CBD Prevents ‘Negative Effects’ Caused By Regular THC Use

We all know THC can do marvelous things for the human body and mind. Though too much of the substance could potentially have negative effects on the brain, according to research. However, these ‘side-effects’ appear to be less or not existing at all when you throw CBD in the mix.

Cannabis Research

Chronic use of high dosage THC could potentially be harmful for teenagers. According to this study by the Indiana University Bloomington, looking into the long term effects of regular cannabis use in male mice. The goal of this study was to determine if and how the use of Cannabidiol (CBD) influences cognitive abnormalities caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

thc effect on brain prevented by cbd
Too much THC could negatively impact the brain development in teenagers, according to research. [Photo by Richard Reid via Pixabay]

Researchers divided the mice into four groups. One, the control-group, got a placebo. The other three groups received daily injections of 3mg THC per kilogram bodyweight, 3mg CBD per kilogram bodyweight or 3mg of both THC and CBD combined.

High Impact On Teenagers

The mice receiving daily THC-only injections during adolescence, showed obvious limitations on the novel object recognition test. Both right after the cannabis treatment as well as 42 days after the last injection. A clear sign of memory-problems, as concluded by the researchers.

This impact on the memory is limited to the short term, with the group of animals that only got THC during the adolescence. So their memory was only impacted for a short period of time, right after the last cannabis injection. Both groups showed lower levels of stress and anxiety during the mace-test though, compared to the control group. A positive outcome of this research – judging from the fact that stress is a major factor in developing heart disease and other ailments.

Daily THC injections during the teenage-period, resulted in more compulsive and repetitive behavior in for example the Nestlet shredding test. A test used to recognize and categorize obsessive compulsive disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Though mice from the THC/CBD combination group did not experience any of these negative side-effects. The mice that received only CBD, were in no way influenced.

CBD Prevents THC Side Effects

The researchers conclude that chronic use of high dosed THC, is bad for teenagers. Furthermore, the data supports the hypothesis that regular THC-use in teenagers increased the risk on abnormal behavior. Though the use of CBD Products could prevent these THC-induced side-effects, say the scientists.

Daily cannabis users are always advised to consume CBD, next to their THC to battle any unwanted effects from the substance. Whether it is in the form of CBD Oil or our innovative CBD Melt Tablets, CBD Edibles or smoked. In case of the latter, may we suggest trying our new CBD Strain, Compromise CBD (20:1 CBD THC ratio) for a change?


[Opening image: Ashton / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0]