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Uplifting Cannabis Strains To Boost Your Energy

Cannabis aficionados are still confronted with outdated stoner stereotypes, permanently couchlocked and mind drifting to faraway places. What many people fail to understand, however, is that cannabis can produce a huge variety of effects. As a consequence, people look to marijuana for all sorts of different reasons. Cannabis can have uplifting qualities, for instance, enabling certain weed strains to help focus attention and boost our energy levels.

The Uplifting Side Of Cannabis

Some days, even getting out of bed can be a challenge. You probably know the experience: a sense of listlessness and a numb sensation just behind the eyes, making it difficult to even move around. Some people feel this way in the middle of the day instead of in the early morning. Even so, a lack of energy can have a profound impact on performance at work or in school. It can make it hard to concentrate and stay focused. It can also make us feel apathetic, tired, lethargic, or even depressed. So what can help to return that vibrant energized feeling? Cannabis may not be the first thing to come to mind, since there are plenty of weed strains that can help people relax and even sleep better. Nonetheless, the uplifting effects of cannabis have been noted by many people; sometimes to their own surprise.

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Looking for green energy sources?

Of course, we’ll be the first to admit that there are many different ways to boost your energy. Getting regular exercise and a healthy diet are worth trying for sure, as is getting enough sleep. Reducing stress at work can help, too, or enjoying the company of close friends. In fact we very much recommend all of these factors; but that doesn’t mean cannabis growers and connoisseurs can add the uplifting effects of weed to the equation!

Different Strains And Cannabinoids

Anyone planning to try cannabis for its uplifting potential should take note of the following information. Cannabis is best known for two cannabinoid compounds: THC and CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) causes the high; this is the main psychoactive component that causes the famous headbuzz effect. This cerebral and generally energetic effect is mostly ascribed to haze weed strains. CBD (cannabidiol), by contrast, is not psychoactive. It has an inhibitory effect on THC, in addition to soothing properties and mood-lifting potential.

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Even though strains with high THC percentages are best known for their energy-boosting capacity, a powerful high is not always a welcome experience when you have work to do. Finding the right balance between THC and CBD is important to reach the intended effect. Terpenes are another determining factor when it comes to energy levels. We’ll explain what these effects entail below. Further down in this blog, you’ll find some of our most uplifting strains and cannabis seeds.

THC And CBD: Uplifting Cannabis Effects

Cannabis strains with high THC percentages can have uplifting effects, so this is certainly one aspect worth considering. However, high THC levels also produce other effects, which may not be desirable when you’re at work, in school, or otherwise engaged in responsibilities. Another point worth considering, especially for those with little cannabis experience, are the potential undesirable side-effects of high THC doses. Anxiety and paranoia are examples of such side-effects.

Finding the right balance between CBD and THC is certainly a good idea. Either cannabinoid can provide an energy boost in its own way. Their respective concentrations differ between strains. Picking a high CBD cannabis strain can help tone down the effects of the THC it contains. CBD can also help counter the adverse effects THC may have on short-term memory. Obviously, that may prove very helpful for anyone looking to increase mental focus and accurate memory.

No two people are the same; neither in terms of of personal taste, nor in their individual needs; however, finding the perfect uplifting cannabis strain can benefit both medically and recreationally. Weed can help counter fatigue (research even demonstrates its potential to alleviate CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Cannabis has uplifting potential that may help people face the day with a cheerful mindset, enthusiasm, a sharp focus, and a healthy dose of creativity.

Terpenes For Energy

Terpenes also play an important part in the uplifting potential of cannabis. We keep discovering more about these compounds, which give cannabis its distinctive fragrances and aromas. All terpenes have unique properties and effects; yet many of them are able to influence the way other terpenes and cannabinoids work as well. This is known as the entourage effect. Several cannabis terpenes contribute to the uplifting properties of marijuana.

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You probably know the scent of pinene. This is the compound that gives pine needles, basil, rosemary, and dill their pleasant scent. In cannabis, pinene can help keep the mind clear and alert, improving concentration and memory function. Pinene can also have mood-lifting effects. Anyone interested in growing cannabis for its uplifting properties ought to keep an eye on pinene levels when picking genetics.


Growers aiming to elevate their mood and increase their motivation should pick cannabis seeds with plenty of limonene in their genetic makeup. This terpene gives citrus fruits their telltale scents, including lemons, oranges, and limes. Studies have shown that limonene can have positive effects on mood as well as helping to counter stress and anxiety. Limonene can also improve concentration ad help us stay enthusiastic and motivated.

Energy Boosting Weed: Our Best Seeds

There are plenty of growers and gourmets who pick their marijuana seeds specifically for their energy-boosting effects. Growing cannabis for its uplifting effects can be a smart move both from a medical or a recreational perspective. That’s why we present a few suggestions for premium uplifting cannabis seeds that you can order with ease from our award-winning seed bank.

Uplifting Cannabis Seeds 1: Amazing Haze

Since haze strains are known for their uplifting, energy boosting headbuzz, Amazing Haze ought to be our top number one recommendation for growing uplifting cannabis seeds. At 24% THC, this baby is high up in the heavyweight range. Her sweet taste masks the limonene heritage of parent strain Amnesia Haze, with a comparably energizing booster buzz.

Amazing Haze may not be our easiest growing strain, but the ginormous buds she’ll produce in the hands of experienced growers are enough to give you new uplifting energy straight away!

High Energy Weed Strain 2: Grapefruit Superstar

Grapefruit Superstar cannabis seeds are a real battery charger when it comes to issues of energy, fatigue, or lack of focus. High limonene content in the colas of these plants promise a keening of the senses, accompanied by a broad smile due to the euphoric headbuzz this 90% sativa dominant strain conveys.


Her taste is deeply refreshing, with a typical grapefruit twist owing to a dash of caryophyllene on top of her citrus aromas. However, don’t forget that we are still dealing with a 20% THC strain here!

The Best Uplifting Cannabis Seeds To Boost Your Energy

As far as we’re concerned, the old stereotype of the eternal lethargic stoner can be consigned to the annals of history. Modern growers and connoisseurs know full well that that weed contain plenty of uplifting potential, as long as you know which strains to pick.

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With our varied selection of first-class genetics, anyone can find a suitable strain to grow. On top of that, our Grow Blogs give you all the knowledge you need to make growing into a positive experience with uplifting effects for anyone willing to give it try!



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