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Growing New Strains For The First Time

If you are considering growing new strains for the first time, you’re facing enough choices to make you lose sight of the forest for the ganja trees. That’s why we’re handing you a few simple guidelines to help you find the best cannabis seeds for beginner and veteran growers alike, no matter what your personal taste or grow purposes.

Growing New Strains For The First Time

No matter how many grows you’ve completed, and regardless of the superb strains you may have harvested, every one of us knows that familiar nagging sensation… It’s the small voice in the back of your head whispering: “but what if that next harvest would be even tastier, even more potent and even bigger than this last one?” It is the same familiar voice you can hear whenever a spectacular new strain catches your eye, and you can just smell those fresh buds simply by looking at them.

This voice is the curious, playful grower you carry deep down inside; even if you always pick the same cannabis seeds that happen to tick all you personal boxes. It’s whispering in your ear, encouraging you to try growing new strains and tasting them for the first time. Let’s face it: there’s still so much out there to sow, grow, and savour; and besides, the grass will always be greener on the other side…

But how do you go about choosing new strains and growing them for the first time?  How do you pick the best genetics to match your personal situation, grow setup, and taste? Which cannabis seeds are best for a beginner, and which are more suited for advanced growers? We’re handing you some quick guidelines to help you decide, letting you expand your palate and experience to make you an even more proficient ganja grower.

exotic purple autoflower
Our newest tropical Autoflower strain, a must-try!

Will You Plant Indica Or Sativa Seeds?

Choosing between growing new indica or sativa strains for the first time is a complicated affair even for experienced gardeners. Firstly, the respective sativa and indica labels don’t necessarily tell you much about a plant, its behaviour, or its effects. Moreover, the distinction between these two ‘subspecies’ is not as clear as you may think.

These days, you won’t find any ‘pure’ indica or sativa strains out there: all the current strains are hybrid crossbreeds. Strain descriptions often list percentages of both genetic lines to give you an impression of their origins.

Nonetheless, it can be helpful to know roughly what you’re getting when you order indica or sativa-dominant cannabis seeds. The following basic properties are important to consider when you’re considering growing new strains for the first time: 

Indica Cannabis Strains

  • Grow with great speed and vigour in the vegetative stage;
  • Usually have shorter flowering times than sativas;
  • Often have shorter stature (convenient for indoor growing);
  • Leaves are broader;
  • Effects: more physically oriented, body buzz, stoned, relaxing, sleep-inducing;
  • Medical: often used for pain, stress, aching muscles

Sativa Cannabis Strains

  • Tend to grow and flower more slowly; stretch may continue in flowering phase;
  • Can grow to huge sizes, especially outdoors;
  • Narrow leaf structure;
  • Effects: more mentally oriented, brain buzz, high, uplifting, creativity, activating;
  • Medical: often used for low moods, fatigue and inspiration

Try Autoflower Strains?

These days, many growers select feminized autoflower strains by default when growing new strains for the first time. These special plants are nearly always female and start flowering by themselves within about 3-5 weeks. That saves a lot of complications regarding lighting adjustments, and it prevents accidental pollination of females by undiscovered male specimens (making feminized autoflower seeds some of the best cannabis seeds for beginner growers). In addition, they usually grow and flower at record speed.

Such rapid growth is great for anyone interested in harvesting more often, but especially when growing new strains indoors for the first time, you’ll appreciate plants that stop growing taller early by switching to flowering mode. This trait makes them perfect for growing in small tents or cramped grow rooms. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of growing fast feminized autoflower seeds indoors, check out this blog with inside information and the finest autoflower strains to try out for yourself.

Milkshake Kush Autoflower

Growing Strains With New Flavours For The First Time

You could also opt for growing new cannabis strains for the first time based on their flavour and scent. If you do, focus your attention on terpene profiles: the subtle interplay of aromatic compounds that determines the taste of weed. 

cannabis terpenen meer smaak
Find the perfect strain for you: use the smell of terpenes!

Over one hundred different cannabis terpenes have been identified so far. Depending on their complex profiles, terpenes make buds taste like anything from citrus fruit (limonene) to earthy tones (humulene), or add a spicy twist to your flower (caryophyllene).

There’s plenty of wonderful flavours to try out there. How about growing a cannabis strain for the first time that tastes like chocolate, sweet and creamy pastry, dazzling diesel fumes, or the wild aroma of berries, banana, pineapple, or other exotic fruits?  

Interestingly, each of these terpenes adds its own delicate touch to the high caused by its strain’s flower buds. You can learn more about this in our blogs on cannabinoid and terpene profiles, or in the specific background blogs on all the main cannabis terpenes.

Choosing Strains By Grow Properties

A final option is picking new strains to grow for the first time by considering specific grow properties. That means working from a true gardener’s perspective. If you do, these are your most important factors and characteristics to take into account:

  • Harvest yield: this is a rough indication of the amount of harvested weed to expect per plant or per square metre. Keep in mind, however, that a slow-flowering high-yield sativa plant may get you the same amount of bud you would harvest by growing two fast indica autoflowers consecutively over the same number of months. You’ll have fewer buds per plant, but that doesn’t matter if you can harvest after just half the flowering time;
  • Flowering time: this indicates how long plants take to produce mature buds from the first signs of flowering. Sativas tend to flower more slowly than indica dominant strains. This will impact your planning when growing new strains for the first time;
  • Stretch and size: ‘stretch’ indicates the extent to which (young) plants race up towards the light before they start to flower. Cannabis strains with high stretch properties tend to be impractical for growing in small grow tents, since they’ll soon reach your overhead grow lights, risking heat stress and failing to reach their full growth potential. Generally speaking, indica strains tend to have shorter, more compact stature than most sativa plants; 
  • Sensitivity: sativa strains, especially the non-autoflower photoperiod kind, tend to be more sensitive to temperature, humidity, and lighting fluctuations than indica plants. That is why we would recommend tougher indica cannabis strains when growing new variants for the first time without much prior experience;
  • Resistance to mould and disease: when growing new strains for the first time, it is wise to consider their resistance to mould, disease, and pests. High-resilience strains are often the best cannabis seeds for a beginner, even though many of the most interesting exotic strains tend to be more sensitive. If you prefer one of the latter kind, it helps to know what to look out for to prevent getting into trouble.

As you can see, there’s plenty of choice out there when growing new strains for the first time. Fortunately, you have already made the most important decision: only use top notch cannabis seeds – but you’re going to be fine on that account as long as you stick with Amsterdam genetics seeds!  

Insulate your grow tent

Insulate Your Grow Tent Or Room: Save Money, Reduce Noise and Smell

If you know how to insulate your cannabis grow tent or room, you can save some serious bucks while growing weed indoors. This blog helps you on your way to installing your very own DIY grow space insulation with minimum hassle.

Why Insulate Your Grow Tent?

Most indoor cannabis growers these days prefer the convenience of a grow tent to use as their foldable cannabis garden. Others convert an interior space into a full grow room. Regardless, knowing how to insulate a grow tent, or how to tackle grow room insulation, can make a big difference when it comes to harvest yields, grow efficiency, and electricity bills. 

Insulation can also help keep your hobby a private affair, as insulting helps mask heat signatures, smell, and equipment noise while making your green efforts that much greener. If you mask the smell of growing weed, you can avoid detection while reducing your chances of annoying family members, flatmates, or neighbours.

amnesia haze amsterdam genetics seeds
Amnesia Haze is known for her intense and pungent smell

Cutting Back On Those Bills

These days, power usage and electricity bills are an important part of growing cannabis indoors. Skyrocketing energy costs can really spoil the taste of your harvest, and so, cutting back on your electricity expenses helps keep your hobby fun and worthwhile. 

Applying proper grow room insulation can go a long way towards keeping growing weed affordable. Moreover, it helps reduce your carbon footprint. Trust us when we tell you your bud will taste even better knowing you have kept your environmental impact down to the bare minimum – and that’s before those electricity bills come rolling in!

energy efficient cannabis grow hacks
Learn more about saving energy on your grow!

Grow Room Temperature And Humidity Control

Managing your grow room or tent temperature and humidity control is crucial for healthy cannabis plants. Stable, consistent grow climate conditions give your crops the best shot at maximum harvest results. If you add insulation, it will become easier and more cost-effective to keep both relative air humidity and temperature levels constant: your premium cannabis seeds deserve it!

cannabis zaden 420
Find your favourite Premium AG strains!

Protection By Insulation

Make no mistake: indoor grow conditions can be almost as unstable as outdoor garden environments. Winter outdoor temperatures affect your room temperature as well, and insulation helps counter these fluctuations. Perhaps more importantly, heat waves can crank up indoor temperatures fast, which can be fatal for anyone growing in exposed areas such as attics or extensions.

The same applies to air humidity. No matter how good your exhaust fans and air circulation are, you will be doing your plants a favour by improving the stability of moisture levels in your indoor garden. You’ll be doing yourself a favour too, because better insulation equals less worrying over sudden drops or rises in all the climate variables you need to manage when growing weed.  

cannabis trend 2023
Learn more about protecting your plants against heat!

Differences Between Tent And Full Grow Room Insulation

Tents and grow rooms can be insulated using the same kinds of materials. You can get these materials at any DIY store at reasonable prices, so consider your grow room insulation an investment that will pay off in terms of lower power consumption and added growing efficiency.

The main difference between a tent and a full room is usually a matter of floor and wall surface: spare bedrooms, attics, and garages tend to be much bigger than a regular grow tent. This difference is offset by the number of plants your grow room can accommodate: you’ll get bigger harvest yields in return for the extra insulation you apply.

At this point, it is worth considering that you may want to insulate the room where you place your grow tent or tents. Any heat and moisture kept in the surrounding room will contribute to a stable climate inside the tent. All in all, overall insulation quality of your designated grow area is worth considering before deciding where to put up your tent. Perhaps you could even insulate your grow tent as well as the room it is in for optimal effectiveness.

Cannabis Insulation Materials

Before you get started, take a minute to determine which insulation materials best suit your needs. We will discuss the three most commonly used types of insulation to help you decide.


Fibreglass is a handy material for insulating entire homes, so it should work well in most grow rooms, depending on shape, size, and any obstacles that are part of the construction. Fibreglass is relatively affordable and pretty easy to install by yourself. 

The big drawback of fibreglass insulation for grow rooms (or even tents) is the mess it produces when processed: these fibres can cause skin irritation and even harm your respiratory system. Always make sure to wear proper protection and clean up thoroughly when you’re done.

isoleren kweektent

Reflective Foil 

Reflective insulation foil is the usual means of insulating ready-made grow tents. This lightweight material is highly affordable and extremely easy to apply in problematic spaces. Reflective foil keeps heat inside while making optimal use of the light by reflecting it back into the room at different angles. Just make sure you don’t leave any light leaks open, because a tiny crack in your insulation can seriously ruin your growth and flowering prospects.

best place to grow weed indoors
Grow tents often come with inbuilt reflective foil!

Foam Board

Foam board is probably the cheapest grow room insulation material, making it a great choice for beginners with tight budgets. It is lightweight and easy to cut into any shape you need. In addition to great temperature control, foam board gives you additional moisture resistance, although it lacks the reflective capacity of foil to boost your lighting efficiency.

How To Insulate Your Grow Tent Or Grow Room

Insulating a grow tent is usually a pretty straightforward affair. The general idea is to improve its original insulation capacity by building a containment box around your tent for extra protection. Not only will this help stabilise your grow climate; it will also keep smells and noise inside to prevent annoying buzzing sounds and other nuisances. This can be done using any of the materials described above. A simple wooden frame is a good start here.

Another option is applying insulation inside the tent. Reflective foil is best suited for this purpose, but do make sure you keep the original walls of the tent intact. Leave enough space for any extraction fans, lighting rigs, and other equipment you want to use inside your tent.

When insulating an entire grow room, you can either choose to divide the room into insulated compartments for greater efficiency, or insulate the entire outer walls of the room in one go. Much depends on the amount of space you have available – and on the tolerance limits of any other people living in the same house, of course.

Always remember to put safety first, whichever materials you choose. Wear protective equipment such as face masks and gloves when working with fibreglass. Watch out while cutting up foam board and make sure to clean up the mess. Always try to leave power lines and other important utility features intact: you don’t want to risk electrocution, or interfering with the effective power grid you had running before you decided to insulate your grow room. 

Getting Your Grow Room Or Tent Up And Running

If you need further information on maintaining ideal temperatures, air humidity, lighting schedules, or water and nutrient regimes, be sure to explore our Grow Blogs for more insider’s tips and tricks. If you’re not sure which room in your house is the best pace to grow weed indoors, this blog will help you decide. 

If you have these basics covered, it’s time to order the best cannabis seeds Amsterdam can offer and start growing your own, well–protected, energy-efficient home-grown weed! 

feiten en fabels over wiet

Myths About Weed: The Truth Behind Myths & Facts

 There’s a lot of wild talk out there when it comes to growing weed. We try to debunk some of the main marijuana myths and hand you some solid facts about cannabis instead. That way, even if we don’t improve your growing accuracy, at least we’ll boost your cannabis trivia knowledge to help impress your friends at parties!

Uncovering The Facts About Cannabis

For centuries, all information related to cannabis consumption and cultivation was shrouded in a haze of mystery by default. Legal constraints, popular myth, and the ill-conceived international war on drugs all contributed to an overall sense of obscurity and taboo on all things dank and skunky. 

We see it as our responsibility to help debunk some of the greatest and most persistent myths about cannabis. You will notice that many of these myths appear to be politically motivated somehow, probably intended to scare people away from a plant that has been praised, consumed, and enjoyed for millennia.

So without further ado, here are three persistent myths about weed, along with the relevant facts about cannabis to set the record straight.

Popular Myths About Weed: Death By Weed?

For decades, since long before the arrival of the internet in fact, there have been rumours about so-called “death by weed”, suggesting that consuming cannabis can actually kill you. This is an established marijuana myth, as there have never been reports about anyone dying from weed, period. For as long as we know, the total cases of cannabis deaths per year has been zero. 

Even though any substance – including water and oxygen – will become toxic and even fatal at some point depending on overall volume ingested, there is just no way anyone could smoke or munch themselves to death. The sheer amount of cannabis, THC, or any other of its constituent cannabinoids required for a fatal dose would be too enormous to consume in a single session, or even a single day. As a matter of fact, our own physiology would prevent us from ever taking and toking so much: we would pass out on the floor long before death by weed became even remotely possible.

Kosher Choco Kush

Some claim that even if this is true (which it is), consuming cannabis could cause severe brain damage that would be severely crippling if not entirely lethal. This is yet another clear example of pervasive myths about weed. Studies have demonstrated that even though cannabis can cause short term effects on memory, attention, and emotional states, these effects have never been proven to cause permanent brain damage.

The opposite could actually be one of the most positive facts about cannabis instead: various cannabis compounds are being studied for their potential merits in treating various brain conditions, including presently incurable neuropathology such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease!

Is Weed a Gateway Drug?

Another popular myth about cannabis is closely linked to the Gateway Drug Theory, also called Stepping Stone Theory by some. This theory suggests that use of relatively harmless substances like cannabis increases the likelihood of people switching to ‘harder’ and more harmful drugs such as heroin or amphetamines, for instance. 

Multiple studies have demonstrated that this hypothesis is incorrect. Even if certain statistics show correlations between use of cannabis and use of other (illegal) substances, the theory is overly simplistic and ignores various social, biological, and political mechanisms at work.

Just like other myths about weed, including the lazy stoner stereotype discussed below, the Gateway Drug Theory should be consigned to a history marked by the unfounded persecution of people enjoying the recreational and medicinal potential of a plant that has been with us for ages – and which is likely to outlast our species with casual ease.

The gateway drug model could still apply to other substances, even if it is merely a myth when it comes to cannabis. The recent opioid crisis, for instance, has given rise to speculation that synthetic (prescription drug) opiates like fentanyl could act as a gateway towards abuse of other opiates such as heroin. Interestingly, medicinal cannabis has been suggested as an alternative for the abundance of opiates prescribed by doctors today. 

cannabis dokter
Read more about Cannabis And Medication here!

So in addition to the fact that cannabis addiction is a hotly contended topic to say the least, weed could even help stop addiction epidemics that cost many thousands of lives every year. 

So is weed a gateway drug? Science says it isn’t, and the opposite may in fact be closer to the truth. Perhaps it is time we added some new cannabis facts to replace some old myths about weed: marijuana could actually be a gateway towards safe and natural pain relief, instead of the stepping stone conservative pundits have long claimed it to be…

Facts And Myths About Weed: The Lazy Stoner Stereotype

Of the many myths about weed, few have been so prominently highlighted in popular culture as the lazy stoner stereotype. Media caricatures of cannabis consumers generally portray some sort of scruffy, lazy numbskull interested only in cartoons and the inside of the fridge. If you feel the whole thing once more smacks of propaganda in the war on drugs, that’s because you’re right – in part at least.

We will be the first to admit that cannabis ingredients such as THC can make anyone feel relaxed to the point of lethargy, especially the type of heavy bodybuzz associated with strong indica weed strains. This is hardly the whole story, however: there are many types of cannabis that produce entirely different effects. 

Various sativa-heavy strains are bred, grown, and consumed specifically for the energizing, uplifting highs they produce. If you want an example, try one of our refreshing hazy sativa strains such as Lemon Haze seeds. 

lemon haze

The type of high that debunks the lazy stoner stereotype is often fuelled not just by cannabinoids like THC or CBD, but by a whole auxiliary army of terpenes and other organic compounds such as flavonoids. Linalool, for instance, is just one example of an uplifting terpene, which is also found in lavender. Caryophyllene is another fine example, and the list goes on with over 100 different terpenes currently identified in weed strains.

The complex biochemical interplay that causes your high is a nuanced and delicate affair that involves dozens of different substances. Did you know, for instance, that cannabinoids can mutually influence, boost, or dampen each other’s mental and physical effects? Terpenes and flavonoids have the same ability, commonly known as the entourage effect. 

Click to read more about The Entourage Effect!

Today’s cannabis market offers such a staggering variety of strains that the old and speculative lazy stoner stereotype is definitely headed for the scrapyard. We have plenty of uplifting, mood-improving, creativity-inspiring and fatigue-busting strains to prove our point – and that’s a well-established cannabis fact that nobody can deny! 

grow weed outdoor

Grow Outdoor Weed At Home: The Best Start

We are going to convince you to grow outdoor weed at home. We will tell you all you need to know to raise cannabis in your own garden. We’ve got all the tips, tricks, techniques, and premium cannabis seeds you need. Just follow our instructions and experience how easy, fun, educational, profitable, and super-relaxing growing cannabis outdoors really is!

Why You Should Grow Your Own Weed Outdoors

Every year, as winter draws to a close, thousands of cannabis enthusiasts around the world feel their green thumbs tingle in anticipation. As the cold weather makes way for the first rays of spring sunshine, the ganja gardening community starts to warm up to the best time of the year.

The outdoor cannabis season starts with the onset of every new year – and this time, we’re helping you make the most out of your first attempt to grow weed in your own garden!

Admit it: you’ve been thinking about growing your own weed at home before… If you have ever tasted the pure, natural, sun-fuelled flavour of outdoor marijuana, you know you want to grow outdoor weed at least once. But growing your own harvest of premium weed in the open air has more advantages to offer than great taste alone.

The many benefits of growing your own outdoor weed are too good to ignore. Having full control over every aspect of the grow process is great fun and educationally rewarding at the same time. It also allows you to grow fully organic weed out of all your favourite strains and seeds. Very handy for medicinal cannabis growers and recreational gardeners alike.

grow outdoor weed

Growing outdoor weed saves you big bucks as well, since you will end up with a big stash of home-grown cannabis – possibly enough to last you right until next year’s outdoor season.

Financially, the news just keeps getting better. Growing cannabis in the garden is almost completely free if you want it to: all you need is sunshine, water, and some fertile garden soil – the rest comes down to basic gardening skills and some time to spare.

The Joys Of Ganja Gardening

Besides being free, the full spectrum of natural sunlight also brings out the full range of flavours and aromas your plants carry inside. Just indulge yourself and wait until you get a taste of your very own harvest – you’ll never want to depend on your regular expensive and inconsistent supply channels again…

We haven’t even mentioned the most important reason to get out there and grow outdoor weed all by yourself. Growing weed in your garden is an awesome way to enjoy your summer even as you save money, learn new skills, and work with nature.

Best of all, you’ll feel so 100% zen by the time you’re done, enjoying that fresh green harvest is just another added benefit because you’ll be more relaxed than ever way before you get your first taste of home-grown flower!

Home Grown Marijuana: Anyone Can Do It, Including You

Trust us when we say that anyone can grow outdoor weed– including you. If you have even a shred of doubt remaining, we are going to help you grow your own weed at home. All you need is some spare time, a bit of space in the garden or on your balcony, and high quality cannabis seeds to get you started.

Before you know it, you’ll be beaming with pride as you watch your very own plants grow, flower, and yield a big fat harvest of your own premium weed!

which cannabis seeds to grow
Find the perfect Cannabis Strain for you on our webshop!

We’ll tell you all you need to know, and all you need to grow. We have all the technical know-how ready and waiting for you in our Grow Blogs. Soon, you’ll be chilling in your garden, sipping lemonade and catching a tan as you expand your grower skills watching the grass grow.

Don’t worry about finding the right seeds to start with, either. We have you covered with some of the greatest genetics known to mankind. Especially for that first-time garden project, we have everything you could ask for, including easy cannabis seeds for starters.

We’ll help you decide between raising indica or sativa plants outside, and we have some great tips on choosing outdoor-friendly autoflower cannabis seeds for your ganja gardening debut.

How To Grow Outdoor Weed In Your Garden 101

Of course, we will be there for you every step of the way from the moment you decide which seeds you will plant in your backyard soil. We will tell you just what to expect from your grow as your crops make their way through their natural life cycle, heading towards that wonderful moment when you can get those clippers and start harvesting.

We will explain how and when to water your outdoor cannabis plants, whether to add nutrients or let nature take its course, how to tell if your cannabis is healthy or in need of support, and much more besides. Choosing the best garden location to grow outdoor weed is another important step, as is making sure your darlings are well-protected in case the weather turns against you.

cannabis garden

Squeeze Every Last Ounce Out Of The Outdoor Season

Obviously, you’re not just here to enjoy a season of relaxed outdoor cannabis gardening… You’re looking for results! But why not enjoy both? We are going to make sure you get your share of fresh air hobby kicks as well as a truckload of sun-raised flower buds by helping you plan ahead for this year’s outdoor season.

Together, we will make get you fully prepped and all set to go as soon as the first spring sunshine hits the ground. We will help you order the best seeds in time and get you organized. That way, you can decide to pregrow your seeds and plant out seedlings with a head start, or just go all-natural and pop those genetics right into the soil as soon as the time is right.

Grow Outdoor Weed With Zero Problems

While your garden grows, we’ll be by your side with more tips and tricks to further improve your chances of success. You can expect help making your own cannabis compost, keeping pests, disease, mould, and other problems under control, and protecting your darling plants from rain, summer storms, and other threats.

Our blogs will teach you all you need to know – don’t worry, just enjoy the ride and keep your eyes on the prize!

grow weed outdoors

With the proper timing and all the necessary gear ready and waiting, you’re bound to enjoy a deeply relaxed spring and summer of growing outdoor weed with expert-based TLC, casually working your way to that ultimate early autumn reward…

best place to grow weed in your house

Best Place To Grow Weed Indoors

If you’re looking for the best place to grow weed in your house, check out the practical tips below to make sure you pick the room that suits your needs. We’ll help you pinpoint that weed sweet spot whether you want to use a grow tent or a full-fledged indoor grow room.

Finding The Best Place To Grow Weed In Your House

Growing cannabis indoors can be a highly efficient and economical way of ensuring your own affordable weed supply throughout the year. With today’s soaring energy prices, though, making the wrong choices could just as well wind you up with stupidly high electricity bills on top of any other legal and financial hazards.

We are here to help your indoor cannabis growing efforts succeed, so we thought we’d do a quick tour of any possible grow spot you could use around the house, just to check the pros and cons. Together, we will pinpoint the best place to grow weed in your house to help you make the most of what your own home has to offer!

Which Factors Determine The Best Place To Grow Weed Indoors?

Let’s consider the most important indoor grow factors to consider before you pick the best room in your house. Every house is different, so you will need to apply these considerations to your own situation. Still, with a few basic parameters in mind, you can determine the best spot to grow weed indoors no matter where you live.

1: Space

The obvious first condition to meet when finding the best place to grow weed in your house is space. If you want to grow just one plant, or three at most, using a small-size grow tent is probably your best option. Tents are easy to use, well insulated, relatively cheap, and they can be set up basically anywhere because, well, they were designed for this stuff.

Growing weed indoors in a tent reduces the need for room climate control, because a good tent lets you establish an interior micro-climate in pretty much any room around the house.

cannabis grow tent

If you only have a spare closet to use, a bit of imagination and basic DIY skills will help you turn it into an impromptu miniature grow room fit for the same number of plants you’d grow in a tent.

Securing a steady supply of fresh homegrown weed all year long isn’t hard: you can use two or three tents in a system to cycle your grows into a perpetual harvest setup.

If you have lots of space available, you could also build your own grow room and raise a huge batch of a dozen plants at once and harvest enough to store a stash that lasts you all year. That would leave your grow room obsolete for most of the year, though, which is not very efficient use of valuable space.

Overall, finding a room with lots of space is not that important as long as you have modest production needs. In fact, large spaces are more difficult to illuminate and keep warm. Picking a spot with good climate control and stealth options plus suitable utilities is the better choice.

2: Climate

Controlling climate factors such as temperature, lighting, humidity, and ventilation is essential in indoor ganja farming. Using a grow tent lets you work in a ‘bubble’ within your home, which makes climate control a whole lot easier. Still, even tents are affected by the temperature of the surrounding room.


Cannabis plants like warm environments. If you pick a grow spot or a whole room that is easy to keep warm, you can save on heating expenses and make a positive impact on your energy bills.

On the other hand, heat produced by lamps and fans is easier to expel using exhaust fans in cooler environments. If you use modern LED lighting, though, you’ll probably want to pick a nice and warm spot over a cold part of the house.

Remember to check the insulation while looking for the best place to grow weed in your house. Consider walls and flooring as well as the glazing of any windows present. Having central heating available can go a long way towards setting the right cannabis climate in the room, making basements and garages less ideal than a living room or bedroom.

Also keep in mind that hot air moves up. That could make your attic a good option if you live in a colder or temperate zone. In warmer countries, however, insulation tends to work the other way around: look for cooler rooms to protect plants from drying out or burning up due to summer heat stress here.

best place to grow weed indoors
Grow tents come in various sizes.


You will have to make sure your grow room has no light leaks that could ruin your carefully planned lighting schedule. Rooms without windows are obvious candidates here, but remember that light creeping in from under the door will hurt your plants just as well. You may want to make sure you can enter your grow room from a hallway where you can switch off the lights before entering to eliminate yet another light leaking source.

Darkening your grow room windows is a good alternative for a windowless space. Just make sure it doesn’t look too silly and/or shady from the outside if you want to avoid unwanted attention.

Humidity & Airflow

Humidity and airflow are crucial parameters to control for indoor growers. You can do so by using inlet and exhaust fans to introduce and expel air from your grow room or tent. Having windows you can open helps, but that would cause light leaks almost by default. Even if you crack open a widow only at night, nearby streetlights can still ruin your day.

Air humidity tends to be harder to control in damp basements and (spare)  bathrooms, so take this into account when picking the best place to grow weed in your house.

3: Utilities

The best place to grow weed in your house should have easy access to electricity and water available. Central heating helps, but its overall usefulness depends on other factors as discussed above.  Having a faucet in the room will make watering your plants that much easier.

Check your circuits if you plan to use power-hungry equipment on your preferred indoor weed growing spot. If you have other devices running on the same circuit, you could cause shortcuts that will harm your plants or cause serious damage to your equipment.

4: Stealth

In most countries, stealth is a primary concern for anyone trying to raise a few cannabis plants at home. Even if growing your own weed is allowed by law, you may want to keep nosey neighbours, thieves, and need-to-know-basis family members (including kids!) away from your green hobby project.

Basements, garages, attics, and broom closets tend to be out of the way for most guests. That often makes them the best place to grow weed in your house if keeping a low profile is important.

lemon haze
Get your odour control in order of you want to grow a fragrance bomb like Lemon Haze

Remember that keeping prying eyes out is just one aspect of finding the safest location for growing weed indoors. Odour control is crucial too. Having the right filters in place to keep unwanted smells out (or in) is key, but you should decide which is best in your unique situation: expelling hot air directly outside the house, or releasing it into an adjoining room to use the remaining heat and save on energy consumption?

Noise can be a stealth spoiler too. Fans in particular tend to produce buzzing noises that some neighbours or housemates will find very annoying.

There is one last stealth aspect to consider in looking for the best spot to grow weed indoors in your house: supply lines. Depending on your grow setup, you will need to haul pots, soil, water, and possibly more in and out of the room. Easy access can be very handy, but concealed supply lines can be even more important than logistics if the law is not on your side.

Building A Basement Grow Room

If you have a basement available, good for you! Basements give great stealth and insulation options, plus they are usually the most light-proof rooms of the house. Often used for storage purposes, this could be your best place to grow cannabis indoors simply because your hobby doesn’t get in anyone’s way, with minimal access for guests and incidental visitors.

Watch out for humidity problems with a grow room in the basement, as subterranean rooms are more prone to mould and leakage issues. Depending on structural layout, ventilation and heating can be problematic too, but connoisseurs with their own weed cellar should have no problems dealing with summer heatwaves if they play their cards right.

moisture indoor weed

A Grow Room In The Attic

Just like a basement, building a grow room in the attic takes your crops away from the prying eyes of casual visitors, children, and attentive delivery guys. Major drawbacks of top floor growing include hauling bags of soil and gallons of water up the stairs.

In addition, being right under the roof (especially flat surface roofs) increases your vulnerability to hot weather. One more tip: watch out for snowfall, as having the only roof in the street with no snow on it will have any police officer scratching their heads in suspicion….

(Spare) Bedroom

Having a spare bedroom as the best place to grow weed in your house is pure luxury. If you have one, use it to your advantage. Bedrooms offer the perfect mix of accessibility, discretion, insulation, and ventilation options. Just make sure you have a good explanation ready when you need to explain to your mother-in-law why she can’t come and sleep over in that extra room!

Using a bedroom where people actually sleep can be problematic. Exhaust fans can produce annoying noises, and expelled air may heat the room beyond acceptable limits. If you have no other options, make sure to use a grow tent in your bedroom to give your plants, yourself, and possibly your life partner some privacy (don’t use your kids’ bedrooms – just don’t!).

Growing Weed In A Broom Closet

If you are planning on small-scale runs, a broom closet or similar space could be the best place to grow weed indoors. If you use the correct type of reflective insulation materials and get your ventilation up and running, you won’t even need a tent.

Power sockets and other utilities can be a problem in closet spaces, however. On top of that, you will have to make sure your chosen strains fit the space, so be weary of stretchy genetics and expansive sativa plants.

Magic OG Kush
A nice and compact strain like Magic OG Kush is best for tiny spaces.

Living Room

In small apartments and even tiny houses, the living room may be your best place to grow weed in your house. This is the most risky option in terms of family disputes, and you may find it impossible to keep your hobby hidden. Utilities and accessibility are usually great, however, plus this is the best place to grow weed indoors if you like to talk to your plants for encouragement.


Having a garage available to use as your grow room is just awesome. It offers stealth, minimal disruption of family life, and privacy, while usually having great utilities and accessibility options. Your garage may well be the best place to grow weed in your house if you want to build a fully functional grow room, DIY-style.

Depending on location, temperature fluctuations can be a problem in building extensions, so be ready to install additional cooling equipment to compensate for summer heat, or have a heater ready for your indoor winter grows.

So What’s The Best Place To Grow Weed In Your House?

Summing up, there’s a sweet spot for growing weed in every home. If you keep the above tips in mind, you should be able to do a mental scan of your own home and determine the best place to grow weed in your house.

Whichever room you pick, though, always make sure to order premium cannabis seeds to work with. That way, you can grow plants that match your own preferences as well as any special conditions imposed by the particular layout of your own indoor cannabis garden!

amsterdam genetics seeds

Why Amsterdam Genetics Seeds Are The Right Choice

If you want to know just what makes Amsterdam Genetics seeds so unique in the world of premium weed strains, you need to know just how deep our roots dig into the fertile soils of the Dutch capital’s world-famous cannabis culture.

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds, Growing Strong Since 1985

We are, and always have been, all about developing the best cannabis genetics that any grower or gourmet connoisseur could ask for. Amsterdam Genetics seeds sprouted from the heartfelt desire to cultivate the finest cannabis seeds, to give the whole world a genuine taste of the city that we love.

Back in 1985, the Dutch were taking the lead in a global race to develop ever more potent cannabis strains. At the time, a select group of expert breeders and veterans embedded in the now legendary coffeeshop scene decided to join forces.

This Amsterdam-based allegiance proved to be a unique and highly effective force that has been shaping the Dutch breeding, growing, and consumer scenes for decades.

Breeding takes time; and we have been investing our time in developing premium genetics for decades. That explains why all the most sought-after classic strains grow from Amsterdam Genetics seeds. Just have a look at our legendary Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, and Amnesia Haze genetics to see exactly what we consider weed with World Heritage status.

amnesia haze amsterdam genetics seeds

The secret to our success? Simple. Until this very day, we never accepted anything less than the finest cannabis genetics the world can offer. Our unique collection of exquisite Amsterdam Genetics seeds helps rookie growers and veteran gardeners to raise, harvest, and enjoy the most delicious buds imaginable – with love, from Amsterdam.

Decades Of Dutch Breeding Experience

Together, our team of experts comprises decades, if not centuries, of first-hand experience in growing, breeding, selecting, and tasting cannabis of mind-blowing quality. This treasure trove of knowledge and savoir-faire dovetails nicely with our centuries-old Dutch tradition of methodical plant breeding and greenhouse farming.

Add to this the entirely unique touch we share by our intricate connection to Amsterdam’s cannabis history, and you start to appreciate why we say that Quality is in our Genes.

White Choco best cannabis seeds 2023

If you need proof of the pudding, just get a whiff of our flagship White Choco strain. No Amsterdam visit is complete without a taste of this celebrity chocolate delight. In the years after its release, we launched entire generations of hallmark Choco genetics, blending our pride and joy with new flavours and international innovations.

This resulted in novel delights such as Choco Cheesecake (White Choco x Cheetos), Chocolato (White Choco x Gelato), and autoflower smash hits like Choco Kush Auto (White Choco x AK-OG Kush x ruderalis) – the list just keeps on growing…

chocolato amsterdam genetics seeds

Amsterdam Genetics Seeds: Shaping Modern Cannabis Culture

The world of weed is developing fast. All around the globe, legalisation initiatives are picking up speed, resulting in explosions of wonderful new genetics that promise unprecedented new flavours and highs.

Here in Amsterdam, we celebrate these developments as we watch global cannabis communities embrace the joys of gardening by raising their own crops. Progressive liberalisation and legalisation efforts make our job easier as we continue to sow original Amsterdam Genetics seeds all over the world.

The roots of Amsterdam cannabis culture define the taste and quality contained in every single cannabis seed we cultivate and ship out to ever more destinations around the planet. Our established and acclaimed long-time partners, domestic and abroad, will gladly testify to our lasting impact on the world of weed.

Simultaneously, our breeders select the tastiest, strongest genetics created in emerging new marijuana epicentres to crossbreed them with our own domestic marvels.

These ventures culminate in our Homegrown strains, including Lit Hits like Fatkid’s Cake (GSC x Cherry Pie) and Chunky Cookies (Tropicanna Cookies x Kosher Choco Kush)

Chunky Cookies

So as the world of weed keeps expanding, the roots of Amsterdam cannabis culture spread and extend into new soil, resulting in powerful new strains for the globalising grower community to embrace.

True Passion For The Home Grower Lifestyle

Above all else, however, we create every single one of our Amsterdam Genetics seeds out of true passion for the home grower lifestyle. We have been leading the way for decades, convincing hobby gardeners that there’s no business like grow business as we help them cultivate their own home-grown stash of premium flower.

Why depend on dispensaries or, worse, shady black market operatives, when you can order the world’s finest cannabis genetics straight from Amsterdam and enjoy the process of watching the grass grow at home?

We stay true to our grassroots origins. As our community of fans and green ambassadors keeps on expanding, we continue to direct our efforts at the small-time, dedicated gourmet gardeners who started it all. That explains why we see tiny offshoots of that unmistakable Amsterdam weed culture sprout in ever more gardens worldwide.

Our reputation precedes our Amsterdam Genetics seeds wherever we ship them. If you need evidence, just check our resounding 4.7/5 score based on literally hundreds of Google reviews by growers and connoisseurs from all around the planet.

We know full well that you are playing your part in this green revolution, so it’s two green thumbs up to you – thank you for helping us spread that Cannabis Capital Love with Amsterdam Genetics Seeds!

best cannabis seeds 2023

A Menu Like A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Our collection of premium Amsterdam Genetics seeds is like a Michelin-starred restaurant’s menu in every regard. Every pack of cannabis seeds you order from our online store embodies the full flavour, resilience, impact, and yield potential of top tier genetics.

This star chef’s menu comprises a select variety of fast, strong, easy autoflower seeds and photoperiod strains, most of them fully feminized, with a few exceptions for those who prefer non-feminized plants.

You will find all the diversity that modern weed can offer in the online catalogue of elite Amsterdam Genetics seeds, whether you prefer the classic indica and sativa dimension or select by specific botanical properties, yield potential, or terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Just like that Michelin-starred restaurant, the Amsterdam Genetics seeds menu offers a compact selection of a few dozen unique and exquisite strains rather than a random mishmash of average quality seeds. Our strict selection criteria admit only the finest genetics to ensure you order only top-shelf material, no matter what your taste or preferences.

high quality seeds

Quality Is In Our Genes

Of course, regardless of what we tell you about our top-shelf genetics, the real test only comes after you’ve picked your favourite strain and get those genetics popping. We suggest you do exactly that: head over to the online store, order your best match, and find out for yourself why Amsterdam Genetics seeds are such a unique joy to grow.

Meanwhile, we’ll keep directing our passion and knowledge at bringing you more Green Love from Amsterdam. We just can’t help it: it’s part of our nature because Quality Is In Our Genes…

cannabis grow schedule

Cannabis Grow Schedule: Planning For The Year

If you want to crank up your harvest yields and make optimal use of available space and resources, a personal cannabis grow schedule can be very helpful, as you will find out below.

Your Own Annual Cannabis Grow Schedule

When you start to grow your first marijuana seeds, you usually just go with the flow and hope for the best. One harvest a year seems like a fine prospect at that stage. However, once you gain some experience, you will find that working with an annual cannabis grow schedule can dramatically increase your cost-efficiency and harvest turnover. Planning ahead can make your herb gardening life easier, as this blog explains.

The Importance Of Planning Ahead

Cannabis seeds are natural products, and nature has a pretty accurate sense of timing. That makes sense: after all, seeds need the right conditions to germinate, grow, and flower. Out in the wild, these conditions usually occur only once a year as spring passes into summer and the arrival of autumn signals harvest time.

Admittedly, indoor cannabis growing is not a very natural process. We try to simulate natural conditions in grow rooms or tents, using high-tech equipment, knowledge, and timing to mimic optimal growth conditions. Much depends on the space and equipment you have available. Still, having a cannabis grow schedule ready helps you make the best use of whatever means you have at hand.

perpetual harvest
If you plan ahead, your stash will never run out!

All Year Indoor Growing

If you are a dedicated indoor grower, you may want to harvest several times a year, or even every month, to make sure you always have enough freshly cured bud to enjoy. To achieve this, you will need to arrange separate grow spaces for three different stages of the cannabis life cycle: seedling, veg, and flowering.

Before you go ahead, though, ask yourself how much weed you really need to last you all year long. Well-cured flower can last a long time if stored correctly, so growing more than you need will only ruin your cost- and energy-efficient growing objectives.

If you think that multiple harvests would be useful, then by all means proceed.

Perpetual Harvest?

In the perpetual harvest approach, you work in three rooms or grow tents simultaneously. One room is for seedlings; the other two are reserved for the growth and flowering phases, respectively.

Cannabis plants have different needs throughout the stages of their life cycle. That’s where three tents or rooms come in handy: they let you set the right light, temperature, and humidity levels for each stage. In addition, you can adjust the watering regime and the nutrients you feed your plants in accordance with their changing needs as seedlings progress through the growth and flowering stages.

The principle behind perpetual harvest is simple enough. First, you germinate your seeds and set them up in the seedling tent. Once your seedlings have fully entered the vegetative phase, move them to the second tent and clean out the seedling space as you make room for new seeds to sprout. As soon as your vegging plants start to flower, move them on to the flowering room or tent and change your parameters including watering and feed schedule accordingly.

This leaves the veg tent empty, so move in the second batch of seedlings, clean the seedling tent, and let your third batch germinate there. You can now keep moving your batches along your three-stage production line. If you get the timing right and nothing untoward happens to your crops, you are now running a perpetual harvest cannabis grow schedule!

cannabis grow schedule

The Drawbacks Of A Perpetual Cannabis Grow Schedule

Timing is everything when implementing a perpetual harvest grow and nutrient schedule. Think carefully about what sort of genetics you intend to grow. Try to avoid growing consecutive batches of very different strains. You want to make sure your crops flower and grow at about the same pace to prevent production line blockages.

The trick is finding your unique personal cannabis match. Once you’ve identified the perfect strain to work with, you can keep your cannabis grow schedule running smoothly all year long with minimal hassle. If you want to try a new strain, we suggest waiting until the seedling and veg spaces are empty before germinating your new seeds.

Planning An Indoor And Outdoor Grow Calendar

Depending on where you live, and on the garden or indoor space you have available, you may want to consider combining indoor and outdoor runs in your cannabis growing schedule. This has the added benefit of potential savings on your electricity bills – sunshine is free after all, which can save you bigtime on light and heat expenses.

You could simply keep running your perpetual harvest indoor schedule while you set up one or two outdoor runs over the spring and summer. That would be a great opportunity to try different genetics in the open air before deciding on a switch indoors.

Dynamighty Autoflower
Why not squeeze some fast outdoor autoflower seeds into your annual cannabis grow schedule?

Another option is to shut down your power-consuming (and therefore costly) in-house operation once the outdoor season starts. If you start up a new batch of seeds in your perpetual harvest setup by the time your backyard crop starts flowering, you can switch back to your indoor cannabis grow schedule when autumn arrives.

The Best Seeds For All Year Growing

Which seeds you choose for your cannabis grow schedule is entirely up to you. You could choose fast-flowering strains to max out on the number of runs you can squeeze into the year. Then again, maybe a slow-growing strain with bigger crop yields will better suit your needs. Don’t forget to consider flavour aspects, resistance to mould, and the type of high or stone associated with your strains.

The best choice is usually a strain that ticks all the boxes you find important. No matter what your taste and individual needs, always order premium quality seeds from a trusted supplier. Working with a year-round cannabis grow schedule is ultimately pointless if you get multiple mouldy harvests, poor germination rates, or a huge stash that just doesn’t give you the full flavour and effects that you seek!

cannabis growing tips

Pro Cannabis Growing Tips – AG Interview

Growing weed is an ongoing process of honing your grower skills and knowledge. If you want to keep improving your harvest yields, staying up to date with the latest insights is critical. In this blog, Amsterdam Genetics Team member Jeroen shares his thoughts on cultivating your grow know-how with the latest cannabis growing tips.

Moving Beyond Bread And Butter Techniques

Q: So, Jeroen, what’s your personal take on using grow tips and advanced cannabis insights to improve your results?

A: Well, first of all, it’s useful to admit that none of us know everything, not even celebrity grower gurus with thousands of followers. Techniques go in and out of fashion, advanced technology will keep advancing; and most importantly, we are working with organic, living matter here. And when I say living matter, I mean both the plant and the gardener tending it.

There are no guaranteed solutions in biology: it’s all gloriously messy, dynamic, and erratic. To me, that’s what makes this hobby so thrilling – even though it can be a major source of frustration as well.

At any rate, the ever-changing nature of weed gardening just proves the importance of staying up to date with the latest cannabis growing tips. You learn as you go, promoting personal growth while you grow your ganja. How neat is that?

Q: But did you get any better at growing weed by applying advanced techniques?

A: For sure. In fact, I probably learn most when I make mistakes and screw up a grow by trying new methods. It all depends on how you define ‘getting better’. I’m sure that getting the hang of cannabis growing tips got me bigger harvests and stronger plants.

Personally, I find new grow techniques most rewarding when they challenge my routines and assumptions. Gaining new perspectives and insights into the hobby that I love is just great – although I’ll admit the feeling gets even better if those insights improve my bud yields in the end…

Low stress training
Low Stress Training (LST) is a personal favourite.

The Best Cannabis Growing Tips For You

Q: Okay, so let’s have it then: what’s your favourite advanced growing technique?

A: That’s a tough one. Like I said, there is no single trick that will work all the time in any circumstances. Having said that, I tend to prefer techniques that cause minimal stress to my plants (and to myself) for optimal results. They’re usually the more subtle techniques like LST or gentle defoliation, for instance.

Companion planting is another personal favourite. These low-impact  growing tips are not as invasive as, say, fimming or supercropping. I prefer working with the plant’s natural behaviour, gently nudging it in the direction I want it to move rather than forcing it to do somersaults, so to speak.

Q: So which advanced growing techniques would you advise anyone to try at least once?

A: All of them, to be honest. The grow tips we discuss in the Amsterdam Genetics blogs are all worth a shot. Besides, trying them for yourself is the only way to figure out whether they suit your personal style. As a grower community, we’re all unique individuals with our own style.

It’s similar to picking your perfect strain. Trying different advanced techniques and experiencing the effects for yourself is the best way to find out what works for you.

I would encourage anyone to stay critical in reviewing cannabis growing tips. There are some real gems of wisdom out there, but there’s also a lot of BS and superstition. I know I said you should try all techniques, tips and tricks, but it helps to keep your expectations low.

Many cannabis growing tips and techniques take a few rounds of trial and error to master. Moreover, not all strains are equally suited for experimenting. Use familiar, tough genetics as your guinea pigs to save yourself from disappointment.

ak choco kush seeds
AK Choco Kush is a highly resilient strain able to cope with serious stress.

The Importance Of An Experimental Mindset

Q: So how can growers keep up with all the latest cannabis growing tips?

A: Well, checking out our Amsterdam Genetics Grow Blogs is of course a fine place to start.  We are constantly improving and expanding the content and scope of our grow tips and blogs on advanced techniques for veteran and rookie indoor and outdoor growers.

We have a considerable grower community base for a source of input, and our own breeders share any tips they may have with our customers and fans.

Beyond that, sharing your experiences with fellow growers helps a lot – especially if you keep us in the loop while your knowledge expands! You can find your peers on community platforms like GrowDiaries, but getting into some private chat groups can work wonders too once you make a few connections.

Q: Any other grow tips you want to share?

A: Dozens, but I’ll spare you the rant. I would say the most important advice I want to share is to be bold and try to feed your experimental mindset. It’s no secret that the best weeds grow at some distance from the beaten track.

Read up on random gardening and botany sources – heck, raid your grandma’s bookshelves for hidden gems of wisdom if you like. Inspiration can come from unexpected angles, you know?

Let me give you a personal example. I recently had the opportunity to join a masterclass on general plant breeding theory, and even though they were not about cannabis, I walked out with some fresh ideas to use in my personal growing approach. The same thing could happen when I visit the local gardening centre, or on a stroll in the woods with my wife and daughter.

In the end, growing weed is not about mastering one killer technique and using it over and over to get perfect harvests on every single run. To me at least, ganja gardening is more about nurturing your personal growth as your cannabis growing techniques evolve. Keep up with the latest trends and discoveries, absorb what you like, and stay away from anything that doesn’t suit you.

Working with nature never gets boring as long as you keep the organic mindset that goes with it. There is real joy to be found in gardening, whether you prefer to cultivate the perfect rose on your front lawn or the finest resin-dripping haze bud in your basement!

advanced cannabis growing tips
Grow the flowers that you love…

Q: Any parting words for your fellow growers?

A: Use. Good. Genetics. Period.

Seriously though: no matter what advanced techniques or grow hacks you want to try, they won’t work on crappy genetics. If you don’t invest in ordering premium cannabis seeds, you’ll never know the full potential of your experiments.

Beyond that, just stay optimistic and roll with the punches. If you work with Mother Nature she’s going to punch you in the face no matter what you do, and ignoring or resisting her will only make things worse. Have a bit of faith in Her and in yourself, and you’re bound to improve with every new grow you complete!

increase cannabis yield

How To Increase Cannabis Yield Indoors

Once you’ve finished your first few grows, you may feel the urge to improve your results. If you want to harvest more weed but you have limited space, this blog has some fast and effective tips to drastically increase cannabis yields and growing efficiency.

Increase Cannabis Yield In Small Spaces

As you gain experience in growing marijuana, you will find that every next run improves slightly from the last. This is perfectly normal: even though the basics of the grow hobby are pretty simple, you have infinite options for finetuning your methods, environmental factors, and other parameters for even bigger harvests.

We like to help you keep your grow process simple. That’s why we’re handing you three tried and tested horticultural hacks to show you how to increase cannabis yield even if you are spatially challenged.

Hack 1: High Yield Plant Training Techniques

There are many ways to direct how your plants grow and flower. Most of these plant training techniques are designed to increase bud volume one way or another. While some of these high yield grow hacks are not suitable for small grow tents or other indoor spaces, some are just perfect for small-space growing.

If you want to learn how to increase cannabis yield indoors, be sure to give these three marijuana training hacks a try, starting with the easiest one in case you’re relatively new to this stuff.

All three hacks are applied during the vegetative stage of the run, before buds start to form in the flowering phase. Keep in mind that if you’re working with fast cannabis seeds, including autoflower strains, you need to time your hacks just right, since you’ll have a narrow window of opportunity to intervene.

Low Stress Training – Easy Mode

Low stress training (LST) simply means gently bending the stems of your plant back down to the soil and then tying them down. As the stems naturally attempt to grow back up towards the light, you spread the plant’s structure laterally.

This leaves more room for individual bud formation and optimises light distribution. As a result, you will get bigger, higher quality flowers at the end of the run.

For detailed instructions on the low stress training technique, check out this dedicated LST blog.

Screen of Green – Medium Level

Screen of green (SCROG) is a more advanced technique that also works by distributing stems and foliage evenly across the available space. The difference with LST is that in this case, you use a ‘trellis’ framework, usually consisting of a ‘screen’ wire grid instead of bending the stems.

Well-spread leaves allow optimal airflow and light distribution to make the most of your available space, lighting, and ventilation, which is ideal in small tents.

This blog contains detailed instructions on applying the SCROG method in your own grow room, tent, or semi-outdoor greenhouse.

screen of green amsterdam genetics cannabis

Topping/ Fimming – Pro Level

Learning how to increase cannabis yield is a gradual process. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start experimenting with more advanced high-stress grow techniques.

Topping and fimming are two similar ways to improve bud numbers per individual plant rather than increasing bud size. Both come with a bit of risk, however, so proceed with caution if you want to give them a go. It’s best to pick strains with high stress tolerance for these next-level bud-boosting hacks.

In topping, you wait until your vegging plant is mature enough to handle a bit of stress. When the time is right, you cut off the growth tip nodes at the top end of the stems.

Homicidal as this may sound, topping actually induces a stress response forcing your plant to grow two new nodes where the original tip used to be. That means topping could get you twice the number of buds on the same plant – if it survives the assault, that is.

Check out a detailed guide on topping to increase cannabis yield here.

Fimming is even more brutal than topping. Here, you slice the growth tip terminal nodes in half rather than removing them entirely.

This causes even more stress to the plant, which could trigger it to grow back two, three, or even four new apex nodes instead. It’s not hard to see how this can result in even better harvest results, although the risk of watching your darling succumb to the stress involved is considerably higher, too.

We have a special guide on fimming cannabis plants waiting if you’re ready to give it a shot.

increase cannabis yield planning ahead

Hack 2: Plant Planning = Bud Boosting

Another way to achieve high yield growing in limited space is to perfect your plant planning. If you make a habit of planning ahead, you can eliminate inefficient use of time and space from your projects. Here are some quick tips to get you on the right track to big bud results all year long!

If you can get a second grow tent operational somehow, even just a small one, you can try the perpetual harvest approach. While your first batch is switching from growth to flowering in one tent, you let your second run veg out in the next one.

If you make sure you have a propagator where your third batch of seeds germinates into the seedling stage to follow suit, all you need is a place to dry the bud from your first batch while you keep the cycle going. That means you’ll always have a fresh harvest ready while your next one is already underway!

Remember that perpetual harvesting works best if you use the same seeds for each consecutive batch. Using strains with different flowering and veg rates will get your schedule out of sync, which ruins the efficiency of this approach.

Going for rapid growth strains seems an obvious choice to speed things up even further. Still, faster growing doesn’t necessarily mean bigger bud yields, as you will read below.

On top of the perpetual harvest philosophy, planning ahead for year-round growing efficiency offers some distinct advantages too.

amsterdam genetics

Hack 3: Working With High Yield Seeds

Always remember that no trick or hack will do much good as long as you are working with sub-par genetics. Learning how to increase cannabis yield begins and ends with finding the right genetic material. Only purchase your cannabis seeds from trusted, experienced, high quality suppliers, or your bud volume will never reach its full potential.

Once you’ve found a reliable source of premium seeds, make sure you pick the strains that suit your personal preferences. You don’t want to end up with a truckload of weed with a taste or a high you don’t like.

Once you’ve made a selection, read the product specifications provided by the vendor. You have a few important characteristics to keep in mind if you want high yields in small spaces.

Fast Genetics

Fast-growing strains seem an attractive option as your first thought might be they get you fast harvests too. And yes, growing seeds with short flowering time can enable high yield growing if you play your cards right.  Do keep in mind, however, that fast growth doesn’t necessarily mean fast flowering – or big buds for that matter.

Generally speaking, indica strains grow and flower faster than sativas. Today’s sativa hybrids can be speedy ladies too, however, so try to look past this somewhat obsolete distinction.

On the other hand, sativa flowers tend to have a more open bud structure, so the same number and size of compact indica flowers could increase cannabis yield compared to a huge sativa with more buds.

Indica plants have a tendency to keep a smaller stature than sativas, making them more suited for small-space indoor grows. All things considered, then, indica-leaning hybrids are probably your best bet.

Fatkids Cake
Fatkid’s Cake is a high-yield, hard-hitting indica hybrid.

Most seed distributors and breeders will state estimated harvest volumes for the seeds they sell. These usually give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of bud turnover, although they are ultimately just estimates of course. Much depends on your grow environment, gardening experience, and the amount of love and devotion you invest in your plants.

Using Autoflower Seeds To Increase Cannabis Yield

Autoflower cannabis seeds, especially indica autos, are another interesting option for getting high yields pronto. These special seeds contain ruderalis genetics that allow the plants to grow and flower rapidly, while also making them independent of (day) light cycles.

Milkshake Kush Autoflower

Modern autoflowers like our Dynamighty or Milkshake Kush are also pretty tough when it comes to handling stress, but we would recommend non-autoflowers if you plan to use stressful techniques to increase cannabis yield. In addition, the speed you gain with autos is usually offset by their slightly lower harvest volumes and cannabinoid content, making them a bit of a double-edged sword depending on your personal preferences.

Dynamighty Autoflower

Figuring Out How To Increase Cannabis Yield Your Way

As you can see, there are many ways to increase cannabis yield if you know your way around basic growing techniques. There are always new hacks and tricks to try once you’ve mastered the above. Raking in a big harvest is the main grow objective of many hobbyists, so new methods keep popping up all the time.

We haven’t even discussed how to increase cannabis yield by upgrading your equipment, for example. Investing in better lighting, ventilation, nutrition, or expanding your grow space can make a big difference, too.

Still, these easy hacks to increase cannabis yield should see you on your way to next-level indoor cannabis growing. At any rate, there’s always room for personal growth when it comes to ganja gardening, with something new to learn for even the most seasoned veterans.

Always remember that learning how to increase cannabis yield begins with finding the finest genetics you can get your hands on – and you’ve definitely come to the right place for that!

best cannabis seeds 2023

Best Cannabis Seeds 2023 Collection

Even the most experienced indoor growers will find plenty of exciting, challenging, prime quality genetics to cultivate in our Amsterdam Genetics seeds catalogue. We’ve compiled a quick walkthrough of our top 10 strains for veteran connoisseurs. Take your pick and treat yourself to the best cannabis seeds 2023 Amsterdam cannabis culture has to offer!

Lots Of Premium Quality Genetics For You

If you’ve tried our genetics before, you have already experienced the premium quality of Amsterdam’s top marijuana seeds. If you haven’t, or if you’re just keen to grow some more of our best cannabis seeds, 2023 has plenty of supreme genetics in store for you…

Below, you will find a comprehensive selection of lightning-fast autoflower seeds, hard-hitting indica hybrids with renowned parentage and gourmet flavour, and singular sativas with amazingly short flowering times – all fully feminized of course.

We are 100% sure that you will find something to suit your taste and preferences here, so without further ado, please feast your eyes on our selection of top marijuana seeds and order your favourites straight away!

best cannabis seeds 2023

Enjoy Our Top Cannabis Seeds For 2023

No matter whether you prefer sativa or indica genetics, autoflower convenience, exotic flavours or breath-taking highs, there’s something here for everyone. Every single one of our best cannabis seeds for 2023 is 100% feminized, so all you have to do is click and pick your favourites. We will ship your order within one office day so you can pop those seeds pronto.

1: Lemon Haze

First place of our best cannabis seeds 2023 ranking goes to this refreshing, uplifting, powerful citrus haze whopper with powerful pain relief potential yielding bright green and yellow buds weighing upwards of 550g/m² after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.lemon haze top strains 2023

2: Banana Slush

Introduced as one of the newest strains within the Amsterdam Genetics assortment: this slushy mix of AK-OG Kush power and Banana Haze makes an amazing cross. A potent powerhouse with around 27% THC, but the terpenes definitely don’t lie!

strain graphic banana slush strain graphic

3:Exotic Purple Autoflower

Our all-new Exotic Purple Autoflower strain matches effortless, fast growing with the heady aroma of tropical fruit punch and excellent chances of purple, violet, and pinkish buds.

Exotic Purple Autoflower

4: Choco Cheesecake

Sweet, exotic, and phenotypes with amazing colours: Choco Cheesecake will not disappoint you! Check the diary of one of our favourite grower (MadeInGermany) if you haven’t been convinced yet.

Choco Cheescake

5: White Choco

We simply couldn’t skip our fast-flowering flagship strain with perfect 50/50 indica-sativa balance takes just 9 weeks to produce up to 600g/m²of dark green, frosty buds with subtle chocolate flavour and cheerfully relaxed highs.

White Choco best cannabis seeds 2023

6: Fatkid’s Cake

A hard-hitting, nearly 30% THC heavyweight Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies feminized indica hybrid with just 8-9 weeks of flowering, resulting in a 500g/m² payload of huge buds that bring an extensive, deeply relaxing bodybuzz stone.

Fatkid's Cake

7: Dynamighty Autoflower

Kush and diesel aromas meet in this feminized autoflower strain with just 10-11 weeks of flowering: pretty fast and highly resilient for a happily relaxing 60% sativa with 400-450g/m² harvest prospects!Dynamighty Autoflower

8: Super Silver Haze

Still our most in-demand haze strain, Super Silver Haze is a timeless feminized Amsterdam classic with 25% THC, 70% sativa genetics, 9 to 11 weeks of flowering, and copious harvests clocking in at 500-600g/m².

Super Silver Haze seeds

9: Chunky Cookies HG

Tropicanna Cookies meets Choco and Kush genetics to bring you 25% THC in a tough, compact, fast-flowering (9-10 weeks) plant with huge 700g/m² harvest prospects, excitingly spicy taste, and happy, stress-busting effects.

Chunky Cookies

10: Tangerine G13

Uniquely sweet tangerine citrus aromas spread after rapid growth precedes a 10-week flowering stage producing copious amounts of compact, fragrant, bright green buds with great stress relief and smile-boosting potential.

Tangerine G13

The Best Cannabis Seeds 2023 Can Offer Come From Amsterdam

So there you go: these are the best cannabis seeds 2023 has in store for you – barring any new strains we may release over the year of course…

We would never have developed such amazing genetics without the aid of our dedicated team of veteran breeders and the feedback from our community members. Our ongoing series of cannabis breeding blogs gives you an impression of just how much botanical expertise we put into our cannabis breeding programme every year.

Three decades of hands-on experience developing the finest seeds that Amsterdam can offer is a pretty impressive for a track record; especially when you stack that on top of our long and proud Dutch crop cultivation tradition. It’s a winning combination that most breeders and seed suppliers find hard to beat – and we make sure we stay in the lead by creating uniquely innovative strains every year!