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Too Stoned? Tips To Bring Down Your High

No matter whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or a complete newbie, anyone can find themselves in a situation where they get too high or stoned. That can be a real nuisance; particularly with the more psychedelic strains, as racing thoughts can become a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, it always fades after a while, and the worst bits usually last only a few minutes. However, if you don’t want to ride out the effects, here’s a few quick tips on how to act if you get too stoned.

How Does Being Too Stoned Feel?

Perhaps you’re not sure whether you’re too stoned: maybe something else is going on. That’s why we start this blog by going over some tell-tale signs you’ve overdone it on the weed. Marijuana can produce all sorts of effects, including some of the side-effects we describe in this blog. We’ve also listed the main effects that people actively seek in cannabis, including its relaxing properties, euphoria, uplifting feelings, or help with better sleeping. This present blog, however, zooms in on how it feels when you’re too stoned, and what you can do about it.


Cannabis can trigger a mental and physical state of anxiety. You could jump at the slightest noise, or notice your heart rate speeding up way beyond your normal pulse. Usually, you won’t even know what you’re so anxious about – but that doesn’t make the feeling any better.


When you get paranoid, you thoughts become less rational. You may for instance get the impression that you’re acting strange, or that people are laughing at you, or talking about you behind your back. This is why it’s a good idea to enjoy cannabis in a safe environment such as your own home, with friends you trust. Also try to keep in mind that people tend to pay attention mainly to themselves; they’re probably not even noticing the behaviour you are worrying about.

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Dd I say that out loud or was it just a thought? What is this movie or conversation even about? Confused thoughts such as these are common after consuming too much cannabis. They’re not dangerous at all, but they’re a pretty sure sign that you are too stoned.

Nauseous, Faint, Or Dizzy

You can also start to feel sick after a sudden onset of nausea triggered by too much weed. Some people also feel faint or dizzy when they get too stoned. These sensations are unpleasant, but they pass after a while: getting some fresh air or a glass of water often brings quick relief, as can and doing some breathing exercises or just lying down for a bit.

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How To Prevent Getting Too Stoned

As you know, prevention is always better than cure, so let’s start with how to prevent yourself from getting too stoned in the fist place. For inexperienced cannabis explorers, it is usually best to start slowly by taking just one or two hits. It’s hard to predict the specific effects of cannabis, as these depend on strains, your state of mind, how well you’ve eaten, and other factors. That makes it particularly tricky to anticipate the high the first few times you try cannabis. You will notice the effect in a matter of minutes, however, so you’ll be able to decide whether you’ve had enough pretty soon. We recommend this easy-going approach even for experienced connoisseurs, especially when trying new strains.


Edibles can produce very different effects than smoking or vaping cannabis does. As the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream via the digestive tract instead of via the lungs, the effect usually takes longer to set in. You will usually have to wait for about an hour, but you shouldn’t start considering a second helping until two hours after the first bite. That way, you can make sure the weed has become fully effective. If you don’t you risk eating too much, finding out you are too stoned only after eating that second serving of cannabis edibles. Also, make sure you don’t take edibles on an empty stomach, because that will only make it too intense.

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Be extra careful with edibles!

Anyone can make their own edibles, such as by making cannabis butter and using that to bake brownies. However, some sense of moderation is in order when going for a bake. Suppose you’re processing five grams of weed with a modest 10% THC into one batch of butter. If you use that butter to bake 15 brownies, each brownie will contain about 30mg of THC. That’s a pretty high dosage, suited only for experienced consumers. More modest doses are around 5mg THC, and regular ones could be set at around 10mg. That makes it a good idea to divide the 30mg brownie from our example into three equal parts to make sure you don’t get too stoned.

For those who don’t like maths or cooking, edibles are available from most quality dispensaries, too. These should state an indication of THC percentages on the package. That way, just sticking to the instructions goes a long way towards appropriate dosing.

What If You Do Get Too Stoned?

Of course, in spite of the above, even cautious people can get too stoned at some point. Perhaps someone else’s flower hit you harder than you expected, or maybe those edibles didn’t kick in until three hours later. Alternatively, your tolerance could prove lower than you’d expected. No matter what, though, even veteran cannabis buffs don’t like feeling too stoned. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make the feeling go away.

Don’t Panic

This is the most important thing to keep in mind: there is no reason to panic – we promise. The effects of smoking cannabis generally last between 30 minutes and three hours, and the effects of edibles wear off within ten hours, max. Better yet: the actual ‘peak experience’ of feeling too stoned after smoking usually doesn’t last longer than fifteen to twenty minutes.

Just stay calm and wait for the feeling to fade. Nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose: in theory, that would require smoking 650 kilos of cannabis in fifteen minutes, which would be physically impossible even if anyone ever wanted to try.

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Keep Eating And Hydrating

Smoking cannabis often causes ‘cottonmouth’, a dry sensation in the mouth. This phenomenon was studied in 2006. It turns out that THC blocks receptors that normally signal the brain to produce saliva. The resulting dry mouth is harmless, but annoying nonetheless. The best countermeasure is to keep hydrating, preferably with regular water. Never try using alcohol against cottonmouth: it will make the effect worse as well as potentially causing nausea and other adverse effects.

Some people report that eating fruit and nuts keeps them grounded after getting too stoned on cannabis. They describe these foods as able to ‘reconnect’ body and mind, but apart from that, it sure helps to stop 必利勁
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Black Peppercorns

This may sound strange, but it’s a go-to remedy for many people (including Neil Young!). The smell of black pepper, or the act of chewing on a few peppercorns, allegedly helps reduce the high, pronto. There is even some scientific evidence to actually support these claims.

The main active compounds in cannabis consist of cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids are substances such as THC and CBD, which interact with the receptors of our human endocannabinoid system to produce the high. Terpenes, by contrast, give cannabis its characteristic scent and flavour, but they also influence the effects of cannabinoids. You’ll find terpenes not just in cannabis, but in most aromatic plants. The main terpene in black pepper is (alpha) pinene, which is known to make people more alert and helps us focus.

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Chewing on some black peppercorns allows the cannabinoids in weed to interact with pinene, which results in a soothing, calming effect. These interactions are known as the entourage effect. Put simply, the scent of black pepper signal THC to take it easy, which allows consumers to stop feeling too stoned in turn.

Finding Distractions When You’re Too Stoned

Sometimes, the best remedy for racing thoughts is to just push those thoughts away for a bit. Try to distract yourself by finding simple activities that produce positive feelings. This could be anything from watching your favourite series, playing a game with friends, or simply going for a walk with someone close. This will keep you from getting bogged down by negative feelings, and it may even free up some mental space to direct your high.

Showers Or Baths

Another helpful idea is to spend fifteen minutes taking a nice warm shower for some peace of mind. If you have the opportunity, taking a hot bath can also help against feeling too stoned, although actually drawing a bath does take some time.

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Use CBD When You Get Too Stoned

THC in cannabis gets people high by binding to the endocannabinoid system; specifically to its CB1 receptors. By doing so, THC can increase heart rate, change sensory perception, and influence memory function. CBD also connects with the receptors of the ECS, but it actually blocks THC in doing so. That way, CBD can reduce the intensity of THC’s effects. Studies indicate that CBD can be used to control a THC high, which can come in handy for people who get too stoned.

If you’re wondering how to make sure you consume only CBD, we have our special Blue Monkey CBD seeds waiting for any grower. These contain the ideal CBD genetics for both medicinal growers and recreational CBD enthusiasts. Still, we know it’s too late start growing once you discover you are too stoned. That’s exactly why we have a range of CBD products ready to order online. These are very useful to keep close at hand when you decide to consume cannabis. Dedicated weed lovers should always have a bag of CBD Gummies ready for quick relief whenever they accidentally get too stoned. It’s a great way to prepare for any eventualities, as well as making sure that there’s a tasty snack and a bit of distraction within arm’s reach!