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Helping The Salvation Army With CBD Support

By now, you probably know that CBD supplements can hold many health benefits for us all. What you may not know, however, is that CBD can be used to improve the wellbeing of an entire city… Well, SupMedi proves just that, by donating a whole busload of free CBD Drinks to the Amsterdam Salvation Army!

Supporting Amsterdam In Times Of Need

We all know the Salvation Army, right? Ever since its official founding by William Booth in 1878, the Salvationists and volunteers of the organisation have been supporting people struggling with poverty, inequality, or physical and mental disadvantages. By now, the Salvation Army is active in 126 countries around the world. They’ve been supporting Amsterdam since 1887, and in this corona-marked winter, the city needs their efforts like never before.

cbd support for amsterdam

CBD For Amsterdam’s Salvation Army

Obviously, just like us, SupMedi cherish their roots and feel some pretty deep love for this town. We’ve all seen our fellow citizens going through some very tough times over the past year, and sadly, the hardship is not over yet. That’s why we’re all keen to help out when people around us need it most. Luckily, SupMedi contacted the local chapter of the Salvation Army and found out that they too are struggling to meet the needs of the city’s most vulnerable. They decided to lend a hand, by donating a whole busload of CBD Ice Tea and CBD Kombucha to share out among those in Amsterdam who need it most.

CBD Support For Amsterdam

That is why this week, a Salvation Army van parked up in front of the SupMedi warehouse to accept a gift of nearly 2,500 bottles of CBD Drinks. We are glad to report that most of this busload of natural support is headed for the West District of town; the part of Amsterdam where both SupMedi and the story of Amsterdam Genetics once began!

cbd support amsterdam

Local Initiatives

In the Amsterdam West area, the Army is running a Neighbourhood Walk-In Centre providing low-threshold support to the local community. COVID-19 has forced most other charities to shut down their operations. Thankfully, the Salvation Army can still stay open for those who need it most. From these Neighbourhood Walk-Ins, they run special activities, provide immediate support, and distribute warm meals.

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CBD To Keep Amsterdam Up And Running

With an entire van crammed full of CBD drinks, however, the Salvation Army will be able to supply Walk-In Centres in other parts of the city too. They could also share out food packages supplemented by our donation to other citizens who need the support. As far as SupMedi is concerned, though, they’re just happy to help out; providing natural and healthy support when our dear city needs it the most.


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