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Roll Up With ‘Mascotte’s Active Filters’ For A Clean Smoke

Smoking weed is by far the most popular form of cannabis consumption. Moreover, smoking the herb pure is also one of the best ways of consuming weed if you ask us. Though smoking in itself isn’t healthy – because of the small burnt particles and tar that enter your airway and lungs. Thanks to Mascotte’s new ‘Active Filters’ with coconut-shell carbon however, you filter out unwanted substances from the smoke; without influencing the taste or high!

Smoking Cannabis

Since the discovery of cannabis’ exciting effects on the body and mind, smoking the herb has been the nr. 1 way of consuming it throughout the years. It is easy and above all fast – wether you roll a joint using papers or smoke it through a bong or pipe like the Weezy.

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Although cannabis can have positive effects on the body and mind – smoking it is not good for the lungs.

This is mainly thanks to the quick absorption of THC in the smoke through the lungs. Although cannabis can have a number of positive effects in humans – smoking in itself is not necessarily good for you. As smoke contains various unwanted substances, created by the combustion of the plant matter.

Even if you smoke weed pure, inhaling the smoke means you’re inhaling stuff you’d rather leave out of your body. Think of tar and small soot particles, which could cause bronchitis (a cough) or irritation of the airways.

Ultimately, if you smoke weed with tobacco it’s even worse. After all, cigarettes carry a filter to take out some of the toxic elements from its smoke. A function regular paper filter tips do not have.

Active Carbon Filter

While healthy alternatives like vaporizing offer a much cleaner inhalation, regular cannabis users often report to miss a ‘throat-hit’ in the vapor. Leading them back to roll a joint like they’re used to. With the new Mascotte ‘Active Filter’ however, you get the best of both worlds. As they offer a tasty and potent smoking experience, while the majority of unwanted particles in the smoke is filtered out before inhalation.

The Mascotte Active Filters are especially designed to easily roll into our King Size Rolling Papers or King Size Slim rolling papers from our line of quality Smoking Gear. Of course, you could also use them to roll a blunt with if you prefer. Just like you would do with a paper filter tip.

Cleaner Weed Smoke

Though the big difference is that these ‘Active Filters’ are filled with natural charcoal from coconut shells; in a balanced density for the perfect air filter quality. Moreover, the filters have ceramic caps for good air circulation. Providing a much cleaner and enjoyable smoking experience as opposed to a joint or blunt with paper filter tip or no tip at all.

Mascotte Active Filters Amsterdam Genetics
Mascotte’s ‘Active Filters’ – Filters a lot, but not your high!

Mascotte Active Filters for joints and blunts are packed per 10 filters in a handy, luxurious slide-to-open box and are now available on Buy 1 x 10 Mascotte Active Filters for €2,50 (€0,25 per filter) or 10 x 10 for only €22,50 (€0,22 per filter) and upgrade your smoking experience today.

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