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How To Handle A Cannabis Tolerance Break

Long-time cannabis consumers may notice that the highs start to feel less sensational than they used to. Fact is, your body gradually gets used to the compounds cannabis contains, which limits heir effectiveness. You start to need more to achieve the intended effect. This can be a reason to consider a cannabis tolerance break. Taking a break from regular consumption patterns can come with substantial benefits. This blog explains what to expect from your cannabis tolerance break, as well as how to handle it.

Why Consider A Cannabis Tolerance Break?

Frequent cannabis users will recognise how their experience of the effects vary over time. No matter whether you use weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, at some point, your body may develop a level of tolerance for cannabis and its active ingredients. This tolerance explains why the high starts to feel less intense after repeated use.

Incidentally, tolerance and addiction are two very different things. Whether weed is addictive, and how such addiction expresses itself, is still hotly debated around the world. This special blog addresses the matter in detail, but for now, let’s return to the phenomenon of the t-break, or tolerance break.

A tolerance break is a tried and tested method to counter the body’s increasing cannabis tolerance. Put simply, it is a temporary pause aimed at cleansing the body and mind of cannabinoids, with particular emphasis on THC.

By not using weed for a set period of time, the body returns to its original sensitivity to the various compounds found in cannabis. Ultimately, this makes you respond to weed the way you used to before tolerance set in. In effect, a tolerance break reverses your tolerance to cannabis, which allows you to enjoy its effects like you once did.

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How Long Should A T-Break Last?

Anyone trying to take a break from cannabis is free to do so however they wish. Some people just use less weed for some time, while others decide to quit altogether for a few weeks or longer. Depending on how much cannabis you use and how you expect your body to react, you should decide on your own preferred method.

You will notice an increased responsivity to cannabis even after a few days’ tolerance break. The general advice, however, is to take at least two weeks for the tolerance to subside. Feel free to use you own feelings as a guide, though. You will notice how your mind becomes clearer as your body adjusts to the new weedless reality. These are sure signs that your cannabis tolerance break is working.

If you really want a full body cleansing that rids your whole system of cannabinoids, a 30-day cannabis tolerance break is the recommended minimum.

How To Handle A Cannabis Tolerance Break

1. Timing Is Everything

If you plan to put your cannabis intake on hold, it helps to determine beforehand how long your tolerance break should last. Twenty-one days is a good place to start. Make sure you pick a period without any major changes or events that could disrupt your usual structure of living. Also, try not to plan too far ahead by delaying the start of your cannabis tolerance break. That will only undermine your will to make a start. Once you plan your t-break, you made a deal with yourself: take it seriously and stick to the plan – you’ll thank yourself later!

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Time to trash that stash!

2. Your Stash

Once you have planned your cannabis tolerance break, it helps if you make sure your stash is finished before you start. Having your stash nearby during your t-break will make it more difficult to pull through, especially if you can see or smell it – although knowing you could just reach in and grab some poses enough temptation for most.

The best thing to do is making sure there is no weed left around the house. In fact, that applies to all cannabis-related items: your lighter, papers, pipes, and other smoking gear. Pack it all up and ask a friend to keep it safe for you, or give it away for an added sense of finality.

3. Ask Your Friends For Support

Speaking of friends, you have a choice to make. During your tolerance break, your friends, especially the cannabis loving ones, can be either a valuable source of support, or a complicating factor keeping you from the finish line. Ask yourself which of your friends are likely to support you and tell them what you’re planning. Most of them will understand and try to support you if the going gets tough. Do you feel as though certain people may want to undermine your attempt? Then try to avoid them until you finish your break.

4. Keep Yourself Occupied

Bear in mind that not using cannabis will leave you with extra time on your hands. That makes it essential to find something to keep you occupied. You could try new forms of exercise, such as running, indoor climbing, or yoga. Finding a nice creative hobby can work wonders too. It will prevent you from getting bored and tempted to turn back to that weed habit. Perhaps more importantly, it can give you a sense of doing something constructive with the time you manage to free up, and perhaps pick up some new skills along the way.

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During Your Tolerance Break: Handling Cannabis Cravings

No matter whether you consumed a little weed or lots of it, it will have had some effect on you. For some, it’s about the relaxed feelings it brings; for others it’s a means to control anxiety or a source of cheer. That means taking a temporary break can make feelings of boredom, anxiety, or irritation resurface.

Even if you were just using cannabis for fun, for the flavour, or out of sheer habit, your tolerance break is bound to trigger moments when the longing for some weed (‘just a few quick puffs…’) suddenly seems overwhelming. This is most likely to happen on moments and in situations where you’d normally be likely to light up. You can try to avoid these situations of course, but you are bound to run into these fleeting moments of deep cravings one way or another.

Positive Challenge

And yet, finding ways to handle these moments of temptation is a key positive challenge during your cannabis tolerance break. Even though you may dread the prospect of these cravings, knowing what lies ahead is a big advantage. Use it to anticipate the challenge, and think about how you can make it through these difficult moments. It will strengthen you in your resolve to resist temptation whenever it presents itself.

The first few days of a tolerance break can be particularly tough. Many people indicate that the fourth day is the hardest. If you feel the urge to quit your tolerance break, resist it. You can make it through these first few days, and from there on, things will start to get easier. The following tips can hep you deal with cannabis cravings and overcome the desire to quit your tolerance break prematurely.

  • Get moving: get some exercise, take a walk, or do some ironing instead;
  • Distract yourself: do something creative or listen to good music;
  • Be aware that cravings are just emotions – they will pass after a while;
  • Try to feel what is going on, both in the physical and the emotional sense;
  • Learn to detect situations that trigger cravings, and use this knowledge to your advantage;
  • Ask a close friend to act as backup, so you can call or text them when things get tough. It can really help to have someone you appreciate talking you through the most difficult moments, by reminding you of why you started this cannabis tolerance break in the first place.

Bonus tip: If your tolerance break is making you feel sad, stressed out, or anxious, you can try using CBD Oil to lift your mood and regain your balance. Our online store has a full range of hemp oil supplements to choose from, so order now to prepare for that upcoming t-break!

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After Your T-Break

Did you last long enough to make it through your cannabis tolerance break? If so, congratulations! You have every reason to be proud of yourself for your solid demonstration of discipline. So no what, you may wonder? Well, there’s several things you can do from here. You could decide to extend your break just a little while longer, or maybe you’ll take it easy from here, going slow on the herb now that you’ve spent a few weeks being sober. Then again, you could feel it’s time to get back on track and start working on your former favourite pastime again.

Obviously, the choice is all yours. Whatever you decide, though, keep in mind that you’re going to be much more sensitive to cannabis than you were before your tolerance break. The longer the break, the bigger the difference. If you underestimate your reduced tolerance, you may find your first high way too intense. If it does become a bit overpowering, you’ll find some useful tips on keeping the high in check in this blog.

And while we’re at it… If you do decide to go ahead with your tolerance break, perhaps this is the right time to start a new cannabis grow! That way, you’ll be able to reward your effort with a batch of freshly harvested weed that’s bound to taste better than ever before!

Pick Seeds For After That T-Break

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