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TOP 10 Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

With 167 active coffeeshops, Amsterdam is rightfully called the cannabis capitol of the Netherlands. Though simply selling cannabis is not sufficient to be called a GOOD coffeeshop. So, we at Amsterdam Genetics selected the TOP 10 Amsterdam Coffeeshops for you, in terms of top quality products and excellent customer service:

10. Coffeeshop Johnny

coffeeshop johnny amsterdam

Coffeeshop Johnny, named after its owner, is a small coffeeshop selling the finest Amsterdam Genetics strains. Amongst others, they’re presented on one of the largest coffeeshop menus in Amsterdam. Oozing with the atmosphere of the famous Jordaan-district, Coffeeshop Johnny is definitely worth a visit.

Coffeeshop Johnny
Elandsgracht 3
1016HW Amsterdam
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9. Coffeeshop DNA

Situated in Amsterdam’s southern business district, DNA distinguishes itself by the superb weed and hash strains served. The DNA menu will make every seasoned smoker’s head spin. Be sure to try the astonishing muffins and cakes provided by a local patisserie or Amsterdam Genetics Spacetry made by a Michelin-star Chef.

Coffeeshop DNA
Achillesstraat 104
1076RH Amsterdam-Zuid
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8. Coffeeshop Sensemillia

coffeeshop sensemillia

This coffeeshop is worth a little detour from downtown. Founded in 1981, Sensemillia is one of Amsterdam’s oldest coffeeshops. And their experience shows in the fine selection of largely organic products sold. Sensemillia’s Smoking Terrace overlooks Slotermeer-lake, a great setting for your cannabis experience.
Open 365 09.00 -01.00

Coffeeshop Sensemillia
Meer en Vaart 177/B
1068LA Amsterdam

7. Coffeeshop Katsu

coffeeshop katsu amsterdam

Katsu is a unique coffeeshop concept. Situated in the Pijp district, this shop from 1985 still reminds of the good old smoking days. Cozy and intimate, but with its own unique swag, Katsu has always attracted a cross-cultural blend of visitors.

Katsu Coffeeshop 
Eerste van der Helststraat 70
1072 NZ Amsterdam
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6. The Stud

coffeeshop the stud

The Stud has a proud history of Dutch Cannabis Culture. Locals and tourists are equally fond of its consistent quality and classic Amsterdam vibe. You’ll find everything you need for a good smoking session here. Great quality and a decent price is guaranteed at The Stud.

The Stud Coffeeshop 
Molukkenstraat 581
1095 BJ Amsterdam
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5. Boerejongens Center

Right at the heart of Amsterdam’s city center, you will find Boerejongens Downtown / Center. A match for its quality, service and expertise. They offer a wide selection of weed and Block Hash; and the most exclusive edibles in town. Boerejongens Center has a VIP Smokers Lounge where pure smoking is allowed. You know where to go for the best smokers experience!

Boerejongens Center
Utrechtsestraat 21
1017 VH Amsterdam
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4. Coffeeshop Amsterdam

coffeeshop amsterdam

Coffeeshop Amsterdam, formerly named ‘Dampkring’, has an extremely diverse smokers menu available. And it is just a few minutes away from Amsterdam Central station. Be sure to bring your friends, as their three story venue’s spacious and stylish interior can accommodate 90 people!

Coffeeshop Amsterdam
Haarlemmerstraat 44
1013 ES Amsterdam
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3. Boerejongens BIJ

boerejongens bij

Located just around the corner from the original Boerejongens West, is Boerejongens Bij. The younger sibling of the Boerejongens family [this list was created before the opening of Boerejongens Sloterdijk, red.]. Like its older brother across the street, Bij sells great strains of cannabis cultivated by Amsterdam Genetics.

Boerejongens Bij
Bonairestraat 78
1058 XL Amsterdam
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2. Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer

coffeeshop tweede kamer

Coffeeshop Tweede Kamer was established in 1985. Back when Dutch cannabis regulations were quite a novelty. The shop’s name is a playful reference to Dutch parliament and smoking policies. De Tweede Kamer was the first coffeeshop to start weighing and packaging products in front of their customers. Local smokers visit regularly. So for an old-school quality smoking experience, the Tweede Kamer is the place to go.

Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop 
Heisteeg 6
1012 WC Amsterdam
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1. Boerejongens West

boerejongens west

Coffeeshop Boerejongens West is the smokers equivalent of a Michelin-star restaurant. Boerejongens sells top quality weed and hashish at great prices. Making it a true locals favorite. Enjoy a warm welcome by a host in a bowler hat an well-trained sommeliers to help you choose from the extensive cannabis menu. And make sure you try the amazing Spacetry edibles.

Boerejongens West
Baarsjesweg 239
1058 AA Amsterdam
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This list was created in 2018, before the opening of Boerejongens Sloterdijk and the remodeling of Coffeeshop DNA. With this in mind, would you rearrange this list? Let us know in the comments on YouTube: