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Cannabis Seeds Or Cuttings?

Anyone intending to grow cannabis has to decide whether to start with seeds or cuttings. Since both will develop into full-grown plants, you may wonder which is the best choice. Cannabis seeds can be stored for a long time, they’re strong, and they come in a wealth of strains to choose from. Cuttings, on the other hand, have a head start in the early growth stages, but they are more fragile than seeds. So which are best, cannabis seeds or cuttings? Read this blog to make a well-founded decision!

Cannabis Seeds Or Cuttings: The Differences

If you plan to grow weed, you will have to decide between working with either cannabis seeds or cuttings. Both will grow to become full-sized, mature plants with buds to harvest. They do, however, present two quite different ways to start your grow.

Cannabis seeds are the natural means by which pollinated female plants secure the species’ continued existence. Seeds contain the genetic information of both the male and female parent plant. If you plant a seed, it will germinate and eventually grow into a unique mature specimen.

That marks an important difference between cannabis seeds and cuttings. Cuttings are obtained by carefully removing a branch from the original plant. If you stick this cutting into the soil, it will develop roots and grow into a fully functional plant. Such cuttings, however, are genetically identical to the plant from which they were cut, so in fact, they are clones.

cannabis seeds or cuttings

What’s The Smart Move: Order Seeds Or Cuttings?

As you can see, cuttings and seeds provide growers with two option for starting their grow. So which is the smart choice, then, to order seeds or cutting? The big advantage of using cuttings is starting out with a plant that has already developed into a semi-mature specimen. That means they are a few steps ahead of seeds, which gives them a bit of a head start. However, there are a few considerable downsides to working with cuttings that you should know about before you begin.

First off, cuttings are harder to come by, and you generally have fewer strains to choose from compared to ordering seeds. Moreover, cuttings are often weaker than plants grown from seed. Shipping them safely is trickier too, plus you run a serious risk of inviting disease and other problems into your grow room along with any cuttings you receive.

Perhaps most importantly, though, seeds represent the natural start of a cannabis plant’s life cycle. Every single cannabis seed is a tiny miracle of nature, containing all that is needed to grow into a strong, nature plant full of flower buds loaded with THC, terpenes, and other natural compounds that growers love. This dedicated blog will teach you all there is to know about the world of wonder hidden inside cannabis seeds.


Using cannabis seeds too start your grow, by contrast, comes with a number of distinct advantages that cuttings will not grant. Below, we list the most important benefits of growing cannabis seeds.

Cannabis Seeds Or Cuttings? The Main Benefits

1 Seeds are cheaper

It never hurts to make a few smart savings on your grow budget. That makes the fact that seeds are cheaper than cuttings a nice benefit to begin with. The difference in price is explained in part by the fact that in many countries, cannabis seeds are legal while cuttings are not. From a purely economic point of view, that makes seeds the better choice.

2 Better chance of strong, healthy plants

Plants grown from cuttings will not develop their own taproot. Since the plant started out as a branch cut from a full-grown plant, it will only form lateral roots after you plant it in the soil.

This is a very real difference compared to plants grown from seed. As soon as seeds germinate, the first radicle that emerges grows straight down into the soil to form the taproot, firmly anchoring the plant into the ground. This makes cannabis plants grown from seed stronger than cuttings.

cannabis seeds or cuttings

3 Plenty Of Choice

A quick glance at the seeds in our online store will show you that you are spoiled for choice using seed for grows. This is a major factor when deciding whether to use seeds or cuttings. Starting out with a cutting seriously limits your options. Generally speaking, vendors only sell their most popular strains as cuttings.

If you choose to work with seeds, you can choose between all the celebrity strains as well as the more specialist types, including specific scents, high CBD percentages, or particular effects. Examples include strains that can offer relief from pain, fatigue, or depression, as well as uplifting strains or genetics to spark creativity. Fans of a physical bodybuzz or a high that focuses on the brain will also enjoy the additional options that seeds provide.

4 A Pesticide-Free Start

One of the main disadvantages of cuttings is their tendency to introduce pathogens and parasites to your grow environment. You run quite serious risks of contracting bacteria and viruses that can ruin your cutting as well as any other plants you may have. Treating young cuttings with pesticides is recommended: not your ideal starting point, to be sure.

If you prefer healthy and environmentally friendly growing methods instead, working with cannabis seeds is the better choice. It reduces your chance of contracting bugs and disease as well as facilitating organic grow efforts.

5 Only Female Plants

So is choosing between seeds or cuttings a difficult decision? Well, to be fair, it really isn’t, especially since you no longer need to select female seeds to grow. Years ago, before the arrival of feminized seeds, cuttings had the advantage of being all-female, guaranteed. Today, however, just about any seeds you can order are feminized, guaranteeing over 98% female specimens for any feminized seeds you purchase.

6 Legal Issues

Legal issues are yet another good reason to prefer seeds over cuttings. Purchasing seeds is legal in many countries, in contrast to buying cuttings. If you get stopped with a few seeds in your pocket, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you carry around a batch of cuttings, that’s an altogether different story. That makes choosing between cannabis seeds or cuttings more than a matter of quality: it’s a major legal decision, too…

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7 Glorious Genetics

The best thing about growing cannabis from seed is the chance of growing a unique plant full of wonderful traits. Every single plant you grow from seed has its own unique genetics. This adds to the variety, resulting in plants with striking and wonderful properties that give you much more than you hoped for. If that happens, you are of course entirely free to take your own cuttings from that seed-grown plant and propagate the unique genetics you have produced.

And if you prefer using regular, non-feminized seeds instead of feminized ones, you can start your own breeding experiments at home. Crossbreed different plants and strains to produce your own unique seeds and grow singular new varieties at minimum cost. And if that sounds a bit far-flung for you, there’s years and years of professional breeder experience to rely on, culminating in the most wonderful genetics any grower could ask for.

Premium Cannabis Seeds Or Cuttings With Risks

As you can see, growing weed from cannabis seeds is the best way to get premium buds. They give you the best chance of raising robust, healthy plants while offering great choice of strains to work with, and they add sustainability benefits to your grow practices.

If you’re still fretting over whether to choose cannabis seeds or cuttings, consider the advantage of a seed’s shelf life compare to a cloned cutting. If you don’t have the space or time to plant all your seeds at once, you can store them for years if you keep them in a dark, dry, and cool place. If you’ve bought a cutting, your only option is to get it into the ground right away, or risk watching it wither and die in a matter of days or even hours.

And obviously, this is before we consider the ease and convenience of ordering our cannabis seeds online and just waiting for the postman to deliver them at your doorstep. If you had any lingering doubts as to whether growing with seeds or cutting is the better choice, allow us to make things easy for you!

cannabis seeds or cuttings

If you’ve made your decision and plan to start growing cannabis, we trust you can make the smart choice between seeds and cuttings. Be sure to check our extensive collection of seeds. You’ll find the finest feminized strains, special CBD genetics, and fast, easy autoflower seeds. We have strains to match any taste and preference, from choco to fruity and from hazy sativas to the most gorgeous indica and kush cannabis seeds.

Pick The Best Seeds

If you look at our premium genetics, or better yet, grow some at home, you’ll experience for yourself that choosing between cannabis seeds or cuttings is in fact very easy. So, are you starting to wonder what you can do to make the seeds of your choice grow even bigger and better? Read up on our expanding series of Grow Blogs to rake in premium harvests with casual ease!

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