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Why Planting Cannabis Seeds is Better Than Using Clones

Cloning is a shortcut to growing the perfect cannabis plant, but is it better than planting seeds? This debate is popular in the growing community, and we’re here to settle the score!

There are advantages to planting cannabis seeds that you can’t get when using clones. And these advantages are enough to make it the preferred method for growers worldwide.


What is cloning?

Did you grow the perfect cannabis plant with an excellent yield and quality? Cloning is a process of creating an exact copy of the plant so you can have two or more. It’s done by trimming a branch from the ‘mother plant’ and replanting it to grow new roots and become a new plant.

Cloning is a cannabis growing method that can speed up the grow time of the new plant.


6 Reasons Why Growers Prefer Planting Seeds

Planting cannabis seeds has its advantages compared to using clones. Here are a few reasons why growers prefer them for their indoor cannabis growing:

  1. Perfecting growing skills

Planting cannabis seeds takes longer to grow a plant compared to planting a clone. The reason is because a clone skips the early stages of germinating and seeding. When it’s planted, you’re already at the growth stage.

The early stages of the cannabis seed life cycle are the most delicate. It requires careful attention to providing just the right amount of water to germinate. Also, care for the roots in the seedling stage. 

Planting seeds lets you experience the entire growing cycle. It’s especially appreciated for hobbyists and those with a knack for growing.

  1. Better quality control

 An advantage to planting seeds instead of clones is that you can ensure quality control for the health of the plant. Clones contain all the characteristics of the mother plant. If a clone was cut from a plant with pesticides or insects, it will contain the same. One faulty clone can infect your entire home grow setup. Starting with a cannabis seed is like a blank canvas.

  1. Stronger Genetics

This one is debatable. Many growers say that mother plants always have stronger genes than clones. Imagine making photocopies of a picture several times. The first copy would be nearly identical to the original, with only a small quality loss. Now, take the copy and make a copy, then a copy of that one. Every time, there is a small loss of quality that can result in significant differences after enough copies. The same is seen with cloning plants—though some may experience different results.

To produce plants with the strongest genes, planting seeds yields the best results.

amsterdam geneticsElevating Cannabis Cultivation Indoors 2

  1. Gene and Pheno-hunting

Planting seeds has more variety when growing a particular strain for its genetics. Every seed may grow slightly differently, even with the same strain. It allows you to breed plants that have your desired genetics. Clones are exact replicas of the mother plants. You won’t get any variety when planting clones.

  1. Better for beginners

Are you just starting the journey into at-home cannabis cultivation? Planting seeds is recommended if you’re new to growing.

Cloning plants is an advanced method of growing that requires precise cuts from a healthy mother. It takes experience to seek out quality trimmings that can still produce a new plant after cut.

  1. Accessibility

Cannabis seeds are much easier to obtain than trimmings for clones. Browse our collection of cannabis seeds to find a range of strains to grow at home. Finding a clone is more challenging—and even more challenging than finding trimmings from a quality plant.

Seeds are easier to store and ship worldwide. Clone trimmings must be cared for after being cut to remain usable.


When should you clone plants?

There are advantages and disadvantages to cloning a cannabis plant versus planting seeds. Knowing when you should clone a plant will help you decide if you fall into the category where it’s preferred. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

You already have experience with growing cannabis at home – cloning is a slightly different process of growing cannabis than planting seeds. You must understand the basics of growing before attempting the cloning process.

You want an exact plant copy – many growers like the experimental nature of planting seeds since they can each grow slightly different. If you already have the perfect plant, then cloning can be an option.

amsterdam geneticsElevating Cannabis Cultivation Indoors


Which method produces better plants?

Planting seeds has several advantages for the growing process. However, which yields better results when it’s time to harvest the plant? As a general rule of green thumb, the more successful you are at each stage of the growing process, the better quality of cannabis your plant will produce.

Planting seeds gives more control over each stage to ensure your seed gets exactly what it needs to thrive with your growing setup. As you master your growing techniques, you will yield incredible results, starting with a cannabis seed. Learn more about the differences between cloning vs. seeds.


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Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis Seeds

Have you ever stopped and thought about why you grow cannabis? Whether you’re new to the grower community or a master grower, it’s always good to reflect on what drives us to plant cannabis seeds season after season. 

There are tons of benefits to growing your own cannabis seeds that help tilt the balance in favour of cultivation. From saving money to improving the quality, growing cannabis is an invaluable skill for any cannabis connoisseur.

See if any of these reasons resonate with you.


Getting your perfect strain

Marijuana strains affect everyone uniquely. We develop our favourites based on how they smell, the highs they give us, or simply the way they look. A benefit to growing your own cannabis seeds is ensuring that your plant contains all of the things you like most about the strain.

Cultivating your own cannabis at home gives you a better chance of getting plants with the right genes to grow the strain you’re expecting. This is known as gene- and pheno-hunting. Experienced growers can breed their own plants that only contain the best characteristics to make your ultimate strain!


Quality control for plants

Growing cannabis at home gives substantial control over the final result of the plant’s quality. The better the grow, the bigger the yield, potency, appearance, and overall health of the buds.

Several variables impact the quality of cannabis when growing at home. Light, soil, nutrients, water, environment, and care all affect the quality of your plant. Plant a high-yielding cannabis strain like Lemon Ice to get a harvest that supports your consumption habits. Modify your growing techniques to improve the taste of the cannabis. Plant uniquely coloured strains like the Exotic Purple Autoflower to add some purple and pink colour to your grow room.

In addition to controlling the type of cannabis plants you’ll grow, home cultivation also ensures your environment is free of pests, diseases, and other things that can harm your plant.

q3 From Terpenes to Tones Discovering Cannabis Aromas 04



The stigma about cannabis in Amsterdam is more relaxed than in many other parts of the world. If you’re cultivating in legalized areas that still carry social stigma, growing cannabis at home is a great way to enjoy it privately.

Cannabis users cover the spectrum of demographics who use it for recreation and/or medical purposes. With a good growing setup, not even your neighbours will know you like indulging in cannabis.



If you’re a frequent smoker, you’ll be surprised at the cost-saving benefits of growing your own cannabis seeds. After an initial upfront investment for your grow setup, you can theoretically grow weed forever!

Check out this post for all you need to grow weed. With successful indoor grows, you can yield upwards of a quarter-pound of buds from a single plant alone. Outdoor grows can bloom 1 to 3 pounds of buds. Since weed is a plant, it reproduces by yielding seeds or using the cloning method. So, you can look forward to a nice harvest of buds every season.

Keep in mind your local laws about the number of plants you’re allowed to grow indoors.


Satisfies Green Thumb

We all have our hobbies. Some enjoy rowing our canals, while others prefer making art or cooking. For many cannabis growers, cultivation is their hobby of choice.

If you love gardening or ever cared for a plant at home, then you may find a new love in growing cannabis at home. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a plant go from a tiny cannabis seed to a mature plant full of buds.

Growing cannabis seeds isn’t as simple as planting and harvesting. It’s a multi-week process of caring for the plant, cleaning, maintenance, and plenty of trial-and-error until you perfect your techniques. The best growers are always the ones who enjoy the process.

amsterdam genetics blog



A benefit to growing your own cannabis seeds is having access to cannabis when and as much as you need it. Growing cannabis at home gives the freedom of knowing your strain is always available with no ‘store hours’. Convenience is especially beneficial for medical cannabis users. Grow cannabis plants to have an ample supply in every season.


Learning and skill-building

School is in session! Knowing how to grow cannabis is a handy skill to have. It means you’ll always have access to cannabis and have an overall better appreciation of the plant.

Treat your cannabis plant like your plant child. Like all living things, it has a life cycle. You’ll learn something new at each stage. Different strains also grow differently, so no two grows are the same. The more you grow, the more you will improve the quality and size of your harvest.

Paying attention to the environment and nutrients you put into your plant helps you understand terpenes, cannabinoids, flavour and aroma profiles, and more. Your awareness of these enhances your cannabis experience, from growing to consumption.

Ready to experience the benefits of growing your own cannabis seeds for yourself? Get a head start on at-home cannabis cultivation with our high-quality cannabis seeds.


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The Finest Quality Rolling Papers on the Market – AG x Mascotte Partnership

There’s one book that all weed connoisseurs abide by—and that’s a book of rolling papers! It’s an essential tool in the repertoire of cannabis consumers and picking the right brand of rolling papers is key.

You can tell a lot about a person by the kind of rolling papers they use. So, when you see someone pull out a pack of Mascotte x Amsterdam Genetics papers, you know they subscribe to one idea: quality. 


About Mascotte Rolling Papers

Mascotte has endured the test of time. The company has been around for more than 160 years and continues delivering innovative rolling papers and accessories to revolutionize the way we consume cannabis. One of the secrets to sustaining their business operations for more than a century is a focus on quality. They strive to craft the perfect rolling papers. It’s not only a mission but a commitment they make to the loyal customers who use them every day to enhance their rolling and smoking experience.

Our Partnership with Mascotte

Amsterdam partners with Mascotte to create the best rolling papers on the market. We are two Dutch brands that continue pushing the bar even higher to deliver on our promise of exceptional quality. It’s the perfect match—their expertise in rolling papers and our expertise in cannabis cultivation. It’s an organic partnership long in the making that has led to rolling papers like you’ve never experienced before.

q4 mascotte x amsterdam genetics 16


Crafting the Perfect Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are one of the preferred methods for pure cannabis consumption. Rolling only cannabis will give you one of the cleanest flavours without added traces of tobacco like you’d get from blunt wraps. Some people prefer rolling spliffs with loose tobacco. However, it will take away some of the pure flavour from your cannabis. You’ll experience tons of flavour thanks to the terpenes in each strain. Rolling papers are an excellent way to consume like a connoisseur and experience the full sensational profile from your home grow.

Mascotte rolling papers are one of a kind. Their papers are known for:

  • Details improving the user experience
  • Slow burning
  • Booklet design

Their years of experience and testing have led to innovative ideas that achieve the goals that consumers want most.

  1. Details

Attention to detail is key when it comes to rolling papers. There’s an actual science behind crafting the perfect papers that roll, stick, and burn better than other brands on the market. Incorporating these details into our collaborative rolling papers improves the overall user experience.

  1. Slow-burning

Cannabis is meant to be enjoyed. So inhale deeply, exhale slowly, and let the rich sensations of the plant soothe your mind and body. Slow-burning papers help you appreciate your cannabis even more since you won’t be in a rush to try to get as many hits in before the it burns out. That’s one of the pleasures of Mascotte rolling papers. Hopefully, you’re not in a rush because we designed papers to burn slowly and avoid runs.

  1. Booklet design

Mascotte created a signature booklet design to make them easy to store. The unique magnetic closure helps protect your rolling papers when slipping these thin booklets in your pocket or prevents them from getting damaged if left out on your rolling tray.

These signature elements are incorporated into the papers developed in partnership with Amsterdam Genetics.

2023 img blogs The Perfect Puff Less is More Pure Smoking 05


Types of Papers

Together with Mascotte, we collaborated on a series of rolling papers to fit the needs of every consumer. We know our customers, and Mascotte knows rolling papers. Combined, we’re two experts at our crafts, delivering quality goods that will last your entire harvest season. 

AG x Mascotte Original Papers

Our popular Original papers are instantly recognizable by the gold and green Xs on the booklet. The elegant packaging is a must for holding such quality papers inside. The original papers are made with chlorine-free bleach for a pure white look. They’re finished with a branded Amsterdam Genetics and Mascotte watermark as our official stamp of approval.

AG x Mascotte Brown Papers

Our signature Brown rolling papers are for weed connoisseurs who prefer a more natural paper. We left these papers unbleached to avoid adding chlorine or chemicals in the process.

You can find both versions of papers in King-size or slim-size formats. We offer box sets that contain 50 booklets of 34 papers. We recommend king-size for extra volume or if you want to roll inside-out. The slim size is more compact for fast, easy rolling. 

Pair your rolling papers with the Mascotte Active carbon filters to improve air circulation and avoid any plant material getting in your mouth. 

Also, check out our other headshop products, like grinders and lighters.

Q4 Navigating the Indoor Cannabis Boom

Navigating the Indoor Cannabis Boom: Trends and Tips

New trends and advancements in cannabis cultivation are constantly changing. A new trend can make old methods seem outdated as fast as they come around. And it’s not hard to find new tips for indoor cannabis growing that suggest no other method will yield the results you want. You can find yourself in a whirlwind trying to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. So, what’s the best way to sift through all the information and find what works best for you?

This blog provides valuable insight into navigating the complex web or information to get the best results when growing cannabis indoors.


Where new trends come from

We’re living in the age of information, and it’s never been easier to find new trends and tips for indoor cannabis growing. As cannabis continues becoming more widely accepted on a global scale, we can predict that these trends and tips will only become more abundant.

Here are a few things leading to the rapid increase in information sharing about the latest in cannabis cultivation:

  • Science
  • Exposure
  • Legalization and Regulation Changes
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

These factors can make anyone sound like an expert in growing cannabis. But it helps to know the basis behind them to ensure you get the correct information.


The global popularity of cannabis has inspired new science and research in the field. Every day, we hear about new cannabis strains emerging, details about terpenes and other chemical compounds in the plant, and ways to improve the quality (and quantity) when growing cannabis. 


Amsterdam will always be known as the ‘birthplace of cannabis culture.’ Today, that culture has evolved worldwide from an underground subculture to the mainstream. In many places like the US, you can see massive cannabis billboards decorating city skylines, and it’s no longer sensitive content that requires censorship on social media platforms. This growing exposure to society makes it much easier to share tips and trends about how to grow cannabis.

Q4 Navigating the Indoor Cannabis Boom 2

Legalization and Regulation Changes

One of the biggest catalysts to the boom in cannabis cultivation is the laws behind the plant. As regulations continue to ease, more people are starting to experiment with growing cannabis at home. Our delivery services extend far beyond our own borders, and we now have customers across several EURO zones.

As cannabis becomes legalized in new areas, the art of cannabis cultivation will expand. It creates new opportunities to learn from growers.

Artificial Intelligence

Growing cannabis at home is no longer a mystery or reserved for experienced growers. Popular AI tools like ChatGPT can spew an entire step-by-step guide on how you can start cultivating your own cannabis plants at home with a simple prompt. Try for yourself with the prompt ‘steps to grow cannabis at home’, and you’ll see what we mean!

The same goes for finding tips. This AI information is actually learned from the growing information base on the subject previously shared online. It’s now easier than ever for the average person to access information on the latest trends and tips for indoor cannabis growing.


Finding What Works For You

Discovering new cannabis cultivation tips and trends is the easy part. The challenge comes in knowing what information is actually valuable and useful for your home grow setup. Since it’s so easy to share information, you can scroll through TikTok and see viral videos about growing cannabis from users who never planted cannabis seeds and read blogs online from writers who have never even used cannabis before.

  1. Learn from Credible Sources

Choosing credible sources is the first step in navigating the boom of information on growing cannabis indoors. For example, our grow guides are written by Nibameca, a veteran grower with years of experience growing various Amsterdam Genetics seeds. Our transparency in these grow guides gives our community an extra level of trust that we’re experts in cannabis cultivation. Our blogs are also written by cannabis experts and enthusiasts who use cannabis regularly.

Q4 Navigating the Indoor Cannabis Boom 1

  1. Understand your growing capabilities

Indoor growing setups come in many forms. There are tons of products on the market catering to different setups. Also, trends and tips can apply to specific setups. Understanding your own growing setup can help narrow down the tips and trends applicable to your situation.

For example, you don’t want to use commercial-grade lights for a small closet grow setup in your bedroom. This also applies to managing the smell, the quantity of plants you have, and even local laws for at-home cultivation.

Our FAQs page answers common questions for beginners. Or contact us directly with your questions, and we’ll be happy to help you!

  1. Experiment

Cannabis plants are living things. Even with all the information available, it’s hard to predict with 100% accuracy how seeds will grow. There are tons of variables that go into growing cannabis indoors.

It’s the exciting part about growing cannabis because it feels like a reward when you finally achieve a successful harvest. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strains, trends, and tips to see what works best with your setup.

Ready to get started with one of the latest trends in indoor cannabis growing? Check out our collection of premium cannabis seeds and see which strain you’ll grow next!

Q4 blog Fashion Meets Cannabis Amsterdam Genetics

Fashion Meets Cannabis: Amsterdam Genetics’ Trendsetting Merch

Breaking news: stigmas behind cannabis are quickly going up in smoke! The global boom in cannabis legalization and popularity is now making it more widely acceptable in society. No longer do you get side-eyed for smelling like weed. And even better, you can now proudly show your love for the plant by wearing cannabis merch!

Cannabis is slow-burning its way into the fashion world. We’ve got the dankest trends that will keep you fashionable from head to toe.


Trend of Cannabis-themed apparel

Before, wearing clothing promoting weed culture was only done in the comfort of your circle of stoner friends. Anywhere else, and you might be considered a counter-culture rebellion against societal norms. We’re now seeing a shift in cannabis-themed apparel evolving from being considered “paraphernalia” to “fashion.” 

Today, you can find everything from cannabis-themed fashion shows on 4/20 to inspiring high fashion designs. The fashion world is turning its head towards the cannabis culture, and it’s never been a better time to show off your favourite cannabis merch.

blog Q4 blog img1 Fashion Meets Cannabis Amsterdam Genetics


Why We Love Cannabis-themed Merch

Consumers have started forming deeper connections with the brands they love. Whether it’s the food you eat, the phone you use, or the cannabis seeds you grow, it’s never been easier to show loyalty to your favourite brands. Before, you might have only liked a company for the products they produced. However, tools like social media have now given consumers more exposure to a company’s values, culture, and even operations. Showing brand loyalty is more than just spending money. It’s about becoming part of a community of like-minded individuals who share the same ideals and values as the companies they support.

Support for Amsterdam Genetics goes back nearly 40 years. We’ve built our reputation on quality products and sharing the spirit of Amsterdam—a place many people consider the birthplace of weed culture. We have loyal fans worldwide who grow our seeds, and we continue cultivating a community of expert growers. Brand loyalty isn’t hard when you provide as much value and love for cannabis as we do.

Whether you’re one of the early movers who joined the growing trend early or are adopting the practice in areas new to cannabis legalization, we invite all growers to become part of our community. Our cannabis gear is the perfect “uniform” as you embark on learning the latest growing techniques, harvesting your grow, or simply sitting back and enjoying your cultivation.


Discover Our Collection of Cannabis Merch

You know Amsterdam Genetics for our high-quality cannabis seeds. But did you know we also have wearable merchandise? Show your love for AG and cannabis culture by wearing our range of clothing and accessories. We developed it just for growers like you who want to feel comfortable and stylish while cultivating the best cannabis plants on the planet. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can find in our shop.


From timeless classics to more stylish designs, we have a wide range of tops and bottoms to add to your wardrobe.

You can never go wrong with a classic t-shirt. Our basic Amsterdam x Genetics T-shirt in grey or black is great for everyday wear. We kept a minimalist design to give you something great for casual wear, with a small logo displayed for the “if you know, you know” crowd.

If you prefer adding a bit of style to your t-shirt game, check out the AG Core Genetics T-Shirt or the AG Beyond t-shirt.

Keep warm during those cold months with our collection of hoodies and joggers. Pair the black AG Beyond Sweater with these Amsterdam x Genetics Jogging Pants. Our signature Amsterdam x Genetics Hoodie Grey goes well with the grey version of our joggers. These items are great for both men and women and have high demand during the winter season, so get them while they’re still in stock!

blog Q4 blog img2 Fashion Meets Cannabis Amsterdam Genetics



Everybody loves caps, so it’s only right we give you some stylish headwear. Snapbacks are always in style, and you can snap your way into fashion with the logo AG Snapback cap. Or geek out about cannabis cultivation with our AG Snapback Professor Cap. ‘Dad Caps’ are the latest trend in headwear, and we also have a few styles like this Gold THC Molecule cap. We also stock beanies. All hats come one-size-fits-all and feature high-quality embroidery.


Step into style with our range of Amsterdam Genetics socks. Pick your favourite style to add to your sock drawer, or go with our popular four-pack to get all of our cannabis-themed designs.


No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. Add our pins to your favourite hat, jacket, or bag, and it’s a subtle hint that you love Amsterdam Genetics.

Cannabis is not a drug. It’s a lifestyle, and our cannabis merch lets you live this life every day! Shop with us today!

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Amsterdam Genetics: Pioneering Quality in the CBD Boom

To keep up with the growing demand for CBD products, Amsterdam Genetics partners with SupMedi, a leader in 100% pure CBD products online. Through this partnership, we’re able to deliver high-quality products from a trusted company. From CBD oils used to make cannabis drinks to dietary supplements to even CBD skincare products, we have it all!

Not all products are made the same, so here’s how we deliver on our promise to supply the best quality CBD products on the market!


Quality Assurance from Amsterdam Genetics CBD Partner

The CBD boom continues to introduce new companies to the market, offering many types of products. Selecting credible products is essential to ensure you’re getting what you pay for. Not all products are made the same and can vary in dosage, effectiveness, and even their contents.

CBD is one of many chemical compounds in cannabis. Pure CBD products contain 100% CBD, while Full-Spectrum CBD products can contain upwards of 0.3% THC and other compounds. Learn more about the different forms of CBD here.

Our CBD partner, SupMedi, specializes in providing products made with 100% CBD. We selected them for their reliability in the online CBD market. A look behind the scenes of their operations shows how they’re such a trusted name in CBD. Here’s what you can expect from their products:

  • Lab-tested – each product is independently lab-tested to determine the correct CBD contents and effectiveness in delivering results.
  • Expertise  SupMedi has a dedicated research team that spends years developing their CBD product line. Each product goes through several trials and independent lab tests before receiving the stamp of approval for online sale.
  • Consumer Reviews – CBD can have different results for each person. Customer reviews support each product’s suggested uses and benefits. In addition to product reviews, SupMedi shares company reviews to showcase their reliability in delivering quality CBD products. It’s important to note that no CBD medical benefits are conclusive, and there is ongoing research to determine actual results.

These factors guarantee that you receive products that contain their listed CBD contents when purchasing CBD products from our online store.

2023 img blogs supmedi cbd closeup


Our CBD Products

There are countless ways to consume CBD. Eating or ingesting it is the most common. However, it can also be applied and absorbed through your skin. And even less common is vaping CBD, although many advise against this method due to the dangers of vaping. How you consume CBD can alter its effectiveness in delivering medical benefits and potency.

Choosing high-quality products gives the best results for consuming CBD, regardless of your consumption preferences. Here’s a look at some of our most popular CBD products and how to use them.

CBD Supplements

CBD supplements are the latest craze. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure you get the right amount of your daily dosage of CBD. Our current offerings include CBD oils and tablets. Supplements can be taken directly or combined with other products. Add the right amount, and you can enjoy all the benefits of CBD while consuming your favourite foods and drinks!


Our CBD oil comes in the form of Full-Spectrum CBD, so it may contain a small amount (no more than 0.3%) of THC. The CBD Oil Full Spectrum 5% contains 500mg of CBD, and the CBD Oil Full Spectrum 10% has 1000mg of CBD for users who require a higher dosage. Both products come in 10ml bottles, which is approximately 200 drops. You can apply a few drops under your tongue or even use them to make cannabis drinks infused with CBD.

These oils are made by using a special CO2-extraction method. SupMedi takes organically grown hemp and extracts the best compounds before developing it into an oil high in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. An advantage to these full-spectrum CBD oils is the entourage effect. This occurs when all the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant interact with each other and your body to create a combined effect. 

amsterdam genetics blog Global Trends and Innovations 17

CBD Tablets

An alternative to CBD oil is a tablet. Our CBD tablets are pure CBD and contain no THC. We extract the pure CBD from hemp plants, isolating the compound from other cannabinoids. Independent lab tests confirm their purity.

Tablets can be eaten and are great for people on the go. They’re easy to swallow and don’t need water. One tablet contains 30mg of CBD—enough to experience some of the reported effects, like better sleep, reduced anxiety, and an improved immune system.

For an even sweeter taste, try out our CBD Candy Tablets.


Our CBD nutrition products arrive ready to consume right out of packages. The CBD chocolate comes with 24 pieces containing 25mg each. Our CBD oatmeal and CBD coffee packages come with multiple servings to start your day right with a boost of CBD. These products are made with pure CBD and extracted similarly to our tablets.


Topicals are growing in popularity. Some benefits you may experience applying directly to your skin are renewal and rejuvenation. Our hemp oil soaps are handmade with fragrant scents. They’re all natural to provide the best care for your skin and are designed for daily use.

Our range of CBD products from SupMedi gives something for everybody! You can find all of our CBD products here.

2024 Q4 Navigating the Global Cannabis Landscape

Navigating the Global Cannabis Landscape: Trends and Transformations

Change is inevitable for the cannabis industry. Weed enthusiasts worldwide have embraced the many changes in cultivation and consumption. New Cannabis growing information has transformed the popularity of growing at home, while information about the plant itself has ushered in a new era of who and how we consume cannabis. Here’s why you should be excited about the future outlook of cannabis!


Why Change is Good for the Cannabis Industry

Examining the major trends in the global cannabis industry shows that change and innovation are here and transforming many aspects of it. It’s more popular than ever, thanks to legalization and more societal acceptance. These trends also show that this transformation will continue happening, which can change the way you consume and grow cannabis.

Why is it important? For many, legalization allows the opportunity to start growing your own cannabis and enjoying the benefits of the plant—from the high to medical benefits. Also, improvements in how we grow cannabis make it more accessible to more people. Not to mention more diverse products for consumption than just flowers.

Changes in the industry help promote growth that we can all take advantage of. The foundation is laid for new, more innovative ways to transform cannabis consumption and cultivation.

image Easily Grow Weed Outdoors Yourself amsterdam genetics blog 03


Innovation Creates New Ways of Cultivating Cannabis

Growing cannabis indoors is the preferred solution for frequent consumers. The advantages of growing your own cannabis include being more budget-friendly on your wallet and achieving better quality. If these are reasons why you choose to cultivate cannabis, we have great news for you!

Cannabis cultivation is no longer a secretive act. It’s developed into a global community that loves sharing tips, tricks, and setup ideas that improve the growing process. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grower, you can find innovations that resonate with every stage of your grow.

Some of the latest trends you can benefit from to improve your plant yield and quality include experimenting with growing techniques like hydroponics or using better-quality seeds. Amsterdam Genetics is instrumental in developing the best quality cannabis seed strains perfect for indoor growing.

The popularity of growing cannabis has led many companies to create grow setup kits that simulate natural environments or experiment with DIY options to tailor a setup to the available space in your home. 

These are just a few examples of how the availability of cannabis growing information can improve the way connoisseurs cultivate their own plants in the comfort of their homes.


Benefiting from Trends Affecting Cannabis Consumption

Global trends in cannabis consumption have had monumental effects on the industry. One of the most significant trends is increased legalization. Now, more countries are adopting policies that allow citizens to grow and consume cannabis. Other consumption trends include diverse products which transform how we consume cannabis and also a decline in social stigma for frequent users. 

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re in one of the legal countries, you can now openly enjoy cannabis! Growing cannabis at home for personal use is an excellent option to support your consumption habits. Innovations in cultivation mean you can produce your own high-quality cannabis without the need for a large space of commercial-grade equipment. Research your country’s laws about cannabis consumption and cultivation before engaging in any cannabis-related activities.

Additionally, we’re finding more people adopting the use of CBD. Although CBD products have no psychoactive effects, they contain several health benefits. These benefits are recognized by many institutions that now get recommended by doctors as ways to treat issues such as anxiety, stress, sleep trouble, seizures, pain, and more. Medical benefits for THC and CBD are still being researched for their validity, so most information is suggestions of potential benefits.

amsterdam genetics blog Global Trends and Innovations 17

With new ways of consuming cannabis in the form of edibles, oil, or tablets, you no longer have to worry about the smell. This trend has attracted many more users of cannabis who initially were averse to the scent.

And yes, this also means it’s much more acceptable to sport your favourite cannabis-themed t-shirts.


Negative Impacts to the Cannabis Industry

The industry has a lot of upside, thanks to the latest trends. However, these trends aren’t without their downsides. From cultivation to consumption, there are things you should be mindful about.

  • Wrong information – sharing information via the internet and social media is easier than ever. There’s just as much inaccurate cannabis growing information as it is info that can benefit your grow. Make sure your sources are credible when sourcing information. Our blogs provide a great information source developed by veteran growers and cannabis experts.
  • Inaccurate CBD content – products that contain CBD often mislead customers about the contents and benefits. Make sure your CBD products come from credible sources, like our partner SupMedi, which conducts lab testing and provides customer reviews about their product experiences.
  • Seed Quality – not all cannabis seeds come with the same quality. Here at Amsterdam Genetics, we’ve developed cannabis seeds for nearly 40 years. Each strain is carefully formulated with the perfect gene mix fit for growing quality plants and suitable for indoor settings.

From sharing valuable cannabis growing information to providing the best quality cannabis seeds, Amsterdam Genetics is your source for cannabis cultivation as we continue navigating the rapidly changing global cannabis landscape.


blog Understanding Global Growth 09

The Worldwide Wave of Cannabis: Understanding Global Growth

We examined the key trends in cannabis growth around the world. Now, it’s time to explore the main drivers behind them. Cannabis popularity has exploded globally with several trends in the overall market, cultivation, legalisation, and product innovations.

The exciting thing is understanding the reasons behind the global growth to explore possibilities of continued expansion and how it can affect you as an avid cannabis consumer.


Let’s be honest—none of the recent changes we’ve seen in the cannabis industry would be possible without the growing support for the plant in politics. What was once considered criminal activity with harsh penalties has now become a mainstream product widely used worldwide.

The Netherlands was always at the forefront of legalisation, and many consider it the ‘birthplace of cannabis culture.’ Many other countries globally are growing their support for the plant for numerous reasons. It provides an excellent tax source, stimulates economies, and provides health benefits.

Cannabis is far from being accepted everywhere, but every step in the right direction will lead to further use and popularity for the plant.

Consider the local laws and regulations in your country before cultivating or consuming cannabis.

Societal Acceptance

The days of cannabis being considered counterculture are quickly fading. It’s long been a taboo topic in places like Amsterdam, where it has been publicly acceptable for decades. But in other countries, with recent legalisation laws like the US and Thailand, societal concerns are beginning to ease. It’s now becoming a mainstream topic freely discussed in professional settings, politics, and everyday conversations.

Cannabis popularity spans all age ranges, from teens in the legal age range for cannabis consumption who enjoy it recreationally to elders in society who use the plant for medical benefits. Even consider elders who enjoy recreational consumption and teens who turn to CBD as an alternative medicine.

Innovations in cannabis products have significant effects on it becoming more acceptable to use in many places. You no longer have to be paranoid about reeking of potent weed smell. There are alternatives to getting your daily dose of THC, such as eating edibles or using vape devices.

Another great thing about cannabis being more acceptable is finally being able to wear cannabis-themed merchandise. Show support for your favourite seed brand by checking out our collection of clothing, headwear, and accessories.

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Health Benefits

Cannabis isn’t just a substance to consume to achieve a “high.” More users are turning to the plant for its medical properties. Cannabis research has shown many benefits to consuming it, such as pain relief, aiding sleep, reducing anxiety, treating nausea, and much more. While many health benefits aren’t conclusive yet, you can find positive trends for the benefits reported by frequent users. Note that cannabis affects everyone differently and can yield different results for you.

THC isn’t the only chemical compound in cannabis plants that offers medical benefits. One of the latest health trends emerging in recent years is CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis that has potential medical benefits of anti-inflammatory effects, improving sleep, treating seizure patients, skincare benefits, etc. Like THC, these benefits aren’t conclusive and should be carefully examined if you’re taking CBD to treat certain symptoms.

Cannabis is categorised as medical or recreational in many countries. Medical cannabis is typically the first to get the green light approval for legalisation and promoted in medical settings. Doctors now recommend CBD products to treat specific ailments, and products like tablets, supplements, and topicals are widely available.


As technology improves, we’ll continue to see innovations for cannabis trends in cultivation, product development, and science. We’re always excited about new technology that helps our community of growers achieve better quality indoor grows. 

Some of these tech advances pushing cannabis cultivation forward are new growing techniques like hydroponics adaptable to smaller growing spaces. Also, lighting and growing tent kits that help stimulate more natural environments for plants to thrive. Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest developments that can rapidly transform indoor cannabis cultivation by providing data and information about your grow setup to maximise yields.

Better technology helps with developing new ways to consume cannabis and CBD. For example, it gives the ability to extract certain compounds from the plant better to make oils.

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One of the best ways to continue positive growth trends with cannabis is by experimenting. Cannabis popularity has inspired people all over the world to test innovative ways to use, consume, and grow cannabis. As it becomes more widespread with legalisation and social acceptance, users have better access to the tools necessary to take cannabis to the next level.

Amsterdam Genetics has evolved over the last few decades to support many of these trends. It’s allowed us to develop a collection of more than 40 different strains of premium cannabis seeds, partnering with a credible CBD company for CBD supplements and nutrition, and even expand our footprint with delivery in multiple European countries.

It makes it easier for us to reach growers like you! Come along as we continue to transform with the global cannabis industry.


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Cannabis Around the World: Global Trends and Innovations

Cannabis is one of the most rapidly evolving industries globally. You’ll find cannabis trends driving growth in several key areas, such as market sales, cultivation, product development, science, and legalisation.

Thanks to the growing global popularity of cannabis, we expect these trends to continue for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the biggest trends stemming from a more global acceptance of cannabis.


1 – Cannabis Legalisation Trends

One of the main drivers for so many cannabis trends is legalisation. Cannabis is still highly regulated in most countries. However, we see more countries adopt practices decriminalising the plant and making it acceptable for medical use every year.

For example, the US now has 24 states where it’s legal. Thailand became the first Asian country to legalise it. And legalised medical use is now accepted in countries like Switzerland, Colombia, New Zealand, and Israel. Be sure to stay updated on your country’s laws before engaging in any cannabis-related activities like cultivation or consumption.

A trend we’ve spotted for legalisation is that cultivation for personal use is typically the first step to a country allowing its use. Once decriminalised, countries allow citizens to grow a limited number of cannabis plants indoors. It’s led to us expanding our delivery services to more zones in Europe who can now take advantage of our premium cannabis seeds.

2 – Cultivation Innovation Trends

Another cannabis trend we’re most excited about is cultivation. Now that more people are experimenting with growing cannabis at home, they’re finding new ways to grow the plant more efficiently. Innovations created more strains from cross-breeding seeds, higher yields, and overall better quality cannabis.

Growing cannabis indoors now supports agricultural practices like hydroponics and aeroponics instead of the traditional method using soil. Also, better grow setups that better stimulate a natural grow environment for the plants to thrive in any season. This can include specially designed grow tents and nutrients added to your soil or water solutions to improve the growing process.

Cannabis trends in cultivation are rapidly changing the quality and quantity of cannabis you can enjoy for your personal use. Since countries limit the number of plants you can grow at a time, techniques like stress training and supercropping can produce larger yields than expected from a single plant.

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3 – Cannabis Industry Growth Trends

Cannabis is a multi-billion dollar global industry that continues trending up. The basis of this positive growth trend is a growing societal acceptance of cannabis. The Netherlands was an early mover in legalising cannabis and a declining social stigma over its use. As more countries adopt these ideals, it’s led to an increase in regulated sales of different cannabis products, new industries supporting cannabis-related businesses, and a growing popularity for cultivation.

The cannabis industry is growing as fast as the plant itself! It attracts both entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the green rush and weed enthusiasts gaining more access to products and tools used for cultivation.

One of the latest industry drivers is cannabis tourism. The Netherlands has always been high on the bucket lists for weed connoisseurs who were unable to consume cannabis legally in their own countries. This tourism has expanded to many other countries, offering their own unique experiences and opportunities to consume cannabis in socially-friendly locations.

4 – Product Trends

Cannabis is much more than just a plant. While flower remains the most popular form, cannabis trends are revealing a more diverse use of the plant for consumption.

Some of the different products being made with cannabis include vape carts (solvents and distilled), edibles (gummies, baked goods, supplements), beverages, and help-based textiles.

CBD products are becoming more mainstream. Due to its lack of THC, it’s not only prevalent among cannabis users but also among those seeking its health benefits.

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5 – Science Trends

Cannabis goes hand-in-hand with science, and researchers are dedicating their careers to learning more about the plant. From research to experiments, new information emerges constantly. Potential medical benefits of using cannabis are revealed, as well as more practical uses.

Science also plays a role in cultivation. Improved science helps growers develop new, more potent strains and provides helpful data about their grows, such as THC and CBD content levels.

The global acceptance of cannabis has taken the plant from the underground into the labs. Access to better research methods and tools will advance our knowledge of cannabis.

Future Outlook for Cannabis Trends

Amsterdam Genetics has had nearly four decades of success in producing high-quality cannabis seeds—thanks to the progressive ideals about cannabis in the Netherlands. Now that cannabis culture has become a global phenomenon, these trends are starting to expand to all corners of the world, from Europe to the Americas to Africa to Asia.

The continued expansion of cannabis exposes us all to new ways of cultivating, consuming, and uses beneficial to the entire community. Keep an eye out for new cannabis trends soon to emerge.

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Mastering Hydroponics: A Guide for Cannabis Growers

Hydroponics is a popular method for growing cannabis indoors. It’s a water-based system with many advantages over soil-based systems, such as improved yields and faster plant growth. With its popularity booming amongst cannabis users, we’ve decided to give you a rundown on these systems.

Keep reading to find out how to use hydroponics with cannabis and which system is best to grow indoors.


The Basics of Hydroponics Systems

As its name suggests, the main feature of all hydroponics systems is water. Unlike traditional growing methods, hydroponics eliminates the use of soil and uses other mediums to help suspend the plant’s roots in water.

There are six types of hydroponics systems for growing cannabis:

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC)
  • Wick
  • Ebb & Flow
  • Drip
  • Nutrient Film Technique (NTF)
  • Aeroponics

These systems are categorized as active or passive based on the mechanics needed to manage them during the growing process. Here are details about each system and how they’re used for growing cannabis indoors.


Passive Hydroponics Systems

These simplified hydroponics systems use less energy since they don’t require additional tools to deliver the water solution to your plants.

  1. Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The most popular hydroponics system for growing cannabis is Deep Water Culture (DWC). It’s also the simplest passive system to set up. DWC completely submerges plant roots in nutrient-rich water while the plant is suspended above the solution. Air is provided via a pump inserted into the water—sometimes called an active system due to the air pumps.

Many beginners experimenting with how to use hydroponics with cannabis start with this system because of the simplicity. It’s a great option for growing indoors since you only need one bucket to fit in a small space.

An alternative method of this system is the Kratky method. This alternative doesn’t fully submerge the plant roots but allows them to touch the water surface lightly, offering lots of air room for the roots.

  1. Wick

This hydroponics method is set up similar to an Ebb and Flow system. It’s passive since it relies on using a wick (string or other fabric) instead of a pump to transfer water from the reservoir into your growing tray. It can be set up as a recovery system—the water drains back into the reservoir and is recycled back through the wick.

Due to limits of water transfer via wick, this isn’t as popular for growing cannabis. Cannabis plants need much more water and nutrients to reach their full potential.

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Active Hydroponic Systems

Systems categorized as active require moving parts to help make them function properly. These systems vary from simple to complex.

  1. Ebb and Flow

This method may also be called the Flood and Drain method, which gives a better idea of how it functions. It’s an active hydroponics system that periodically floods your main growing tray with a nutrient-rich water solution for your plants to drink before draining back into a separate reservoir container.

It’s an active system because it requires a pump to provide water to your plants from the reservoir. It works on a timer to give plants just enough water before a period of air between cycles.

  1. Drip

The Drip hydroponics system is a way to deliver water to your plants automatically. A drop system is routed to your plants and tickles water on a timer for the exact quantity needed.

This active system requires some skill to set up the correct drop functionality.

  1. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

The NFT method is one of the most complex hydroponics systems for growing cannabis. It works similarly to an ebb and flow system, except it uses a tilted growing tray to drain the water back into the reservoir below. The tilted growing tray holding your plants eliminates the need for a drain timer since a measured amount of water is pumped into it to allow for drinking.

This method is uncommon for small indoor grows due to its complexity.

  1. Aeroponics

This is a special kind of hydroponics system that’s one of the most complex to design. Cannabis plant roots are suspended in the air and receive frequent sprays of nutrient-rich water to keep them moisturized. To create this system, you need timers, a spray fountain, and accurate targeting for delivery.

Since these require lots of active equipment, indoor growers with a small amount of plants avoid this method.

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Getting Started With Hydroponics

Anyone can get started with using hydroponics systems to grow cannabis indoors. There are two ways: build your own or purchase a kit. The DIY method of building your own hydroponics system can be exciting, and you can customize it to your exact specifications. Cannabis plants vary in size depending on the strain, and you can tailor your setup for each grow.

We recommend beginners start with a kit to ensure you have all the basics. These kits come with equipment to hold the water, cannabis plants, and may contain other tools like nutrient solutions.

You can weigh your options based on the costs to build the system, the size you need for your indoor grow, and your skill level.

Get started with your hydroponics system using our premium cannabis seeds.