Greenmeister App: Find And Review All Dutch Coffeeshops

Finding good weed can be a hassle, especially in a town you’ve never visited before. Famous Dutch rapper Bizzey travels the whole country for shows and knows this problem like no other. Being the businessman he is known to be, he turned this problem into an opportunity. Launching his own coffeeshop finder and review app ‘Greenmeister’:

Good And Bad Coffeeshops

There are hundreds of coffeeshops in The Netherlands. All with their own business strategy and differing sources to obtain their cannabis to sell. Because although weed is ‘sold freely’ over the counter of licensed Dutch coffeeshops, growing and purchasing it is still highly illegal. As you can read in our blog ‘Cannabis Tolerance part 1: Buying Weed In Amsterdam. Luckily, our beloved herb still finds a way to ‘magically appear’ in our favorite coffeeshops.

Whether a coffeeshop is good or bad, it will have to carry this sign to show it’s licensed to sell cannabis.

Though not all coffeeshops care as much about the quality they offer their customers as others do. Resulting in a mix of ‘good’ coffeeshops, ‘mediocre’ ones and shops that are so good, you could easily take your grandmother there. But how do you distinguish the good from the bad, if they all carry the same license-sign at the door?

Coffeeshop Reviews

If you’re planning a night out to dinner – or even if you order food to your door – there are a number of apps you can choose from to see how the restaurant is rated and read reviews on the food and service. Though there’s not even one good mobile app to help you find coffeeshops in The Netherlands. Let alone select them on terms as location, availability, prices and services available. This makes it nearly impossible to quickly find a good coffeeshop to purchase quality cannabis at, in a town you don’t know that well.

Driving around the country from show to show, famous Dutch rapper Bizzey encountered this problem regularly. Being driven to madness in search of good weed, the business-mastermind came up with ‘Greenmeister’. A mobile app to find, rate and review all coffeeshops in the Netherlands. Including information about the store’s service and product quality.

bizzey greenmeister app coffeeshops
famous dutch rapper bizzey launches coffeeshop finder and review app greenmeister

Of course, you’ll also find all Amsterdam Genetics retailers like Boerejongens, Tweede Kamer and Coffeeshopamsterdam on the list. As most of the information in the app is user generated. It’s up to you to check our most recent menus; and update the info in the app as you try out different varieties from our range of cannabis strains.

The app is available for Android now and will be available voor iOS soon.