Cannabis Strain Review: Super Silver Haze

Hello, fellow creature! On today’s menu, we have a generous serving of Super Silver Haze. This is a true celebrity in the Amsterdam weed smoking scene, so I’ll just sit back and see where this local celebrity takes me as I’m writing this Super Silver Haze strain review… I load up a pipe with a wad of pure weed, and off we go!


Hans Plomp writing

Hans Plomp

Hans is an Amsterdam cannabis author and connoisseur who was there when Dutch cannabis culture was born. Hans lovingly reviews our cannabis strains, sharing his insights with smokers and growers around the world.
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Super Silver Haze Strain Review

Yes, I do smoke a pipe. Of course, there are some fine vaporizers for sale out there, but I prefer to stick to my guns. To each their own, I say: if you like the electronic joys of a vape, then go right ahead. If you’re the paper-rolling, spliff-smoking type, good for you! It’s a bit like favorite strains, really: as long as you know why you like what you like, it’s all good with me.

Super Silver Haze Kicking In

My, my – this Super Silver Haze is certainly making itself felt, that’s a fact. An endless string of associations passes by…

Where was I? Ah, yes: why I prefer to smoke a pipe over using a vaper. It’s not easy to explain. I guess it has something to do with fire. The effect just isn’t the same. In my experience, you mainly feel a vaporizer’s effects in your head, whereas a pipe or a joint reaches every part of your body.

Cannabis And Medical History

Cannabis is a medicinal plant. If you inhale pure cannabis smoke, it cleanses your lungs of air pollution, dust particles, and tobacco smoke. On the other hand, combustion of weed does produce tar. You can see this for yourself by tugging on a pipe or joint through a thin sheet of white fabric. You’ll notice a brown stain on the cloth. I think that proves even a piece of fabric can be healthy for your lungs.

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At any rate, hemp has been used for thousands of years; both for medical reasons and simply as a way to get “high”. This pipe of Super Silver Haze has a long and proud history of medicinal ancestors trailing behind it like a haze of smoke. The earliest documented description of this plant was found in a Chinese book on herbs written 5,000 years ago. Over the many centuries that followed, cannabis tinctures, extracts, and compresses were used as painkillers and treatments for all sorts of illnesses. Medical instruction guides from the 19th century prescribe cannabis for more than a hundred different ailments. To name but a few: asthma, glaucoma, coughs, rheumatism, delirium, migraine, cramps… the list goes on. The English queen Victoria was known to use marijuana to suppress her menstrual pains. More recently, president Kennedy smoked pot to alleviate his chronic back pains.

Hash and weed are great soporifics; they’re natural sleep medication. Also, taking a few hits before having sex is known to greatly intensify the experience, for men and women alike. Spanish researchers have demonstrated deadly tumors to vanish because of weed.

Leaving The Backdoor Open

A few years ago, CBD oil entered the markets. CBD is a cannabis component that does not get you “high”. It has a soothing influence instead. Studies also indicate that CBD is an effective way to tackle all sorts of ailments. It seems that the world of medicine has left the backdoor open for weed to return to the shelves of our drugstores. I mean, you knew they’re called drugstores for a reason, didn’t you?

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To me, it seems absurd that governments only allow us to use “drugs” when we get sick. Speed is illegal, and yet children are prescribed Ritalin. Opiates are banned, but you’ll get all the morphine you can handle when you’re dying. Nitrous oxide? Only for surgery and canned whipped cream. We’re never allowed to use these substances for pleasure or for a trip; they’re only allowed when we have medical problems. To me, that mentality is about as sick as it gets.

Ah well. This world is a nuthouse – but it’s one I feel strangely at home in.