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Amsterdam Genetics Rolling Papers: Designed For Pleasure

King size papers, regular size skins, brown or bleached leaves: many different types of roller papers line the course of cannabis history. If you’re having difficulty seeing the forest for the trees amid all that paperwork, this blog is here to help you. We’ll tell you all bout our Amsterdam Genetics rolling papers to let you find your perfect match in wraps.

Rolling Papers 101

In essence, rolling papers are simply small pieces of papers designed for rolling joints, spliffs, reefers, or whatever you prefer to call cannabis cigarettes. They are made from all sorts of materials, from hemp fibre and wood pulp to rice paper and more. Compared to the paper you’ll find around cigarettes, rolling papers consist of thinner materials for added ease of rolling.

Some types of rolling papers are coloured; some even come with special flavours. There’s even blunt wraps made of tobacco leaves, designed specifically to fill with only weed. Some types of paper are bleached using potassium nitrate, which involves certain health risks. When selecting your papers, information about production methods can help you find your best match.

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The History Of Papers

The earliest roots of rolling papers are too deep to trace, but legend has it that tobacco rolling came from Spain. When Christopher Columbus set sail for America, he returned to Spanish shores with cargo holds full of tobacco. In those days, tobacco was smoked like the cigars we still see today: dried tobacco is rolled into tobacco leaves to produce the familiar brown shapes we see reflected in modern blunt wraps!

The cigars filled with this newfound tobacco soon became immensely popular among the Spanish nobility, but it was hideously expensive. Any commoners interested in jumping on the tobacco hype train were forced to scavenge cigar buds for leftovers and roll them in pieces of newspaper.

At the time, the bustling town of Alcoy was already a hub of paper manufacturing. Local craftsmen soon realised that breathing in newspaper ink on a regular basis is not necessarily a healthy habit, so they started to develop rolling papers. This type of paper was later used to produce the immensely popular invention of cigarettes. However, as these got more expensive as the years went by, people started to switch (back) to hand-rolled cigarettes. This custom was spotted by cannabis aficionados. Inventive as they are, they figured out it made sense to add cannabis to the tobacco for easy consumption. Lo and behold – the first true joint was born!

Amsterdam Genetics Papers For Everyone

Methods to enjoy cannabis are nearly infinite in number. Some prefer smoking classic Dutch joints with tobacco, while others like to keep it pure and use only pure cannabis flower to fill their rolling papers. Of course, smoking pure also works using a pipe like the Weezy: a full smoking system with easy-fill capsules and carbon filters. Even if you prefer vaping or a bong, there is no one right method of consumption. Nonetheless, traditional fans of joints and reefers can discover their personal best match in cannabis rolling papers below.

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Brown Or White?

As paper is traditionally made out of wood pulp, it is usually bleached during production before it hits the stores. White paper makes for easier writing, and we simply started making all paper white out of habit, including our rolling papers. Modern bleaching agents are generally safe to use from a health perspective, but they are a purely cosmetic choice. All they do is make rolling papers whiter, simply because we are used to that original colour. This is why we call our white rolling papers ‘Original’.

Many people consider bleaching unnecessary, keeping their products as natural as possible whenever they can. This is the main reason for producing brown rolling papers. You’ll find that our Amsterdam X Mascotte Brown papers are entirely chlorine-free, made of 100% FSC wood pulp, and packed in fully recycled cardboard. The white looks of the Original papers are the result of chlorine-free production processes.

Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte Brown & Original King Size Rolling Papers

These high quality rolling papers are defined by exclusivity and smart design. Amsterdam genetics and legendary Dutch paper makers Mascotte have joined forces to fashion this new product line with consummate attention to detail. Years of experience in ultimate rolling comfort are apparent in every last detail. The broad format of these King Size leaves (107 x 53mm) makes them ideal for inside-out rolling, sharing, or enjoying extended sessions alone.

The innovative magnet lock prevents the package from opening up by accident to keep every single paper safe from creases, grease, and moisture until they are ready for use. Every pack contains a five-paper warning leaf to let you know you’re almost out. Fortunately, Amsterdam genetics sells these premium rolling papers by the box to make sure you never need to run out. Every single leaf features embossed logos as true hallmarks of outstanding quality.

These Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte King Size rolling papers are designed for connoisseurs of taste looking for a little something extra while staying on top of the latest trends. The Original King Size package sports the proud Amsterdam Genetics X logo in trusted green and gold, The Brown version has a more classical feel, apparent in the brown and shiny golden logo finish.

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Amsterdam Genetics X Mascotte Brown & Original Slim Size Rolling Papers

For those who prefer to roll a more modest size we have designed a smaller variant of the AG X Mascotte King Size papers. These slim and slender 107 x 44mm leaves are easier to use inside-out and make for smaller smokes, without sacrificing anything when it comes to quality. Anyone who smokes cannabis for medical reasons may find their reduced size convenient. Using cannabis for pain relief, for instance, is not necessarily a process of continuous munchies or perpetual couchlock. Slim Size papers allow for easier dosing, but they’re also extra convenient for fast smokers. Just like their King Size cousins, these rolling papers come in Brown and Original Slim Size versions.

Amsterdam Genetics Original King Size Rolling Papers

These are the genuine original Amsterdam Genetics rolling papers. These also come in Brown and Original King Size versions, marked by gleaming gold logos for Brown and a glow-in-the-dark X for Original. You’ll find these even during black-outs at night!

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Their royal 108 x 53mm format makes these leaves a pure joy to roll. Smart design adds to that experience: these papers are slightly curved to facilitate extra smooth ease of rolling. Connoisseurs who prefer to roll their reefers inside-out will find these papers even more suited for the purpose than their AG X Mascotte counterparts.

Add to this the quality level you expect of us, and you know you’re dealing with the Rolls Royce of inside-out rolling here!

Your Perfect Amsterdam Genetics Rolling Papers

So, have you made your choice yet? Did you find your perfect Amsterdam Genetics Rolling papers? Then why don’t you add a handy box of AG Brown or Original filter tips and make sure you’re always ready to turn a new leaf? Looking for the ultimate smooth smoke? Then order our active carbon filters for unmatched pure enjoyment. Clearly, we have an ultimate Amsterdam Genetics experience ready to order for every connoisseur and gourmet cannabis lover in the world!