Cannabis Strain Review: Amazing Haze

Today, I am writing you my Amazing Haze strain review. Of all the wonderful cannabis variants I have sampled so far, this is the one that got me thinking about personal taste. Read on to find out why, and to get a taste of the genetics underpinning this highly popular Amsterdam cannabis strain.

Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Amazing Haze Strain Review

There’s plenty of people who are not that keen on a very strong cannabis strain. Which is to say: cannabis with very high THC content. THC will get you high; CBD will calm you down; there combined effect will bring joy. Still, some people just get paranoid from THC. Cannabis is a means to broaden our consciousness. We tend to forget that too easily. You see, consciousness works both ways – literally. It doesn’t just make you aware of the beautiful things around you; you also run a chance of suddenly realizing how screwed up the world really is. Let’s face it. If you ever wanted to apply for asylum on another planet, just bring an Earth newspaper with you. Surely, it would be enough to prove that this world is completely insane.

Strain Experience

THC, CBD, and a host of other factors determine how you react to a specific strain of weed or hash. Sometimes, you just have a negative cannabis experience. It can happen to anyone. You become aware of negative things; things that can be very true and real. Experiencing some of the darker aspects of this world is not a bad thing, necessarily. They’re out there just like the brighter sides, and acknowledging them is a good thing. Just make sure you don’t get stuck in these darker aspects. We smoke weed to get ‘uplifted’, after all; we want to experience  “heaven on earth”.

It’s just like that Dr John song: “Don’t fuck around, the way you go up is the way you go down.” It’s all the same highway, but you can go up or walk down the road. If you’re taking too many trips in the “down” direction, it’s time to make a one-eighty turn and make your way back up.

personal cannabis taste

Matters Of Taste

And that brings me to this blog’s weed strain: Amazing Haze. For me personally, this strain doesn’t produce the effects I felt while sampling the previous strains. Then again, I am privileged, getting to sample all these wonderful Amsterdam Genetics marvels. It’s all a matter of taste, really. A friend of mine who rarely smokes thinks that this strain is the perfect match for her. It just goes to show: “Never forget that some people are much more sensitive than others”.  You can notice the same effect with alcohol. Some people get completely drunk after just a glass or two, while others can down ten glasses without even getting tipsy.

Intellectual Rush

The abundance of options you get these days is a good thing. It allows each of us to choose the hash or weed strain that gets us the effect we’re looking for. It’s the same with wine: some people find what they like for a few euros, while others prefer priceless exclusive vintages. Wine, weed, and many fine things in life are all a matter of taste in the end. The trick is finding the ones that match your own preferences and personality. That makes cannabis a true Art of Living: we all have a unique cannabis road to follow.

T. Gautier, a famous French author and “hashishien”, wrote the following words in 1844: “Hashish is not as crude as the drunken effect that alcohol brings. With hashish, you experience an intellectual rush.” Nothing has changed in nearly two centuries, because his conclusion still holds true today.

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