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Top Cannabis Strains For Inflammation

To the relief of many, the use of medicinal cannabis is becoming more accepted in an increasing number of countries. One area where cannabis is particularly useful is inflammation. Inflammations are surprisingly common: inflammatory reactions are the natural response of our body when injuries or infections occur. Simultaneously, though, they are also the underlying cause of many health conditions, including arthritis, asthma, and Crohn’s disease. Here. you’ll find out how cannabis can help, and discover or best strains to keep inflammation in check.

The Physiology Of Inflammation

Inflammation is usually an unpleasant and painful experience. Basically, however, it is a useful response of the body, signalling that action is needed. Inflammatory responses are triggered by injuries and infections. Viruses, bacteria, or fungi are intruding, or tissue was damaged. The body reacts by sending white blood cells to the affected areas in order to neutralise any external threats.

Infections trigger our immune system. The goal is to prevent viruses and other culprits from penetrating deeper into the body and causing further damage there. In case of injuries, the inflammatory response serves to ramp up damage repair efforts.

All things considered, inflammation is an effective means of preventing escalation. Sometimes, however, inflammation occurs even though no intruder or damage is present. In such events, your immune system attacks your own cells in a random inflammation response. This is what happens in auto-immune diseases such as fibromyalgia, lupus, and arthritis. In these conditions, both the good and the bad cells come under attack from the body’s immune responses.

Inflammatory responses mat involve acute inflammation, in which case an injury or infection may swell up and turn red. The body responds immediately, and a few hours or days later, the inflammation subsides. Chronic inflammation, by contrast, are more persistent in nature; these can last for months or even years. Unfortunately, these chronic inflammations can cause a lot of pain, discomfort, and permanent tissue damage.

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The Potential Of Cannabis For Inflammation

Anyone affected by acute or chronic inflammation can resort to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Research indicates, however, that cannabis is a promising candidate for treating inflammation, too. Many of the compounds found in cannabis, particularly the cannabinoids and terpenes, can influence cell receptors spread throughout our body. Two types of receptors are involved: CB1 receptors mainly found in the central nervous system; and CB2 receptors spread throughout other tissues, organs, and the immune system.

The human body is a highly complex system governed by a wild diversity of physiological processes. The overarching system responsible for regulating these processes is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system strives to maintain our inner balance called homeostasis by means of cannabinoids. Consumption of cannabis enables plant cannabinoids such as CBD and THC to interact with the ECS. These cannabis compounds are able to bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors and influence systems related to inflammation, including the immune system and our perception of pain.

Studying Cannabis And Inflammation

Studies have demonstrated that CBD and THC are particularly effective at influencing immune responses. These cannabinoids can help suppress inflammatory responses and ease the pain involved.

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Fighting Inflammation: THC And CBD In Cannabis

Both CBD and THC have multiple properties that can help lessen or even prevent the inflammatory responses of the body. One anti-inflammatory route by which weed’s natural ingredients can help is by limiting C-reactive protein levels. These proteins are one of the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease. Research indicates that people who use cannabis tend to have lower C-reactive protein levels than people who don’t.

Both of these cannabinoids can help control and prevent inflammation by reducing production of inflammatory cytokines. Even though THC and CBD share this useful property, they work differently to achieve this result. CBD is most effective against inflammation in body tissues. It can also support the body’s own production of endocannabinoids, promoting our self-repair ability while boosting the immune system.

THC on the other hand is very helpful through its analgesic effects. It is 80 times as powerful as aspirin, and twice as effective as hydrocortisone (a regular anti-inflammatory drug). On top of that, THC is highly effective at altering our perception of pain, because it affects our mood. This information lets anyone decide their personal cannabis strains against inflammation: high THC or high CBD strains.

Effectiveness Of Terpenes

Cannabis contains more than just cannabinoids when it comes to fighting inflammation, though. Terpenes are aromatic oils that give weed its characteristic flavour and aromas. Terpenes can also bind to certain receptors, but they can also subtly alter the effects of cannabinoids by means of the entourage effect. Science has identified some 100 different cannabis terpenes, each with interesting properties. Several cannabis terpenes have proven highly effective against inflammation.

One of the cannabis terpenes you could try against inflammation is myrcene. It is one of the most common cannabis terpenes found in most of today’s strains. Myrcene has anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties. In addition, it can strengthen the psychotropic effects of THC and has muscle relaxing effects.

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Humulene is another cannabis terpene with potential against inflammation. It is nearly as effective as dexamethasone. Strains with high humulene content can also be useful in an anti-inflammatory sense due to their pain relief capacity. Other cannabis terpenes with inflammation relief potential include linalool and pinene.

Cannabis Inflammation Solutions

Research into the use of cannabis against inflammation is making steady progress. We are gradually learning more about how cannabinoids and terpenes can help us control our inflammatory responses. If you are experiencing acute or chronic inflammation yourself, cannabis may be a natural means of easing your pain and discomfort. Of course, you could grow cannabis and smoke or eat the flowers you harvest, but there are other options as well.

People who prefer not to get high can still benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD. Ordering special CBD cannabis seeds is an option, but supplements such as CBD Oil or CBD Tablets are an easier way to achieve the same effects. In case of skin or joint inflammation, CBD topicals such as CBD Argan Salve or Cream can be highly effective, too.

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TOP AG Cannabis Seeds For Inflammation

Any cannabis grower looking for a natural inflammation remedy will find what they need in our online seeds catalogue. Whether you prefer the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD, the pain relief capacity of THC, or the added benefits of terpenes, we always have a suitable strain waiting online. Here’s our top tips for cannabis strains against inflammation:

Fatkid’s Cake

Fatkid’s Cake cannabis seeds offer triple effectiveness against inflammation. First and foremost, these babies are packed with THC potential, with contents ranging all the way up to 30%. They pack all the pai relief one could ask for, but don’t overlook their myrcene percentages. The terpene profile of Fatkid’s Cake only adds to both its analgesic and anti-inflammatory options.

The recreational effects of Fatkid’s Cake only add to its potency. A deeply relaxing indica buzz helps tone down the unpleasant effects of inflammation, while a satisfied smile appears to prove that it works.

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Blue Monkey CBD

Blue Monkey CBD cannabis seeds were developed especially to grant growers maximum cannabidiol power. Anyone looking for optimum cannabis effects against inflammation ought to give CBD weed a try at least once. At a 30:1 CBD to THC ratio, the emphasis here is on the tried capacity of this hugely popular cannabinoid. This plant provides full anti-inflammatory effectiveness with minimum mental highs for those who would rather stay sober.

Our final suggestion is trying to combine these two strains to mix their effects. This will add the analgesic power of THC to the subtle touch of terpenes and the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD, while Blue Monkey CBD helps control any overly narcotic THC effects of Fatkid’s Cake.

As you can see, the Amsterdam Genetics collection always has the perfect cannabis solution waiting online, whether you’re after natural inflammation relief or other fist class marijuana marvels!