best hash in amsterdam - The block Doc Part 1

How Hash Is Made: The Block Doc (part 1)

When you step into the shop of an Amsterdam Genetics retailer, you know you’re close to getting one of the best products the industry has to offer: our world famous Amsterdam Genetics hash blocks. What you probably don’t know, is how this high quality product is actually made. 
Best Hash in Amsterdam
When it comes to cannabis products, we at Amsterdam Genetics go to great lengths to provide the absolute best. That’s why only the finest original cannabis strains are good enough to use for our unmatched and exclusive Amsterdam Genetics Hash Blocks. High quality hash, organically grown out of Amsterdam Genetics seeds.


To ensure every gram of hash block sold in our network of coffeeshops meets the highest standards, each and every one of them is checked and sampled by true experts. But to really understand how these standards are met, we like to show you where it all begins, to start with, in part 1 of ‘The Block Doc’ documentary series.
Rif Mountains Morocco
Though cannabis is grown and hash is made all around the world, there are not many places where the climate is truly perfect for a hashplant to develop to it’s full potential – like in the sunlit Rif mountain range in Morocco. It’s location and altitude make for extreme weather conditions, suitable for only the toughest cannabis plants. The ideal place for Amsterdam Genetics seeds to flourish, as beautifully captured in the first part of The Block Doc.
Better Results
In contrast to original Moroccan landraces, our refined Amsterdam genetics have differencing genetical make-ups. Whereas traditional moroccan hash contain high amounts of both active THC and CBD; our Amsterdam Genetics hash blocks contain mostly THC. Providing a much more potent product than your average hash.
Only the finest original cannabis strains are used in our premium Amsterdam Genetics Hash Blocks
Hence why the highly experienced Moroccan farmers portrayed in our series, choose only Amsterdam Genetic seeds to plant in their precious fields. Their traditional skills, often passed down from generation to generation, play a major role in establishing the quality of Amsterdam Genetics hash blocks.
Watch The Block Doc Part 1 Now:
In the Block Doc part 1, these farmers share their hash making techniques, tips and tricks and explain exactly how the hash blocks are made. They take you through every step of the way, nothing left undocumented: