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What Is A Cannabis Headbuzz?

A headbuzz, brainbuzz, or in posh terms, a cerebral effect: all are common concepts in the world of cannabis. You’ll regularly encounter them to describe strains that focus their effects on the mental or brainy aspect of the high. We’ll explain just what a headbuzz is, and why some strains are more likely to produce them than others.

Which Strains Produce A Headbuzz?

Roughly speaking, we can distinguish between three main cannabis varieties: indica, sativa, and ruderalis. Of these three, cannabis sativa strains are the ones most closely associated with a headbuzz, and so the plants discussed in this blog are mainly from this part of the cannabis family tree. Indica strains, by contrast, tend to lean towards the physical end of the effects spectrum: they are commonly associated with bodybuzz effects. However, decades of crossbreeding indica and sativa genetics have blurred the line that used to separate the two types.

Of course, percentages in strain descriptions are still an indication, but pure sativa strains are exceptionally hard to find these days. It’s a bit like what happened to chocolate in a sense. Although dark chocolate is delicious, it isn’t very original. People like to explore new things by nature, and so they will try and combine dark chocolate with other ingredients, such as cream and milk. That’s how we ended up with milk chocolate and a million in-between flavours. Something quite similar happened to cannabis strains.

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Headbuzz Nuances

Growers are an inquisitive kind of people, and their thirst for experimentation has obscured the origins of cannabis by mixing genotypes together. Apart from percentages indicating the ingredients of these mixtures, specific parent strains produce new genetic recipes, too. Take Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze, for instance; two sativa strains that are quite similar in terms of their genetic background. Super Silver Haze is celebrated by connoisseurs for its uplifting effects; and even though Amnesia Haze has these qualities, too, it is considered more ‘trippy’ by consumers. That makes its headbuzz distinctly unique. Whether ‘trippy’ is good or bad is of course a matter of taste.

In spite of these ever-expanding differences and nuances, however, these strains are still united by their tendency towards a headbuzz effect. The differences become quite delicate, and subjective preference becomes ever more important. It’s a bit like chocolate, really: even an expert will only know which they like best after they’ve had a taste for themselves.

Haze Headbuzz Effects

Okay, so we have three main cannabis types. But what about haze? Isn’t that the type of weed most people associate with a headbuzz? This is certainly true, and it makes sense as well, because haze is a subcategory of the sativa family branch. By now, haze has claimed its own lineage with so many different strains that sativa and haze cannabis are often confused in terms of their effects. There are sativa strains, however, that are not related to haze strains, such as Grapefruit Superstar, even though it can produce similar effects.

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THC is the main substance responsible for making you feel the mental psychoactive effects of the high: the brain- or headbuzz, that is. This effect is produced through the human endocannabinoid system, which is capable of responding to THC. THC is a natural phytocannabinoid produced by cannabis plants similar to the endocannabinoids generated by our own cells. Read this blog to learn more about the chemical mechanism responsible for THC and its headbuzz effect.

All cannabis contains a percentage o f THC, and higher THC percentages cause more intense highs. The personal experience of such highs is exceptionally difficult to predict, however. The effects of THC vary according to a host of personal factors. Personal moods, diet, terpene profiles, dosage, and prior expectations, and many other aspects determine the effects of THC including the headbuzz. Figuring out the right THC percentage alone is tricky enough. Just keep in mind that nobody can determine it for you. Starting out slowly and trusting your own experience and judgment is the best strategy we can advise.


CBD And The Headbuzz

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that has become the focus of attention in recent years. Of course, we have a range of CBD supplements to support a naturally balanced body and mind, but CBD is becoming increasingly popular as an active compound among cannabis consumers, too. CBD can reduce the impact of THC’s effects, which will make any headbuzz feel less intense. Generally speaking, sativa strains tend to contain little CBD, maximizing their cerebral effects as a result. However, in case you find the experience of a particular haze sativa strain too intense, products such as CBD Gummies can help you keep the headbuzz in check.


Terpenes contribute to any given headbuzz as well. Terpenes are cannabis compounds that provide a strain’s characteristic scent. The experts know that terpenes contain a surprising range of aromatic nuance. Pine, mint, lemon, or rosemary are all fragrances you can find in different strains. However, these terpenes can influence headbuzz effects, too.

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Typically uplifting terpenes include limonene and pinene. Limonene is common in citrus fruits, but in cannabis, it allows cells to absorb other compounds more easily, including other terpenes and cannabinoids. This could help increase the headbuzz effect of cannabinoids.

Pinene is a terpene commonly found in pine needles, dill, rosemary, and other kitchen herbs, which may explain why we find its scent so attractive. Some compare the effect of pinene-rich strains to a walk in a pine forest. They claim it improves mental focus and switches the brain into creative gear. Another potential benefit: pinene is reported to help counter the paranoia effects that heavily sativa-leaning strains may produce in their headbuzz.

Headbuzz Characteristics

Below, we will detail some of the hallmark characteristics of a cannabis headbuzz experience.


Euphoric, uplifting, happy: these are often mentioned as elements of a typical headbuzz experience. Some claim the stress of everyday life fades into the background for a while due to these effects. This helps explain why sativa strains are used for medicinal reasons, such as to counter depression, anxiety, and even fatigue. This may sound surprising as cannabis is thought to make people sleepy; in reality, though, the effects are more complex.

Energy And Creativity

Sativa strains can really get the brain going. Connoisseurs compare a sativa headbuzz to a few cups of coffee, only without the shaking hands. Creative thought is triggered as well, which is an additional motivation to enjoy a headbuzz for many people.

A sativa headbuzz can really jolt the mind into action. That is why connoisseurs often claim headbuzz strains are not the best bedtime choice, advising them for use during the daytime and in social settings instead.

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Most sativa fans will recognise fits of the giggles and the urge to keep talking as tell-tale headbuzz phenomena. A surge of uplifting energy can make people much more sociable, encouraging them to mingle and chat with others on any topic that presents itself – or about nothing in particular if subjects are lacking. Regardless, the results of a headbuzz usually work wonders to lift the mood and brighten the atmosphere in the room.


Paranoia is the major drawback of the headbuzz effect. At high doses. The mind can go into overdrive, potentially sparking paranoid or anxious thoughts for those who are susceptible to such notions. This can turn that sociable mindset around if one’s perception of the setting is reversed. Always keep in mind to start out with small doses if you want to try sativa strains. There are so many factors involved in the headbuzz effect that it’s always wise to go easy and see how those first few hits work out.

Growing Headbuzz Cannabis Seeds

Anyone interested in growing cannabis seeds for headbuzz effects will find what they’re looking for at Amsterdam Genetics. We have a world-class selection of haze strains waiting, as part of the sativa-dominant genetics you’ll find in our online collection.



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