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Top 5 Tips For Beginner Cannabis Growers

Thinking about growing your own weed for the first time? Wondering how it feels to grow, nurture, harvest and then smoke your first batch over very own Amsterdam Genetics weed? Good for you! You’re about to embark on a journey through the greatest hobby on earth! Before you get started, though, take a few minutes to read these top 5 tips for beginner cannabis growers. They are the personal insider’s tips of Nibameca, our in-house indoor grow expert. These bud basics will help you avoid beginner’s mistakes and common pitfalls. With this knowledge handy, you’re in pole position to harvest your first ever crop of Amsterdam Genetics weed!

Nibameca’s Top 5 Tips For Beginner Cannabis Growers

We’ll be jumping straight into our top 5 tips for first-time cannabis growers. First, though, let’s briefly introduce your personal homegrown cannabis coach…

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Looking for genuine first-hand grow expertise, sleeves rolled up and boots in the mud? You’ll find plenty in our Nibameca blogs & grow guides ! Ever since discovering our White Choco genetics, this cannaboss refuses to leave our AG grow program – and rightly so. This veteran grower is all about top quality, innovation and sustainability in indoor grow projects. Our personal Amsterdam Genetics Grow Guru shares his experience with you to make the most out of every weed seed you plant! More About Nibameca

Let’s Get This Grow On The Road

First things first: you’re definitely making a great start with your first ever cannabis grow! Why, you wonder? Well, because you start out at Amsterdam Genetics of course! Getting your hands on excellent genetics is a great foundation for awesome results, and our cannabis seeds range is a fine way to make sure you get nothing but the best.

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Coming soon to a tent near you?

Top Tips For Beginner Cannabis Growers #1: Know What You’re Getting Into!

Let’s face it: growing your very own weed is the coolest hobby ever! It’s glorious to grow your own medicine, or provide in your own share of green delights. That feeling you get when you get to decide exactly what happens, what quality you’re getting and what delicious strains you’ll be harvesting is a real power trip. Growing quite literally means a bit of playing god in your own little weed paradise. It’s something to treasure and savor. And yet, despite how fascinating growing cannabis can be, it really helps to know what you’re getting into. Read up thoroughly; look around online or get reliable info from books.

It really helps to understand the full cannabis plant life cycle before starting your first grow. Once you know the difference between germination, vegetation, and flowering, you have the basics covered, but there’s always more to discover. At any rate, the grow info from our Amsterdam Genetics blogs make a fine place to start, so kudos to you already!

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Another important point: you can do what you like if you’re living on your own, but if you’re sharing your space, a bit of consent won’t hurt. You don’t want conflicts with your partner, your folks, or your roomies about your new hobby; especially once you’re all set up and good to go.

Tip 2: Know Where To Grow

If you plan to become an indoor cannabis grower, you’ll probably be using a grow tent. Tents are perfect for controlling factors like lighting, air humidity, circulation and more. They come in all sizes and are easy to set up in any room. Nonetheless, picking the right spot for your cannabis grow tent is vital. You’ll have a hard time moving those plants once they start to grow, so think about the best spot before you set up.


Always put up your tent in a safe place. By safe, I mean spots that aren’t too conspicuous, and out of the way from your family, housemates, or other fellow occupants. Make sure you have a room to yourself to make the most of my top 5 tips for starting cannabis growers. That rules out most snooping hazards; even when that overly nosy aunt or your hyperactive nephew pays a surprise visit.

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Try not to make your tent stick out too much.


Maximum control is as least as important as safety. When I say maximum control, I mean finding a spot with optimal conditions to regulate your grow climate in and around your tent. After all, a shed back in the yard is harder to control than a well-insulated attic or guestroom. A sizeable broom closet is an option, too. Try to find a space with minimal temperature fluctuations between night and day, or between summer’s heart and midwinter. Of course, it all depends on the options available at your own home, but a bit of thinking ahead won’t hurt. Nor will a bit of consulting your life partner, by the way; you wouldn’t be the first to underestimate how fond their spouse was of that hobby room…

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Tip 3: Keep Your Hobby To Yourself

This tip is overlooked far too often for comfort: keep your cannabis grow hobby to yourself as much as you can. Of course, I get it: it’s fun to tell all your mates how well your weed is coming along, but try to keep a lid on it. Even the best of friends can make a slip of the tongue, and if that falls on the wrong ears you could get into real trouble. Sadly, the Netherlands and many other countries still haven’t fully legalized growing cannabis at home. Until that time comes, it’s wise to share your weed growing adventures with no more than one or two friends that you trust completely. Make sure they know this is ‘for your eyes only’, top-secret hush-hush stuff: you can’t be too clear on this!

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Tip 4: Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

Growing cannabis for the very first time can feel like a daunting investment spree. You’ll need all sorts of things, from a tent and lamps to air filters and, of course, prime quality cannabis seeds. Taken all together, costs can start to spiral easily. Still, I implore you to always choose quality over quantity. Cheapest usually turns out to be dearest for weed growers just like for anyone else. It’s better to start out with a small-scale operation based on good materials than to go all out on dozens of plants and a football stadium size lighting rig. If you think that a set of cheap lamps bought off AliExpress will get you top results, think again. Keep an eye out for my blogs, because I’ll help you make the right choice in choosing your lighting, tent, nutrition, and all the other stuff that best matches your grower’s ambitions and weedy wishes.

Right. You’ve just spared yourself a few bad purchases: told you it pays off to know before you grow!

Top Tips For Starting Cannabis Growers #5: The Best Seeds – Top Genetics All The Way

I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat it here just in case, because this is the single most important step in any grow: BUY THE BEST WEED SEEDS TO GET THE BEST RESULTS! Believe me on this: you’ll never grow beyond the quality of the cannabis genetics you work with. I don’t care how great your techniques and your equipment are; bad seeds just don’t grow into great harvests. And let’s be fair here: great harvests are what we’re all about, right? Well then – good for you that you’ve already found Amsterdam Genetics! If you buy your cannabis seeds straight from the AG webstore, you’ll know you’re getting the best seeds out there, so take your time to have a good look at the seeds range.

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You’ll soon discover there is much to decide before you order your very first weed seeds. Will you go for convenient autoflowers, or pick photoperiod plants and greater control? Are you a haze fan, or is kush just your thing? Perhaps you’re interested in growing CBD weed? Or a real THC rocket instead? Good old classic Dutch genetics, or an exotic Homegrown crossbreed with some US delights? An indica or a sativa-dominant strain, or a well-balanced hybrid? You’ll feel doubts creep up on you the moment you scan the collection… Maybe you should get that second tent up after all!

These Top 5 Tips For Beginner Cannabis Growers Are Just The Start!

As you can see, beginner cannabis growers can use all the tips they can find to make the right decisions. Luckily, you have me to help you along. On top of that, Amsterdam Genetics has over thirty superb weed strains and decades of experience at your disposal. So take these top 5 tips for beginner cannabis growers close to heart as you decide, and keep a close eye on our blogs. Before you know it, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear as you enjoy that very first batch of world-class homegrown weed!



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