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White Choco Haze: Modern Tasting High THC Sativa

What if we told you not all haze varieties have to taste the same? While you might expect a sativa dominant effect from a spicy-sweet aroma like Super Silver or Amazing Haze; it can also come from even fruitier aromas. Proven by our popular sativa dominant hybrid: White Choco Haze.

Tasty Sativa Strains

If you ask a random Dutch cannabis consumer to list sativa strains, all you hear is ‘haze’. After all, sativa dominant weed varieties like Amnesia Haze, Super Silver Haze and our own Amazing Haze have dominated Dutch coffeeshops for ages. Though these are not the only uplifting strains around, nor are they the most exotic tasting ones.

White Choco Haze bud by Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds high thc sativa
White Choco Haze delivers long sativa-buds with a fantastic aroma and balanced high.

Consumers looking for unique tasting cannabis strains, may be looking for weed varieties with more complex terpene-profiles. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that in certain compositions are responsible for each strain’s unique effect on the body and mind.

Limonene for example, is a terpene that steers your effect to an uplifting ‘high’. In contrast, myrcene is responsible for giving strains a more relaxing or sleepy ‘stoned’ effect – prone to more indica dominant cannabis strains.

White Choco Haze Seeds

Knowing the endless possibilities cannabis has, by crossing different varieties for their unique traits, we at Amsterdam Genetics decided to create an exotic tasting sativa strain. Obviously, we used our most iconic cannabis strain ‘White Choco‘ as a base. Considering its delicious taste, besides the proven and consistent quality. Meanwhile, we selected a special phenotype of the Mexican Haze to cross it with.

A long process of breeding and selecting different phenotypes eventually resulted in one of our best prize-winning creations to date. Crossing our White Choco to Mexican Haze has significantly increased the sativa dominancy in the White Choco Haze. Resulting in a very comfortable, long lasting creative high.

The combination of melon-like aromas along with a hint of chocolate flavor makes this strain a pure delight. And although she’s made in The Netherlands, you could easily mistake her for one of California’s creations. White Choco Haze seeds produce plants with wonderfully long sativa buds – after a required flowering period of at least 9 weeks. Discover it yourself:

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