Cannabis Strain Review: Tangerine G13 Weed

Ahh, Tangerine G13 – in a previous blog, I described my experiences with an excellent hashish made of this crossbreed. The plant itself, with a Tangerine Sativa and a G-13 Indica for its parents, is soft of taste, powerful in its effects, and first and foremost, uplifting for the spirit.

Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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A Cosmic Smile: Tangerine G13 Weed Review

There are certain strains of weed that automatically make the corners of your mouth curve upwards. You often see it with inexperienced users: laughing and giggling after a smoke. For me, however, this Tangerine G13 magically makes a smile appear on my face. This is what you call high: a cosmic smile; a feeling that all is well…

Tangerine G13 cannabis by amsterdam genetics

Sunny Side

As the “ordinary” world remains locked in crisis mode, a spot of Tangerine G-13 in my pipe takes me to the “sunny side of the street”. The funny thing is, though, that as my mood improves, everyone that I meet appears to be happier. Perhaps they are responding to the positive vibe I am emitting. This phenomenon Is known as a contact high: when you make contact with someone who is high, the high starts to rub off, getting you high In turn. The opposite effect is also true: you’ll only see the world’s miserable side when you’re feeling down.

Tangerine G13 Lifts The Curtains

Now, let’s face it: there’s plenty of misery in the world to go around, but it’s not enough to outweigh all the beauty in the world that deserves our attention. Our so-called media tend to show us only the violent and nasty aspects of life. Good news news is no news at all. After a few puffs of Tangerine G13 though, it’s as if the curtains are lifted, allowing the sun to shine in.

Rangerine G13 lets the sunshine in


Oh yes indeed: there is another reality out there; a reality different from the one brought to us every day by the sourpusses and the whiners. Weed is a gift to us from mother nature, intended to lighten the burden of life. Through careful selection and crossbreeding, we humans can sublimate that cannabis plant, lifting it up like the corners of our mouths. That is how we turn nature’s bounty into wonderful strains such as this Tangerine G13.



Tangerine G13: Working With Nature

There’s still a lot of people out there, working hard to exploit nature, ravaging her in the process. Not so for us cannabists, however: we work together with nature instead. That is how we earn our rewards, including heavenly weed like this Tangerine G13. Yes, my friends, ancient as the proverb may be, it is still true that we reap just what we sow.

Sow Some Tangerine G13 Yourself