Autoflower cannabis strain

5x Why You Should Consider Growing Autoflowers

Autoflowers are some of the most underestimated plants in the world. Back when they were first released onto the consumers market, growers didn’t think much of the underdeveloped plants. But now progress has been made in developing high yielding and well-tasting autoflowers, these are the main advantages of growing autoflower seeds:

Autoflowering cannabis varieties are indica-, sativa- or hybrid-strains carefully crossed with a ruderalis-variety; originating from the cold climates of northern Russia and China. Other then indica or sativa cannabis plants, this particular ‘race’ – if we can call it that – is NOT dependable on its hours of light and darkness to start flowering. But that is not the only benefit of growing autoflowering cannabis seeds:

1. Light

The first and foremost advantage of autoflowering cannabis plants, or autos, is the fact that they do not depend on hours of darkness to start flowering. In comparison to photoperiod plants, that need at least 14 hours of darkness at night to initiate the blooming phase, autoflowers commence flowering automatically after around three weeks of growth. Regardless of how much light or darkness they’re getting per day.

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No complex light regimes with autoflowering cannabis varieties.

This offers a great advantage to (first-time) growers, who don’t have to worry about stress from light leakage or changing light regimes during their grow. In theory, you could leave your autoflowering plants under 18 to 24 hours of daylight and they will still bloom. In fact, keeping autoflowers under 18-24hrs light per day could even increase their yield. After all, light equals weight.

Be advised though, this does take up more electricity and will eventually make the run a bit more expensive. But then again, it will also yield more – so that’s all compensated for.

2. More Harvests

The autoflowering-trait these crosses have, make it possible for outdoor-growers to have two harvests in the summer. Just think about it: if the plants are not dependent on hours of light and darkness, they can grow and flower anytime of year. As long as it’s not snowing or too cold, you could even grow autoflowers outdoors in the winter!

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Autoflowers are extremely resistant to cold and wet weather

Of course your plants won’t yield the same in the winter as they would in the summer. As we said above, light equals weight. So the more (sun)light, the better the plants will preform. Though it could be cool to grow a little something in the winter too, right?

3. Weather Resistent

We’re not saying autoflowers will always perform well in shitty climates, but autos sure are more resistent to the Northern European climate than photoperiod plants. This is due to the ruderalis genetics with which the autoflower is crossed.

Thanks to their ruderalis genetics, autoflowers have a better resilience against molds and infections.

Ruderalis is a family of small – and pretty much flowerless – cannabis plants, originating from the harsh climate in the area nowadays known as the north of Russia and China. Because of these origins, ruderalis adapted to the cold and humid climate there, making it more resistant to mold, infections, insects and other threats.

By crossing more vulnerable and exotic tasting weed strains from tropical climates with this sturdy variety; the best tasting cultivars finally become better suited for outdoor cultivation in areas like Northern Europe, for example.

4. Smaller Plants

IMG 0553 e1547121671536 scaled
Autoflowers stay relatively small compared to photoperiod strains

Thanks to the ruderalis genetics they’re crossed with, autoflowering plants only grow up to 1-1,2m in height. This obviously makes the little powerplants super easy to hide, if that is what you’re in to.

Autoflowers are therefore ideal for a so-called ‘guerilla-grow’ and perfectly suited to grow in a small indoor tent or grow-cabinet.

Even sativa dominant autoflowering strains stay relatively small in comparison to their photoperiod counterparts.

So if you’d like to grow a sativa but are afraid it might grow too tall for your indoor- or outdoor-situation, an autoflower is the way to go.

5. Easy To Grow In- and Outdoors

Considering all the above, we guess it is safe to conclude that autoflowering cannabis strains are easy to grow. Because let’s be honest, you could even grow an autoflower in a windowsill! Both in- and outdoors these small plants offer great benefits to first-timers and experienced growers. So stop hesitating and discover it yourself:

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