Weezy Carbon Filters


Replacements for the Weezy Carbon Filter. 20 High Quality active carbon filters (6mm) for the Amsterdam Genetics Weezy Smoking Pipe.


Active Carbon Filter
Prepare yourself for a cleaner smoking experience in contrast to other herbal pipes, thanks to the ‘Weezy Carbon Filters’. This active filter takes most tar and other unwanted components out of the smoke. Leaving a filtered, tasty and potent smoke to inhale. Replace the Weezy Carbon Filter everytime the taste of fresh Jack-Pods becomes affected.
Smoking Pipe
The aluminum Weezy smoking pipe makes rolling joints unnecessary and providesĀ a cleaner smoking experience thanks to replaceable active carbon filters. Load up the Weezy with pre-filled Jack-Pods (available from Boerejongens coffeeshops) or fill up empty Jack-Pods yourself, with tasty herbs or hashish for a fresh smoking experience.