Cannabis Strain Review: White Choco Haze

Caramba! You can feel the extensions of this weed tingling all the way down to your capillaries. Today, I’m all set for a White Choco Haze strain review. It is the child of White Choco and Mexican Haze. What a taste: raw cacao with a touch of melon. My mood instantly cranks up a few notches. This is healthy stuff!


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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White Choco Haze Strain Review: A Cannabis Miracle

It’s still a miracle that we have some many different strains of cannabis to enjoy today. It’s a situation that has never occurred in Europe before. Sure enough, for centuries we have been spoilt for choice in alcoholics; from beer to whisky and from wine to Pernod. After all, alcohol has always been Europe’s drug of choice. These days, however, we have the privilege of dozens of cannabis strains we can chose from. Every single one has a distinct flavour and effect. This is the reason why we have our own cannabis sommeliers, standing ready to serve us in top-tier coffeeshops.

White Choco Haze cannabis seed by Amsterdam Genetics

A Piece Of Art

This White Choco Haze review is yet another fine example. Amsterdam Genetics has a reputation to uphold when it comes to crossbreeds and combinations between the myriad cannabis families of the world. It is a genuine art form, but my, what wondrous masterpieces this artistry produces…

The addition of Mexican Haze to these chocolate genes makes sativa levels shoot through the roof, right into the 80% range. You’ll instantly notice that as the pleasant effect of this weed washes over you. It touches on another delicious property of the strain: make yourself comfortable once you load this White Choco Haze into your pipe or your cigarette. Its friendly, warmly embracing high lasts for quite a long time. In fact, this is a great weed strain to save for Sundays, or for those endless, lazy summer evenings.

Cheerful Mood

The tingle of this plant dovetails nicely with the cheerful mood I’m feeling. This is further complemented by the remarkable flavour of White Choco Haze. Chocolate and melon: I feel like I’m smoking an ice cream parlour. The haze dilutes my pupil, but it widens my gaze at the same time. I indulge myself, taking the time to reflect on the immense diversity offered by our dear cannabis plant.

So Many Strains!

Anandakanda, an ancient collection of Indian writings on medicine, describes 43 different kinds of cannabis. These all have their own unique effects. To illustrate the point, I’ll name a few here:

Bhangini: this resolves any conflict;

Cidalhada: grants pleasure, glow, rush, and beauty;

Mannoumanna: gives you the power to achieve your goals.

The list goes on to include dozens of strain descriptions. The Vedas – the oldest known written records in Indian history – count cannabis as one of the five most holy plants. These age-old tomes go into great detail to describe the rejuvenating power of cannabis. I can confirm this ability. I know from personal experience that cannabists always remain young in spirit.

whiote choco haze review


Of course, everyone has the right to their own personal preferences. Nonetheless, it feels like a waste to mix this White Choco Haze with tobacco. It’s not simply a matter of taste. I think a considerable portion of the more subtle effects is lost if you do mix the two. By the way: did you know that most so-called weed addicts are in fact addicted to the tobacco in their joints?

White Choco Haze Strain Review: Sure Beats The Pharmacist

Without a doubt, the emerging use of cannabis for medical purposes is on the rise. These days, you can go to a pharmacist’s and buy prescription cannabis, as a “patient”. It’s easily as expensive as what you’ll find in coffeeshops. Bizarre, really, how we’re allowed to use speed (Ritalin), morphine, laughing gas, and cannabis once we get sick, while we can’t use them for simple enjoyment.

White Choco Haze cannabis seeds information


Here, you can see how the pharmacist’s endless range of synthetic medication tries to distract us from the glorious variations that cannabis can offer. Better yet: try asking your pharmacist for a prescription of mild, long-lasting euphoria and a warm, loving feeling inside. Guess what? You’re probably better off trying a responsible dose of White Choco Haze…

And therefore, my dear cannabists: let us stick to preventive joys. It is still the very best medicine to live on.

Have A Taste Of White Choco Haze