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The Best Cannabis Strains For Fatigue

Can cannabis help tackle fatigue? Sure, we all feel tired sometimes, but fatigue soon becomes a problem if its is chronic. Fatigue can have a number of different causes. Not getting enough sleep is a tempting catchall explanation, but pain and stress are common causes of tiredness, too. Fatigue is a problem that persists throughout the day. Energy levels are low, usually accompanied by a lack of motivation, grumpy moods, and sub-par performance. No matter what causes your tiredness, though, it may be a good idea to see whether weed can help.

Wait A Minute – Doesn’t Cannabis Make People Sleepy?

Using cannabis against fatigue; most people will find that a curious idea at first glance. You can almost hear them think: but doesn’t weed make you sluggish, interested in nothing but lying on the couch? Well, we really need to lose that cannabis stereotype if we want to tackle tiredness and chronic fatigue with cannabis.

There are so many strains out there, each carrying unique properties, that their effects vary widely; including effects on sleep and tiredness. Some weed strains will make your eyelids heavy in seconds, while others leave you bubbling with energy and creative, uplifting thoughts.

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Then there’s the combined effects of hundreds of cannabis compounds. Cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG certainly play their part, but agents such as terpenes contribute as well. On top of that, all of these substances mutually affect each other through the entourage effect. That makes finding the best cannabis strain against fatigue quite a challenge, but don’t worry: we’ll help you along.

Taking a good look at yourself is another important step towards finding that strain. That is because the reasons for your fatigue may be very different from those of the next person. What exactly is causing you to feel so tired? You’ll find some of the most common factors below. Often, several of these factors add up to cause fatigue together.

There Is More To Weed Than THC Alone

Then there’s the added effects of hundreds of other compounds found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and THC all play their part in the overall effects, but terpenes are another important component of any high. All of these substances also mutually influence each other’s effects by means of the entourage effect. That makes finding the right cannabis strain for specific kinds of fatigue a bit of a puzzle, but don’t worry: we’ll show you the way.

The fact that (chronic) fatigue can have different causes for everyone makes it extra important to look at your personal reasons for sleeping problems. What causes that tiredness? Is it lack of sleep? Or is it tension and stress, or a dull and listless feeling? Are you feeling happy and well? Below, we’ll list some of the main causes of fatigue, but keep in mind that combinations of these factors can occur, too.

Matching Cannabis With The Causes Of Fatigue

Tiredness and (chronic) fatigue can have different causes. Addressing your personal problem effectively requires you to identify its specific source. Below are five often most common ones:

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Everybody loves a good night’s sleep.

1 – Lack Of Sleep

The most obvious reason for fatigue is a lack of sleep. Not getting much shuteye for one night is no big deal. Once you start to dip below getting 7 or 8 hours of daily sleep on a regular basis, feeling tired all the time should not come as a surprise.

2 – Poor Diet Habits/ Lack Of Appetite

Proper nutrition is a key contributor to your wellbeing. Your body and mind need fuel to do their jobs and stay fit. A varied diet with plenty of fibre, vitamins, and minerals will go a long way to feeling less knackered. If you’re not enjoying a healthy, balanced diet, that could explain your fatigue right there.

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3 – Stress

We all know that dealing with stress takes a lot of energy. Your body starts releasing stress hormones that threaten to overload your systems if stress persists. Long term stress and anxiety are important causes for chronic fatigue.

4 – Chronic Pain

You may not realise this, but apart from being thoroughly unpleasant, pain can drain a person’s energy fast. Anyone suffering from chronic pain will notice how that power drain continues all day, every day. This explains how pain can contribute to tiredness and fatigue even if you never realized it could.

5 – Depression And Sadness

Your mood is another highly influential factor determining your energy levels. Chronic fatigue can be a consequence of depression, sadness, and grief. Such emotional states can make you feel listless and unmotivated, which is why depressed people often feel exhausted.

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Using Cannabis Against Fatigue

The cannabis plant contains a whole host of useful compounds that can help counter fatigue problems. When picking a weed strain, always keep in mind what causes your own tiredness. That gives you the best perspective on the available cannabis seeds and the characteristics they represent.

Energetic High Or Sleepy Vibes?

Cannabis can help against fatigue because of the cannabinoids (THC, CBD and others) and terpenes it contains. These compounds cause the high and the many wonderful scents and flavours that cannabis can pack. They also influence each other’s effects. Interestingly, though, certain strains contain the right compounds to make you sleepy and relaxed, while others make you more productive and alert.

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Sleeping well means getting up fit and fresh in the morning.

If you pick a strain that promotes relaxation and drowsiness before going to bed, it can help you sleep through the night and wake up with fresh energy. On the other hand, picking a more uplifting strain could help you feel more active and awake during the daytime. There are many options to try, and you’ll need to pay attention to what works best for you. Keeping a log or diary handy may prove helpful in that regard.

How Do Sativa And Indica Strains Affect Sleep?

Understanding the differences between effects calls for a crude distinction between all kinds of weed. One useful divide is the difference between sativa and indica strains, even though this is an oversimplification. These days, most strains are hybrid crossbreeds between indica and sativa strains, so we need to take these distinctions with a pinch of salt. Still, if we remain careful, we can draw some crude distinctions between indica and sativa weed when it comes to tackling tiredness.

Indica cannabis zaden vermoeidheid

Fatigue And Indica Cannabis Strains

Cannabis indica is a group of strains that mainly consists of indica-dominant marijuana variants (over 50% indica genetics). Broadly stated, indica weed directs it main effects on the body, relaxing and relieving the limbs and muscles. That makes inidica (dominant) weed strains an obvious choice for tiredness caused by lack of sleep. A heavy, lazy ffeeling in your body can help you unwind before turning in, as many people will confirm. If physical pain is the root cause of sleeplessness, indica weed with the right analgesic terpenes is a go-to solution, too.

On the other hand, an indica strain is probably not the best choice for fatigue during the day. These strains can reinforce feelings of tiredness and even cause couchlock: the distinc preference for vegging out on the couch. This makes inidca strains very suitable for tackling certain cases of sleeplessness and fatigue, but sativa strains have a few sleep-promoting properties to consider as well.

What Can Sativa Strains Do For Fatigue?

Cannabis sativa (dominant) strains, by contrast, chiefly make their effects felt on a mental level, i.e., in the brain. We call these ‘cerebral effects’ in fancy terms, although grower jargon usually sticks with headbuzz or brainbuzz instead. Many sativas are renowned for their uplifting effect on the mind. Anyone looking for more creative energy and activating mental stimulation should order sativa cannabis seeds to grow

sativa weed seeds against tiredness
Sativa strains are a source of natural energy.

In the specific case of sleeping issues, an uplifting sativa high can be a great hep to stay active and awake during the day. Conversely, strong sativa strains are less of a brilliant idea in the evening, as a fired-up brain will find it harder to fall asleep. If fatigue is linked to depression and low moods, though, a positive sativa high can help the mind unwind in some cases. A more cheerful pattern of thoughts can promote the onset of sleep, which could make everything look a bit more cheerful when you wake up in the morning.

Weed, Tiredness, And Lack Of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is probably the most evident cause of fatigue, although many people sleep perfectly well every night and steel have chronic fatigue. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, or you keep waking up all through the night, the right type of cannabis can really help out. Indica-heavy strains can help relax your body, bringing a sense of calm that could help you doze off, or wake up less often before morning arrives. A terpene like myrcene can promote sleepiness, as can the less prevalent cannabinoid CBG. Cannabis edibles could be a good idea, too. Their effects tend to last longer than those of smoking cannabis. Having an edible product before going to bed could help you sleep through the night.

Edibles To Help You Sleep?

Edibles can also be an effective way to improve sleep. The effect of edible cannabis often lasts longer than that of smoked weed. Moreover, it doesn’t come with the health risks associated with smoking. It does usually take longer for the effects to kick in, though, so the best time to take then is about an hour before bedtime. eating the right cannabis edible before going to bed is a tried recipe for sleeping like a log all through the night.

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Eat Better, Sleep Better

If you’re having trouble eating enough, or maintaining a healthy diet, cannabis could help improve your appetite. Poor diet habits can cause tiredness, so if weed can boost your motivation to eat well, then so much the better. Perhaps you’ve heard of the munchies: the cannabis-induced urge to gobble down every last scrap of food in the house. Using cannabis to fire up your appetite can be a good idea. Make sure to pack your fridge with fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods before you light up, though. You won’t get rid of fatigue by munching your way through bags of crisps and sweets all day long.

Weed Against Depression Related Tiredness

Cannabis can work well to counter fatigue symptoms caused by low moods and depression. Sativa strains in particular are known for their uplifting highs, able to boost your mood as you feel your tiredness fade. THC and CBD account for much of the effect, but terpenes can definitely add something extra to the mix. Limonene, for instance, can improve your mood, and limonene-rich strains can work for anxiety and depression issues as well.

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As you can see, certain cannabis can make you feel more energetic and more positive at the same time. That could tip the balance away from feeling tired all the time. Cannabis is never a cure for depression, mind you; but it can help alleviate some of the symptoms. Always consult your doctor on cannabis and depression, especially if you are already on medication.

Cannabis Against Stress Related Fatigue

If stress is a part of your daily life, you’ll have difficulty falling asleep. In addition, all that stress drains your energy, making you feel tired even before you get out of bed. Luckily, though, the right type of weed can help relieve stress-induced tiredness, too. As with other causes of fatigue, however, it is crucial to figure out what causes that stress, and how it is expressed.

If your stress expresses itself physically (high muscle tone, sweaty palms, increased heart rate), indica-dominant strains are your first option to try. Indica highs mainly aim for the body, where they cause a relaxed sensation. Does your stress express itself in mulling over the same thoughts all day, or in grumpy, irritable moods? In that case, a sativa strain may be best to try out. These types of weed help calm your mind and handle stressful situations. Cannabis can help manage fear and anxiety too, through the combined effects of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Chronic Pain, Medical Weed, And Tiredness

The analgesic properties of weed can help tackle tiredness caused by (chronic) pain. There are various strains with powerful pain-reducing and soothing effects. Both THC and CBD can help relieve pain. A comprehensive review of studies into cannabinoids and pain conducted in 2015 showed positive results. Cannabis can help relieve various kinds of pain. By helping reduce pain, cannabis can alleviate fatigue in two ways: by removing the pain that keeps you awake at night, and by preventing the pain from depleting your energy throughout the day.

CBG And CBD Oil For Better Sleeping Without The High

Apart from THC and the many terpenes present in cannabis, the cannabinoids CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) can also improve the quality of sleeping. Like THC, these compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system, which maintains the body’s internal balance. This ECS is also involved in our rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. Particularly for people who prefer not to smoke, trying CBG Oil or CBD Oil for (fatigue caused by) lack of sleep is a great option.

cbd cbg sleep well rest

These plant-based full spectrum supplements contain all the natural goodness of the cannabis plant, minus the THC. That means you will not get high from them, allowing you to carry out your daily activities just like you’re used to. In addition, both CBD and CBG offer many more benefits for a balanced and healthy lifestyle, making them worth a try for everyone.

The Best AG Cannabis Strains For Fatigue

With the theory out of the way, we can now turn to the practical implications. Which cannabis strains are often used to counter fatigue? What kind of weed can help you sleep better at night? And which types work against the underlying causes, such as stress, pain, or depression? A casual tour of our cannabis seeds range offers plenty of options to try.

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We divide the results into two sections: one listing our best weed strains against tiredness for energy during the day; and another with the top AG strains to help you snooze off at night – or in broad daylight if you’re working the night shift.

The Dreamiest Indica Weed Strains For Tiredness

Top Bedtime Strain 1: Chocolato

Chocolato is a 70% indica hybrid that tastes every bit as dreamy as the perfect night’s sleep. Still this crossbreed between White Choco and California legend Gelato is more than just a joy for the palate; especially when it comes to dozing off. The lingering, relaxing body buzz Chocolato marijuana seeds embody is based on several factors. First and foremost, 24% THC is no laughing matter ( or is it!) – this accounts for much of the sedative effect, but don’t overlook the terpenes contained in this flavour bomb: myrcene, caryophyllene and humulene all have parts to play.

homegrown chocolato sleep better

Even though the effect of Chocolato Homegrown is deeply soporific, it leaves the brain in a mildly activated state. As relaxation extends through the limbs, a floaty, dreamy sensation occupies the mind. That is a fine indica solution for anyone lying awake at night – after all, don’t we all want a chocolate ice cream before being sent to bed?

Top Bedtime Strain 2: Kosher Tangie Kush

Kosher Tangie Kush cannabis seeds accommodate a sophisticated inidca hybrid that has eased scores of fatigue issues around the world. Here too, a Tangie and Kosher Kush background ensures a predominantly indica-determined bodybuzz that grants ample calm, rest, and relaxation to last you through the night. Still, the 40% sativa content of Kosher Tangie Kush produces enough mental effects to bring you the best of both worlds. A lazy, contended, satisfied feeling stacks on top of that relaxed body vibe to make that sleepy feeling complete.

better sleeping marijuana seeds amsterdam genetics

Myrcene and humulene are important flavours in the earthy and pungent aroma of Kosher Tangie Kush buds. A dash of limonene completes the package; not just in terms of taste, but also in the extra gentle touch that is further increased by 1 to 2% CBG in the palette. All in all, Kosher Tangie Kush cannabis seeds are pretty comprehensive source of sleepy joys, with a flavour melange that is highly suited for the best nightcap edibles!

The Best Sativa Strains To Keep You Awake

Top Wake-Up Strain 1: Amazing Haze

Amazing haze has a hyperbolic name for good reason; especially for those who want to tackle drowsy and sleepy feelings. Spicy caryophyllene and tasty myrcene boost the energizing effect of Amazing Haze. They also make for a wonderfully balanced flavour, and a scent that many people instantly associate with a world-famous cerebral high to make anyone lose the snooze.

AMAZING HAZE sativa sleep

Tread lightly, however, because Amazing Haze cannabis seeds pack some impressive potential: 24% THC is no exception with this strain. In addition to tiredness, this sativa weed celebrity also works for sombre moods and headaches. That could make ordering Amazing Haze seeds a potential key to unlock your energetic, productive day, no matter what the cause of your fatigue may be!

Top Wake-Up Strain 2: Grapefruit Superstar

Grapefruit Superstar marijuana seeds grow into highly uplifting plants that are ideal for countering daytime fatigue. With 90% sativa genetics in her DNA, this is our purest sativa strain, which is quite promising in terms of a brainbuzz sprinkled with touches of euphoria. No morning grumpiness can withstand Grapefruit Superstar, clearing the way for a day full of creative enterprise, no matter the weather!

GRAPEFRUIT SUPERSTAR weed against tiredness

The sweet and sour flavour of grapefruits is closely linked to the presence of limonene in the terpene profile. That adds some effervescence and zing to the effect, but it also helps growers make the plant more resistant to insects and other threats. Grapefruit Superstar can also help fight headaches and mental stress, so if those are what causes your fatigue, this is a fine pick for you.

Cannabis Against Fatigue For Any Grower

Let’s be clear about this: Amsterdam Genetics has plenty cannabis seeds to order for tackling any kind of fatigue you can think of. So no matter whether you choose a nice sativa with uplifting effects to stop sleepiness, or an indica slammer for a shortcut to never-neverland, you’ll find only top quality here.

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In case you are wondering what it takes to grow cannabis against fatigue, you should check out our grow blogs. You’ll find all the info and expert tips you’ll need to germinate your own marijuana seeds until they flourish and thrive. No matter what, though, if you keep in mind what you’ve just read, you’ll have all the expertise you need to search our seeds collection for your personal plant-based sleeping solution!