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Green Magic – Uniquely Sweet And Potent Indica

Every once in a while we breed a strain we’re so blown away by, that it almost feels like magic. Like our ‘Green Magic’, a magical cross between sativa sweetness with a sedative indica effect. A strain that is so complex, that she even steals the hearts of the most monotonous cannabis consumers.

Sweet Indica Strain

Most indica dominant cannabis strains are crossed with pungent or ‘gassy’ genetics. Like the very tasty and potent ‘afghan/kush’ varieties. Though we know very well that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

green magic cannabis strain
A relatively short flowering period compensates for Green Magic’s longer growing phase.

As some people enjoy the sweeter, more balanced aromas for their afternoon or bedtime smoke. Like the sweetness that made our signature strain – White Choco – so populair.

With that in mind, we decided to breed a new strain with the same sweet tones, but with a more complex aroma and heavier sedative effect. To do so, we had to find the right strain to cross the White Choco with. One with some sativa traits, but an indica-leaning effect through a light Afghan cross to not make the new strain too gassy: Green Manalishi.

Green Magic Cannabis Strain

Crossing our proven and prizewinning ‘White Choco’ to the complex ‘Green Manalishi’ hybrid resulted in one of our most magical strains ever: Green Magic. A uniquely sweet yet potent indica dominant cannabis strain, that steals every cannabis consumer’s heart. Green Magic’s balanced aroma and effect will most likely impress you – even if you’re not crazy about indica dominant cannabis strains.

Green Magic cannabis seeds require a slightly longer growing period compared to other indicas. Luckily, this is highly compensated by a shorter flowering period. After 8 – 9 weeks, Green Magic cannabis seeds reward you with light green, compact cannabis buds. Enjoy the chocolatey sweet aroma with a hint of mint as soon as she starts flowering; and make sure to preserve it after cultivation with a good dry and curing period.

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