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The Weezy: The ‘Nespresso’ Of Smoking Pipes

What if we could make the consumption of cannabis easier and cleaner? Amsterdam Genetics presents: The Weezy. A revolutionary herbal smoking pipe, thanks to a replaceable carbon filter and the ingenious Jack-Pod filling system.

Smoking Weed, Reinvented

Cannabis consumption has changed a lot over the past few years and ways of consuming weed are constantly reinvented. After all, smoking is somewhat outdated and slowly being replaced with cleaner and ‘society-friendlier’ methods of cannabis consumption. Especially in more progressive parts of the world, where the herb is fully legalized and companies therefore have endless possibilities to explore and experiment with it. Just think about the many types and brands of pipes, bongs and electronic vaporizers being put on the market.

the weezy
Together with e-njoint, Amsterdam Genetics developed a revolutionary smokers tool

Often, the designs of these products only feature practicality or pretty looks. This is the case with most smoking pipes. Products like vaporizers are often have the opposite problem. They aim to provide a cleaner smoking experience as opposed to the classic joint. That often makes vaporizers difficult to use. They also frequently fail to please hardcore smokers, often in search for the harshness of burned smoke in their throat. Amsterdam Genetics is changing all that, however. In collaboration with the Dutch masters from e-njoint, we managed to design a product that offers the best of both worlds.

The Weezy

The Weezy by Amsterdam Genetics is an herbal smoking pipe that is aesthetically pleasing and provides an easy – and above all cleaner – smoking experience as opposed to regular herbal pipes. This is thanks to the replaceable active carbon filter in the mouthpiece, making the Weezy a revolutionary tool. The Weezy filters most tar and other unwanted components out of the smoke. It combines the clean experience of a vaporizer and the ‘throat hit’ favored by joint or pipe smokers.

Weezy Carbon Filter
A replaceable active carbon filter in the Weezy takes most harmful components out of the smoke

The Weezy has other benefits for the regular toker as well apart from a filtered and therefore cleaner smoking experience. To be more specific: it is the first herbal pipe ever to work with a pod-system comparable with that of a Nespresso-machine. Therefore we can probably say it is one of the most practical smokers tools around.

Pre-Filled Jack-Pods

And with practical, we mean fast and easy to use. Because theoretically you could smoke up a full gram in the Weezy, in the time it takes to roll a joint. In contrast to normal herbal pipes, the Weezy works with an inventive pod-system called ‘Jack-Pods’. Small, pre-filled or fillable aluminium pods carrying up to 0.2 grams of weed or pure hash. That means you get a tasty smoking experience with every single pod.

Put a fresh pod in the Weezy, light it, take a few hits, turn the pod around to light up the last bit & load up a new one when you’re done. It’s that simple! You can fill up your own disposable jack-pods, using the handy filling tool Fill-It 10.


Refillable Jack-Pods

Every Weezy also comes including one refillable Jack-Pod. In contrast to the the disposable pods, these come with a screw-on lid. Refillable Jack-Pods can be used around 100 times and are also available per 4 pieces in a discrete little Stash Tube.

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