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What Is A Weed Hangover And How Do You Cure It?

A weed hangover is a set of symptoms not entirely unlike the hungover feeling you get after drinking too much. Smoking (or eating) too much weed can lead to nausea, ‘brain fog’, and headaches. Some people say they never get it, while other claim they get cannabis hangovers all the time. So what exactly is a weed hangover- and how do you get rid of it? Read all about it here.

What Is A Weed Hangover?

Have you ever experienced a weed hangover? If not, you’re lucky. If you’ve ever had one (or several) too much on an extensive smoking binge, you may have felt decidedly ‘off’ the next morning. Although the high will have dissipated, you can still display symptoms that resemble the familiar alcohol hangover. Common cannabis hangover signs include dry eyes, fatigue, brain fog, constipation, headaches, nausea, and coughing fits. Sounds like something you want to avoid, right? Let’s find out if there are ways to tackle that weed hangover!

weed hangover
A weed hangover can feel a little like this…

Brain Fog

A weed hangover can give the distinct impression that your brain is not functioning the way it should. It can feel as if your head is stuffed with cotton wool. Inaccurate as this description is, it’s one of the most accurate ways to portray the sensation known as ‘brain fog’. The fogginess indicates the feeling of not quite having ‘come back to earth’ or ‘landed’ after a nightly toking session. Most people indicate, however, that a weed hangover is less severe than hangovers caused by having a few drinks too many.

weed hangover cure
That foggy sensation…

Weed Hangover Research

Little research exists on the topic of weed hangovers. Most studies involved too few research subjects to make any general claims on the subject. One example involved 13 participants, all males. They were instructed to complete a series of simple tasks after smoking either a 2.9% cannabis joint or a placebo.

After having a night’s sleep, they had to repeat the tests. The researchers noticed that the cannabis consuming group still showed noticeable effects the placebo group did not: “It appears as if smoking cannabis can produce hangover-like effects.” Although the effects were deemed significant, further study is needed to determine the exact scope and symptoms of the cannabis hangover.

Like most other studies on the subject, the low number of participants involved here means we can’t make big inferences yet. The general assumption remains that cannabis hangover is caused by over-consumption of weed. It’s impossible to predict whether you’ll be hungover in advance. It all depends on your personal tolerance, the strain smoked, and the amount of THC inhaled. What may be too much for one person may have the next guy or gal hopping out of bed fresh and funky next morning.

weed hangover cure
The one you should not have rolled…

What Can You Do About A Weed Hangover?

Are you struggling with a weed hangover right now? Hang tight and try to read on – we’ll tell you what you can do about it.

Dry Mouth And Dry Eyes

Many people think that dehydration causes their weed hangover, but there is no science to back this up. Sure enough, you can experience dry eyes and a dry mouth, but these have little to do with any lack of fluids like they do in case of an alcohol hangover. That annoying parched feeling in your mouth is caused instead by a lack of saliva. Research has shown that the cannabinoid THC binds to the salivary glands in your mouth. This temporarily stops saliva production, causing your mouth to dry up in turn.

Even though you are not dehydrated, the lack of saliva can lead to annoying problems eventually. That makes it important to keep drinking plenty of fluids during and after using cannabis. It may help you feel better in the morning. Stay away from alcoholic beverages though, or you might wake up with a genuine hangover instead.

Dry and red eyes are caused by THC, which increases blood flow towards the eyes. Most people indicate that redness and dryness disappear soon after their high fades. If you’re still having dry eyes when you wake, using eye drops is an option.

Brain Fog Caused By A Weed Hangover

Getting out of bed can be hard when you feel dazed, foggy and unfocused, waiting for that brain fog to lift. Here’s a few tips to help you get rid of it:

  • Get moving. The surest way to clear your mind after brain fog hits is a bit of exercise;
  • Take a cool shower. No need for freezing water: just keep it lukewarm and wait for the fuzzy feeling to subside;
  • Take care of yourself: eat a wholesome meal and have plenty to drink;
  • Caffeine: a little boost from a hot cup of Joe can work miracles to jump-start your brain.


Did you wake up with a headache? If you don’t have time to take it easy and sit it out, taking a regular painkiller (paracetamol, ibuprofen) may help. If you do have the time, see whether a cold compress does the trick.

best cannabis hangover tips
Coffee helps!


Weed hangovers can also trigger nausea. This is a rare symptom, but a very annoying one if you’re unlucky enough to encounter it. If you’re feeling nauseous, always try to drink fluids. Herbal tea with mint or chamomile can alleviate the feeling. Ginger is a trusted natural remedy for ‘shaky digestion’. If you’re able to eat a few bites, go for something light like crackers or some yogurt.

CBD Against Your Weed Hangover?

There are indications that CBD (cannabidiol) may help against weed hangovers. There’s no scientific evidence yet, but it may be a good idea to have a bag of CBD Gummies handy just in case.

cbd gummies aginst weed hangover

Although the cannabis hangover phenomenon is a disputed topic, there are plenty of smokers who claim they’ve been there. We clearly need more research into the symptoms and their exact causes. Obviously, it’s also smart to figure out your personal dosage and strain preferences for minimum weed hangover risks.

If you’re going through a weed hangover right now, don’t worry: it’ll pass. Next time, try smoking less to get the high without the hangover. Another one that’s definitely worth a shot: puffing away on a high CBD strain. Not only will CBD soften the impact of the THC you’re inhaling; it could also help you hop out of bed fit as a fiddle when you wake up next morning!

So there you have it. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll no longer need to worry about a weed hangover. Not only do you know what to do about them; with the right preparation, you may even be able to stop them before they start! Good luck on getting a clear head, and who knows: maybe it’s time to try growing one of our CBD strains for a change..?

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