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Order Your Free Cannabis Seeds In Our Special 420 Deal!

We know, we know: having to cancel all 420 events sucks bigtime. It’s almost April 20, and the recent corona scare has nipped four-twenty events in the bud all over the planet. But what if we told you your springtime is about to get a lot sunnier? What if Amsterdam Genetics had a special 420 deal waiting just to cheer you up? The coming April may look sombre, but that’s no reason to stay sober, is it? Check out our month-long special offer and order your free cannabis seeds to get this spring rolling!

Our 420 Deal Turns That Frown Upside Down

Just like you, cannabis lovers all over the world are looking for ways to turn their frowns upside-down. We get it – we feel the same vibes over here, which makes sense for the world’s weed capital of course. Well, it’s time to start lifting the corners of your mouth into a sinsemilla smile. Time for some extra Happiness from  Amsterdam with our sweet new 420 deal…

Great 420 deal to grow your free cannabis seeds
Time To Get Your Growing Going…


Get Every Third Pack Of Cannabis Seeds Completely Free

As most of you will know, have something good in store all year long when it comes to the world’s most scrumptious cannabis seeds. Our genetics experts keep coming up with new hybrids, crossbreeds and novel strains all the time. Still, by the time spring arrives, we can’t stop our green thumbs from tingling. Time to share our natural delights with all you fans by giving you YOUR THIRD PACK OF CANNABIS SEEDS FOR FREE on any online order you place!

Elite Weed Strains: Buy Any Three, Pay For Just Two!

Yes, you got that right. Our entire range of elite strains is up for grabs this April. You just go ahead and whet your appetite in our online seeds catalogue. Pick any three weed strains you’d love to grow and complete your order. As long as our special 420 deal is running, we’re giving you the cheapest pack of seeds for free. Go ahead – it’s on the house!

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The Growing Season Is Off To A Perfect Start

If you don’t have that spring in your step this year, then by all means, allow us to step up your spring instead. Amsterdam Genetics has what it takes to get going and get growing. You just sit tight and order our prime cannabis seeds online, safe in the comfort of your own home. We’ll take care of the rest.

Watch us change quarantine time into quality time as we ship your free cannabis seeds straight to your doorstep. All you need to do is choose the strains you can’t wait to see bursting from the soil this year. With our 3=2 special 420 deal, you’ll grow a third of your annual weed plants without paying a dime. So treat yourself and go eyeball our greatest genetics, complete your online order and get those flower pots or grower’s bulbs ready…

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