best cannabis fruit strains

The Best Cannabis Fruit Strains

In recent years, the favour of cannabis strains has become increasingly important for growers and connoisseurs alike. Anyone trying to keep up with the trends will have noticed how more and more cannabis strains have some kind of fruit in their name. But do those strains actually taste and smell fruity? And if so, how come? This blog takes you on a short tour of our best cannabis fruit strains, so you can enjoy the rich pickings of what we have in store!

Cannabis And Fruit: A Matter Of Taste

Strawberry Glue, Banana Kush, Lemon Ice: the Amsterdam Genetics seeds collection is almost like a fruit basket judging by the strain names. Then again, who can blame us? Don’t we all like a nice and refreshing touch of fruit flavour in the bouquet of our cannabis?

Recent years have seen a frenzy of attempts at breeding and crossbreeding strains with a whiff of fruit inside. And since Amsterdam Genetics likes to stay ahead, our breeders have been sinking their teeth into fruit strains for years. You’ll find the fruits of their labour in the nine fruity strains presented in this blog.

How To Squeeze Fruit Into Cannabis Genetics

So how do you go about developing weed with strawberry taste or fragrant lemon aromas? Sadly, you can’t just crossbreed a cannabis plant and a banana tree and wait for them to bear fruit. Instead, our experts set out to find genetics with the most powerful properties in terms of taste and smell. Their prime focus was the terpene profiles of potential parent strains.

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Terpenes, Fruit, And Cannabis Crossbreeds

Terpenes are aromatic compounds cannabis plants produce to protect themselves against unwanted threats and to attract useful insects. These ‘terps’ can be found all throughout the plant kingdom. They are also used in aroma therapy and the production of perfumes, to name a few examples. They are not only popular for their wonderful scents; terpenes can also influence our mental state. For cannabis specifically, they do so by means of the entourage effect, which enables various cannabis ingredients to influence each other’s effects, and sometimes even intensify the high.

Hundreds of different terpenes have been identified. The types commonly found in cannabis determine the high as well as the scent of buds; in some cases, that’s an unmistakable scent of fruit.

Some terpenes smell strongly of lavender like linalool, while humulene is much more earthy in scent. Then again, other terpenes smell strongly of fruit, such as limonene with its uplifting citrus aroma and effect. Geraniol is a terpene that reminds of ornage zest instead. Still, it is usually the combined bouquet of multiple terpenes that determines flavour and fragrance, resulting in terpene profiles that smell like bananas, berries, or even pineapple!

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Myrcene In Fruit And Cannabis

Myrcene is a terpene that deserves special mention here. It is the most common terpene found in cannabis, often associated with a herbal aroma and the perfume of sweet fruit. Interestingly, myrcene is also present in mangoes, making this a doubly fruity compound. Myrcene makes it easier for THC to reach the brain, enabling it to boost the effect of the high. Our cannabis fruit tip is to have a bite from a juicy mango to intensify the impact of your buzz – and having a piece of fruit adds a healthy twist to the high as well!

Our Fruitiest Strains For You

Now that you know more about the taste of fruit in your cannabis, it’s about time we introduced out own fruity strains. Since it’s all a matter of taste, we present them in random order, allowing anyone to pick their favourite fruit and grow the corresponding cannabis genetics at home.


lamongrass cannabis fruitsmaakLemongrass feminnized cannabis seeds grow into refreshingly tart indica buds. 22% THC is definitely on the cards with this strain, which owes her fruity origins to a pair of other fruit strains: Lemon Ice and Kosher Tangie Kush.

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With a relaxed-yet-euphoric high and bountiful harvest prospects, Lemongrass is sure to put a smile on the face of experienced and rookie growers long before the harvest is in!

Pineapple Kush

pineapple kush fruit cannabisPineapple is a piece of fruit you’re not likely to find in the average cannabis strain, but Pineapple Kush packs plenty of its tropical flavour. A 70% indica background and OG Kush descent amount to a silkysmooth bodybuzz that’s hard to forget.

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If you’re looking for a truly special fruit flavour, Pineapple Kush cannabis seeds manage to merge the exotic into the high as well as the taste of this truly unique hybrid strain!

Banana Slush

banana slush wietzaadjes fruitsmaakSweet banana flavour matched with the typical aromas of quality haze: Banana Slush manages to combine both extremes into a first class cannabis strain. Genetically, sativa dominates the effects of this decidedly headbuzz-oriented variety.

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Make no mistake: at 27% THC, this is a serious piece of cannabis fruit. Still, her energizing, cheerful, creative high is worth a try for anyone out for a fruity adventure with distinctive taste.

Grapefruit Superstar

grapefruit superstar wietzaadjesClocking in at a serious 90% sativa payload, this (grape) fruit big shot hits you right between the eyes. Its enervating and intensely cerebral high in itself is worth a try – and the terps in her sweet and sour buds complete the experience.

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Grapefruit Superstar is a surefire daytime cannabis strain with uplifting capacities to rival the exclusive fruit determining her flavour and scent. Growers beware: Grapefruit Superstar is know to grow pretty tall outdoors, and he rich odour is ample reason to install new air filter indoors!

Lemon Haze

lemon haze fruit cannabisLemon Haze unites two esteemed classics from the world of weed: rock-solid haze genetics and and that characteristic lemon flavour that’s been the namesake of so many strains. And yet, her skunky citrus aroma is very much a niche delight: Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk make a fine set of parents for this sweet 60% sativa hybrid.

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If you’re looking for a powered-up haze with a slice of lemon, look no further: this fruity madam brings a subtle and gradual euphoric effect while she relaxes the muscles. A real treat for chilled-out daytime use, or for romantic occasions that call for a celebration.

Tangerine G13

tangerine g13 vruchtensmaakThe taste of tangerines proves a glorious match for the berry-like fruit aroma of parent strain G13 in this balanced indica hybrid. The result is a delicately sweet taste of fruit that dovetails perfectly with this unique cannabis high. She’s a bundle of joy full of fresh energy, and yet she manages to help the body unwind as the cheer builds up.

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Tangerine G13 offers you the best of both worlds in a well-balanced hybrid cannabis strain that just seems to drip with fruit inside.

Kosher Tangie Kush

kosher tangie kush cannabis fruitEating a tangerine is a matter of seconds, but you can bet that Kosher Tangie Kush will keep you occupied for much, much longer. This indica and fruit hybrid strain brings a profoundly relaxing long-lasting bodybuzz that deserves a bit of a sit-down.

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With celebrities like Kosher Kush and Tangie for parents, the harvest results are sure to be rewarding. Even though flowering times are a bit longer than average and indoor results tend to be better than outdoor yields, you sure won’t be losing sleep over any of that once you rake in that harvest!

Strawberry Glue

strawberry glue wietzadenStrawberries are always a popular fruit, and that’s doubly true when they feature in the flavour of a cannabis strain! Gorilla Glue x Strawberry Banana cannabis seeds guarantee a whole fruit basket full of sweet fruit aromas, with a fast and intense physical buzz to match.

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Her Glue background adds a pleasant touch of fiery spice to this special strain, with a happy vibe as an added bonus. Highly recommended both for her unmatched aroma and her peerless effects!

Lemon Ice

lemon ice fruit cannabis zadenWe finish our delicious cannabis fruit menu with a wonderful ice cream dessert: enter Lemon Ice! This icy lady is sweet and skunky at the same time, carrying tones of citrus that just add more depth to the uplifting effect of her 60% sativa genetics.

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This lovely lemony strain is the perfect pick to top off our cannabis fruit basket. Time to pick your favourite and decide what’s your own perfect cannabis fruit flavour…

Growing Cannabis For Fruit Flavour And Effects

As you can see, we have plenty to choose from for any grower planning to grow cannabis with fruit in its bouquet. From indica to sativa and from kush to haze: these lemons, bananas, and strawberries are a match for any taste and preference. If this blog has pumped up your fruit cravings into overdrive, we suggest diving into our catalogue and order premium cannabis seeds with a touch of fruit that let you reap so much more than what you sow!


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