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Harvest Contest – Win €100 Shop Credit!

Grow your reputation while you grow your favourite strains by entering in our Amsterdam Genetics Harvest of the Month Contest! Keep a grow diary and send us your best harvest post pictures to win prizes as fat as your buds: how’s about 100 euros of free premium cannabis seeds as an extra reward on top of that freshly harvested flower? We run a Harvest of the Month contest every month from now on, so grab your chance at global grower fame… Check out the conditions below and jump right in!

How To Join The Harvest Of The Month Contest:

  1. Grow your choice of Amsterdam Genetics seeds;
  2. Log your grow on Growdiaries.com;
  3. Take epic pictures just before harvest;
  4. Post your best shot on Insta @amsterdamgeneticsseeds and tag us;
  5. Let the jury and community judge & win €100 of AG shop credit!

Make sure to read the detailed rules and conditions for a valid participation!

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harvest contest AK Choco Kush
Check out this grow by @gardenofherbs! Check out the full diary here.

Monthly Prizes For Your Best Harvest Pictures

It’s grow big, win big time here at Amsterdam Genetics… We’re awarding 100 euros worth of store credit to the biggest, baddest, most beautifulicious buds our dedicated community of growers manage to show us at harvest time. In addition, we will feature your colossal, colourful, crystal-crusted colas on our company media channels to raise your ganja guru status within the Amsterdam Genetics crowd. All things considered, you’d be silly NOT to enter your next grow for our Harvest of the Month Contest, don’t you agree?

“Our expert jury selects the best three pictures we receive, and from there on, the community decides the winner”

Here’s what you need to do to snatch those prizes from under the terpene-coated noses of your competitors!

Magic OG Kush
Want to grow colourful buds like this? Shop Magic OG Kush Seeds here!

Harvest Of The Month Contest: The Rules

The Amsterdam genetics Harvest of the Month Contest is based on a few simple rules. Entering is easy, and if you get your green thumbs into gear, there’s prizes to win for all AG growers. Don’t worry, because you’ll already have most of the work done by the time you complete those winning harvest posts!

1: Post Your AG Grow On Growdiaries.com

Let’s face it: you were probably already logging and documenting your grows for constant improvement and to make your friends go green with envy… If not, all you need to do to enter the contest is maintain a Growdiaries.com account and document your grow.

Obviously, you’ll only be allowed to compete if you are growing Amsterdam Genetics seeds – any strain of your liking is perfectly fine. We’ll need to see AT LEAST one update during the vegetative phase and a minimum of three updates throughout the flowering phase – but we’re sure you’ll be spamming pictures of your crop’s progress every step of the way…


2: Shoot Some Mouth-Watering Bud Shots

Take your time to shoot some jaw-dropping, eye-popping, mouth-watering pictures of your grow just before you start harvesting – and select your best picture to submit for judgment on our AG Insta!

3: Timing Your Harvest Post

Be sure to publish your Growdiaries harvest post in the month for which you are joining the Harvest of the Month Contest. If you want to compete for the October prizes, for example, you’ll need to publish your harvest post somewhere over the course of October, too.

4: Share Your Ultimate Harvest Picture On Instagram

Share your final, ultimate, awe-inspiring harvest picture on our Instagram (@amsterdamgeneticsseeds) and be sure to tag us in your post. Every month, our expert jury selects the best three pictures we receive, and from there on, the community decides the winner as the shot with the most likes wins €100 worth of store credit and the honorary title ‘AG Harvest of the Month’!

Kosher Choco Kush strain

Our Criteria For The Harvest Of The Month Winning Picture

We have an expert jury waiting to start judging your entries. These bud buffs will be judging your photo for overall attractiveness, impact, and awesomeness, but the following aspects will count heavily towards their final monthly verdicts:

  • Bud quality;
  • Leaf quality;
  • General plant looks & quality;
  • Overall quality of photography;
  • A creative touch or artistic twist.

There you go: you’re all set to start planning for your award-winning grow photos! While you head for our catalogue to pick the best seeds for your next grow, we’ll outline some technicalities intended to keep contest fair and make sure only the very best AG growers reel in that 100 euro shopping credit prize…

Additional Contest Rules & Conditions

All updates on the Contest will be communicated through Instagram (@amsterdamgeneticsseeds). Entries can be submitted until midnight on the final day of the Contest’s month. Once the entry period closes, the Team AG Jury selects the top three from among all valid* harvest posts. Subsequently, the top three pictures will be posted on the AG Insta and the winner who receives the most likes will be announced on Instagram (@amsterdamgeneticsseeds).

If asked, participants must be able to verify their harvest post/grow with a receipt of the seed order (from AG or any verified retailer). Spamming is not allowed, accounts that spam or copy-paste content will be disqualified and reported on Growdiaries.com. All uploaded AG harvest pictures can be used freely by Amsterdam Genetics. If the winner has an address outside our shipping regions, their store credit can only be spent on items from the ‘Clothing’ and ‘Headshop’ categories.

By uploading your photo, you agree to the use and (re)publication of such content by Amsterdam Genetics. Amsterdam Genetics retains all rights to use your photo on the AG website, social media, and other channels. Refusal to grant such permission automatically voids your right to participate in the Contest.

Entries are exclusively restricted to photos of your own Amsterdam Genetics grows taken by you personally. Any doubts concerning the authenticity of your picture will lead to exclusion from the Contest. Amsterdam Genetics reserves the right to cancel participation in the event of doubts on the authenticity of entries or other rules violations.

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Time To Get Growing!

With the rules and conditions out of the way, nothing is keeping you from ordering your next batch of Amsterdam Genetics seeds and getting your Growdiaries account up to speed! If you need some hot tips on shooting great bud shots, check out this cannabis photography blog, and read up on these grow diary tips if you’re new to logging your grows.

Pick Seeds For Your Winning Grow

So there you go, you’re all set to start your best grow ever and prepare for immortal grower fame and a busload of store credit as you enter the next round of the Amsterdam genetics Harvest of the Month Contest!

Best of luck – we’re looking forward to seeing your best shots on @amsterdamgeneticsseeds soon!

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