wash over me in a pleasant wave of sweet flavour, this Kosher Tangie phenomenon tickles just the right happiness gland!

Even Subtler Than Morocco

While its colour, scent, and taste remind me of the very best that Morocco can offer, there is an added layer of subtlety to this strain. The effect is inspiring. The combined flavours of this Kosher Tangie Block are complex yet delicious. All those various citrus aromas and that tell-tale hint of kush are right at home in the compressed glory of a Hash Block like this. It takes me on a trip to Africa, far past the slopes of the Rif Mountains, far beyond Marrakesh, south of the mighty Saharan sand dunes, down to the heart of Congo.

kosher tangie strain review

Kosher Tangie As Riamba

There, you can find the land of the Bashilange. This is the region from where the Congo weed came to Amsterdam every now and then, back in the Sixties and Seventies. Some 200 years ago, the Bashilange were a much-feared and warlike people. They were man-eaters, used to munching away on their captives. Then, they became familiar with cannabis.

Alright, fair enough: their cannabis probably wasn’t as sophisticated and palatable as the hash block I am reviewing here, but still… It strikes me that dipping into this Kosher Tangie strain review invites a deeply pleasing sense of peace into my mind. This high revolves around an exuberant effect, much like the friendly face of the sun peeking around the edge of a cloud. That very same cannabis effect might have been the turning point for the once warlike Bashilange, when I try to imagine their situation…

kosher tangie kush review

My mind wanders. Oh, the delicacy of this Kosher Tangie scent caressing my palate! There’s citrus aplenty here, but the deep spicy undertones running through that perfume are simply thrilling. It could be the extra virgin pressing of these hash blocks that does the trick for me, but still… I get the distinct impression that I’m smoking an entire pastry shop stuffed into a single pipe here! Now, where was I? Ah yes. Africa.

Sons Of Cannabis

The German explorer Von Wissmann visited the dangerous Bashilange people in the 1850s. He discovered that they had changed completely due to their discovery of cannabis. The tribesmen now called themselves Bena-Riamba, or sons of cannabis. Instead of waging war on on their neighbours, they now came around to visit bringing weed and music. They invited their former enemies to join them for a dance and a smoke. This led to the development of a whole new culture, and even a form of religion based on the “Riamba”, the Bashilange word for cannabis. The plant became the symbol of peace, friendship, and protection.

Weed, Peace, And Good Healthcannabis vrede amsterdam genetics

I think you could compare it to our present-day Rastafarians. Their culture also gravitates around cannabis as a main sacrament. These days, rather than spending their nights robbing neighbours, the Bashilange gather around their campfires to make music. They have laid down their weapons and taken up their pipes instead. Their greeting is “moyo”, which means life and good health. Obviously, when it comes to peaceful and healthy living, smoking a joint together is a much more wholesome idea than treating the folks next door to a murdering and pillaging spree…

Kosher Roots

Back to the here and now, my cannabis friends. By now, my head and the rest of my body are completely suffused with Kosher Tangie and her effect on me. I’m not sure whether this intensely rich hash meets the kosher criteria as dictated in scripture, but she sure ticks my own spiritual boxes. This strain originated from a casual encounter between Tangie and Kosher Kush: a multi-faith Californian embrace. That explains the typical kush aromas somersaulting around my sotrils. Did you know that Kosher Tangie’s Kosher Kush ancestor was the first strain to be officially blessed by a rabbi? Perhaps that’s where it got its uplifting potential. No matter what, though, a hash like this gorgeously dark brown cube is notably good for the soul.

The same thing happened to the souls of the Bashilange. When Von Wissmann visited these people, they surprised him with a hero’s welcome. In a sense, he was a kind of hero, if only for his decision to undertake such a perilous journey. The Bashilange recognised him as their great chief Kassongo. They assured him that his dark skin had paled on his voyage across the great water (i.e., death) and his return to his people, the Bashilange. It just goes to show. As long as you believe hard enough in transformation, finding the right cannabis at the right moment can work wonders. Weed can give you a fresh outlook on the world around us. Or at least, that’s what I think.

kosher tangie hash review
The taste of the whole world in your hands…

Kosher Tangie Strain Review: The Taste Of The World

And with that, we have come full circle. Thanks to the riamba, I am now able to share these musings with you, my dear fellow human. And thanks to the many weed traditions that converge in Amsterdam from all over the world, I get to taste cannabis miracles such as this Kosher Tangie Block. The subtle taste of this outstanding hash is all the reason you need to pay our capital a visit someday.

Herbal, Well-Rounded And Peppery, With A Californian Palm Tree On The Side

From the Amsterdam Genetics perspective, there’s not much I can tell you about growing Kosher Tangie. That was never my area of expertise anyway. Instead, I’ll focus on flavour and effect. Los Angeles may be a long way off, but viewed from my Amsterdam perch, the warmth of the California sun doesn’t seem far away. It’s an exhilarating smoke: herbal and well-rounded, with a hint of pepper that keeps me alert. It has a bit of that old-time skunk scent and taste, with a sparkle of Mediterranean citrus that adds to the excitement. Do I recognize actual mandarin orange here, or tangerine as we usually call it? That would account for the Tangie aspect, although Tangerine is also a town in home turf California. Whatever the exact reason, the flavour and the hefty indica brain-high I keep feeling bring the palm-lined beaches of the Pacific within reach…

Kosher Kush and Tangie are the world-famous parents of this delicious Kosher Tangie strain – and what a great legacy they have bestowed upon this beauty! When the whole wide world meets in a sweet and relaxed high like the one produced by this Amsterdam delight, I am thankful once again to be living in the cannabis capital of our planet.


From here, I wish you all the taste of the world, and even more so, lots of kosher Riamba!