AG Original King Size Papers


Luxury gloss paper box contains 50 x 32pcs extra broad (108 x 53mm) AG King Size Original Papers. Each individual rolling paper bears an embossed AG logo, and every pack features a glow-in-the-dark AG logo.

Product description

These new and stylishly designed Amsterdam Genetics King Size papers give you all you need to let the good times roll. Get your paperwork looking sharp with these tight designer outfits, packed in a white gloss paper box with glow-in-the-dark design – you’ll never lose sight of those papers again. Roll away with luxury-grade quality papers, extra wide (108 x 53mm) and sporting fancy embossed AG logos and branding on the packs and the papers themselves.

Choose the comfort of extreme quality with ultra-thin, evenly burning, smooth-rolling Amsterdam Genetics King Size papers. Each pack contains a warning leaf for the moment when you reach your last five papers. This hallmark AG-style box gets you 50 packs of 32 rolling papers right to your doorstep, so you’ll be sorted for a while – especially if you order our equally classy AG Filters White booklets while you’re at it. Make sure your sense of style is in order today, because it’s not a drug, it’s a lifestyle!


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