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The Best Cannabis To Relax Body And Mind

Stress is all around us: it seems an inescapable condition of our time. Stress appears an integral aspect of society, and even though a modest amount of stress can help us stay alert and productive, long-term stress is bad for our mental and physical health. That makes it all the more important to lose that stress and make sure we relax. More and more people discover how cannabis can help them relax. This blog explains all about the relaxing qualities of weed. Below, you’ll see which cannabis strains are best suited to help people relax in times of stress.

Losing Stress With Weed?

Sure enough, in every life there are issues, worries, and negative experiences that will cause stress. Stress is a natural response to help us deal with potentially threatening situations. The body produces three different stress hormones (cortisol, noradrenaline, and adrenaline) that prepare us for action. They raise our pulse and increase awareness while preparing our muscles for action. This physiological state of high alert is demanding, draining energy and causing harm when we experience it over extended periods.

Long-term presence of stress hormones is detrimental to our health. Failure to lose stress can have a negative health impact. Researchers at Buffalo University discovered that chronic stress depletes our natural cannabinoid levels. These findings help explain why cannabis, a natural source of such cannabinoids, could help us keep stress in check.

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Cannabis has been used to help people relax for centuries. The plant contains over hundred different cannabinoids. CBD and THC are the best-known cannabinoids, but other cannabis compounds such as CBG, CBN, and THCV have their own parts to play, too. Although every cannabinoid has its own particular effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system, many different cannabis compounds can help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. In fact, most people who use cannabis indicate they do so to help them relax (55%), lose stress (40%), and reduce anxiety (39%).

Things To Know About Using Cannabis To Relax

To many people, the mere thought of marijuana summons the association of relaxed vibes. Nonetheless, the link between cannabis and the ability to relax is more complex. Cannabis strains differ in the relaxing effects they cause. Broadly speaking, the more indica-dominant strains help us relax and promote a good night’s sleep. On the other end of the spectrum, sativa strains tend to have uplifting effects that boost energy levels. If we make a crude distinction, then, anyone looking for cannabis to help them relax should turn to indica weed first. Still, most of today’s strains are hybrid crossbreeds that combine indica and sativa genetics; each with their own particular pros and cans when it comes to relaxing effects.

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Dosage Matters

Dosage is another factor to take into account. Marijuana tends to become more potent as dosages increase. This is mainly related to THC percentages. A research group at the University of Chicago tried to determine the ideal dose of cannabis to help people relax. A total of 42 subjects aged 18 to 40 participated, all with prior marijuana experience. One group of subjects received 7.5mg THC; another group received 12,5mg, and a control group was administered a placebo. Cannabis was used twice over the course of the study.

The study demonstrated that subjects receiving 7.7mg THC displayed the least amount of stress. They were more relaxed than the control group receiving the placebos, whereas the 12.5mg group were markedly more stressed than either other group. Evidently, simply increasing one’s THC supply is no sure-fire road to reducing stress levels.

Apparently then, finding the right quantity of cannabis to help you relax is related to the amount of THC it contains. Another option is choosing a high CBD containing strain. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that can help relieve stress and anxiety due to its soothing effects. In addition, CBG and CBN are cannabinoids with calming potential too.

The Influence Of Terpenes

In addition to cannabinoids, cannabis contains compounds known as terpenes. These are aromatic organic chemicals that give plants their characteristic taste and scent. However, they can also influence the effects that marijuana causes through the entourage effect. Strains rich in myrcene, for instance, can add to weed’s soothing effects. Linalool is another cannabis terpene with good credentials for stress and anxiety relief due to its relaxing and sedative properties. It appears that linalool can help raise serotonin levels which in turn can have positive effects on overall mood.

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How Cannabis Can Help People Relax

If you are dealing with stress and anxiety, cannabis may be a natural way to help you relax. By now, several studies support the hypothesis. The Journal of Affective Disorders, for instance, published a study in 2018 that analysed data on medicinal cannabis users. Subjects used a self-indication scale to score the perceived effectiveness of cannabis for their particular conditions.

  • 50% experienced reduced depression symptoms;
  • 58% experienced reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

In addition, subjects indicated not to need large quantities of cannabis to help them relax: two inhalations usually sufficed to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Ten inhalations proved most effective for stress relief. Most subjects indicated they preferred strains with high CBD levels (9.5% or up) and low THC content (5.5% or less).

No Miracle Cure

Always keep in mind, though, that cannabis is no miracle cure. No matter what else you do, you should always try to improve your own capacity to handle stress. Whether you decide to give weed a try or not, always combine cannabis with other relaxation techniques. Meditation and mindfulness are good ways of dealing with adversity or distressing events. These techniques also provide physical relaxation to help lower heart rate and blood pressure. Try yoga, tai chi, massage, or visualization; find something that matches your own style and personality.

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Ultimately, you don’t want to depend on cannabis alone to relax. Even though there are plenty of people who grow marijuana for medicinal reasons, it’s better when you don’t have to rely on weed for any reason. Having said that, however, the following cannabis strains are well-suited to help you relax. What’s more, any grower will tell you that growing your own cannabis seeds is a deeply relaxing hobby – that only adds to the incentive for giving it a try.

Our Best Cannabis Strains To Help You Relax

Growing marijuana is a very relaxing activity to many people around the world; especially if the resulting harvest adds to the relaxing effect. Moreover, our Grow Blogs will show you how a few easy-going growing techniques like Low Stress Training get you maximum results with minimum effort. Below, you’ll find our top 3 selection of best cannabis strains to help any grower relax.

Top Relaxing Strain #1: Blue Magic

Blue Magic cannabis seeds contain 90% indica genetics, making them our most physically oriented cannabis strain to relax the body. With epic lineage behind them, Blue Magic seeds promise an unparalleled body buzz. The effect makes itself felt right away, making this a great cannabis strain to relax as soon as tension rears its head. Blue Magic cannabis seeds are highly recommended for anyone looking to relax the body, pronto!

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Top Relaxing Strain #2: AK-020 Autoflower

AK-020 Autoflower seeds add great ease of growing to their potential to relax body and mind simultaneously. The ruderalis genetics incorporated into this strain ensure that plants switch from the vegetative to the flowering stage automatically, just when the time is right. That means less stress for growers, allowing its lovely mix of indica and sativa influences to fully relax any cannabis enthusiast. A firm resilience against fungi and other threats makes AK-020 Auto our prime choice for the ultimate relaxing strain any novice grower could ask for.

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Top Relaxing Strain #3: Blue Monkey CBD

Anyone looking to relax with the non-psychoactive effects of cannabidiol ought to give our Blue Monkey CBD cannabis seeds a try. This hugely successful CBD strain was developed by crossing Afghan genetics and a Kompolti CBD parent plant, creating a cannabinoid profile with about 1:30 THC and CBD ratio. That makes Blue Monkey CBD a profoundly relaxing strain without the high associated with THC-rich weed. This unique character makes her a perfect cannabis match for anyone looking to relax while remaining sober throughout the day.

Relax With The World’s Best Cannabis Seeds

As you can see, the Amsterdam Genetics cannabis collection has plenty to offer for any grower looking to relax in style. Take a minute to browse our product range and discover how you’ll start to relax as soon as you order our prime cannabis seeds online!