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What Is A Cannabis Bodybuzz?

Having a bodybuzz or body high means experiencing high that makes the entire body feel different instead of mainly focusing on mental effects. This blog explains just how that different experience works, as well as looking into which specific cannabis strains cause a bodybuzz effect.

Bodybuzz Characteristics

Today’s huge diversity of weed strains can make it hard to describe just what the effects of any specific type of weed are. This makes the notion of bodybuzz a useful concept to try and categorize this cannabis bonanza.

As the name suggests, a bodybuzz chiefly affects the body: a physical high or stone you’ll literally feel from head to toe. Below you’ll find some of the main bodybuzz effects. Keep in mind, though, that every strain is subtly unique, and that your personal experience of any strain is the final berdict. Weed is still a matter of taste; but even so, growers looking for great bodybuzz cannabis seeds ought to keep reading!

Relaxing Muscles

The first noticeable effect of a bodybuzz is manifested as the muscles start to relax, while consumers experience a lazy sensation wash over their body. This is a pleasat experience for most people, right up to the point where they need to get off their sofa. This is where the phenomenon of couchlock takes effect: the muscles become so relaxed that they prefer to remain on the couch rather than getting up and actually doing something.

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Bodybuzz And Sports

It’s no secret that cannabis and sports can be a winning combination. Many people with an active lifestyle prefer cannabis strains that trigger a body buzz. This is usually because of the profound sense of relaxation they cause, which helps ease muscles and limbs after serious workouts or intense competition. Strains with high CBD levels can be particularly useful in speeding up muscle recovery after exercise, easing muscle aches and reducing the impact of injuries.

Pain Relief

There is a lot of research going on to investigate how ever more people consume cannabis to reduce or (temporarily) relieve pain symptoms. The effects of CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can soothe the nervous system, bringing (temporary) relief to patients suffering from (chronic) pain. Cannabis strains that cause a bodybuzz are a popular choice for pain manifesting through physical symptoms.

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Cannabis strains can be crudely divided into sativa or indica variants. Whereas sativa strains are usually energizing and uplifting in their effects, indica tends to cause a sleepy sensation spread throughout the body. This bodybuzz aspect makes indica strains particularly popular among people with sleeping problems and those seeking to unwind physically before going to bed.

Which Cannabis Strains Cause A Bodybuzz?

As we explain in our headbuzz blog, the cannabis genus can be divided into three subtypes: indica, sativa, and ruderalis strains. Originally, indica cannabis is the variant that mainly causes bodybuzz effects. These days, however, extensive crossbreeding has resulted in an abundance of hybrid indica x sativa strains that tend to blur the lines between types and effects. Opinions differ as to whether this is a god thing or not. It makes a pure body buzz or head buzz harder to find, but on the other hand, the abundance of modern strains has something to offer for anyone, including mixed headbuzz and bodybuzz effects and great terpene flavour combinations.

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The boundless creativity of breeders has made any desired effect available. Of course, there are still indica-dominant strains, so growers and connoisseurs looking for bodybuzz effects need to select cannabis strains by their unique specs and genetics.

Our Bodybuzz Cannabis Seeds

Broadly speaking, a bodybuzz can be expected from about 60% indica cannabis genetics, as you’ll find in our Green Magic and Chocolato strains, for example.


Experts claim that Chocolato provides a nice even balance between a strong head and body high experience. This creates a floaty sensation without the lazy vibes that leaves the mind active. That makes it a fine choice for creative and social consumers.

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Green Magic

Green magic is a more modest choice of genetics, well-suited for use just before bedtime or the ultimate night spent vegging out on the sofa. People widely appreciate her tendency to ease the mind whole allowing the body to relax as well. As you can see, these strains have similar indica x sativa percentages, even though their effects manifest in different ways.

Dutch Duchess

True couchlock fans looking for high-indica strains without letting go of all sativa aspects could opt for our one and only Dutch Duchess genetics. Her 70% indica background is the basis for a firm bodybuzz effect. Regular Dutch Duchess consumers describe her effect as an initially mild kickstart, followed by a lazy, physical sense of contentment. Especially suited for introspective evenings and as treatment for against restless nights.

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Cannabis can be categorized in more than one way. While some prefer the indica – sativa divide, others like to compare kush and haze varieties. Viewed from this angle, kush cannabis tends to contain the most indica genetics, which accounts for a typical bodybuzz effect. People often describe the high associated with kush strains as more sedative and less energizing than typical haze effects. That makes kush best suited for quiet evenings spent alone or with a few good friends – and definitely located on a comfy couch.

For the sake of convenience, most strains mention their kush content in their name to indicate what consumers can expect. On top of the strains we already mentioned above, we simply have to include our absolute indica champion strain AK Choco Kush. At 80% indica content, sativa effects are all but absent apart from the intense sense of satisfaction. This strain is obviously popular for its medicinal potential as a muscle relaxant or analgesic. That makes her an athlete’s favourite, but don’t let her medical appearance put you off – this is a fine choice for relaxed creative use as well.


Put bluntly, THC generally interacts with the human endocannabinoid system to slow down communications between certain cells and the (central) nervous system. This slowness accounts for a large share of that characteristically lazy, relaxed feeling typical of a cannabis bodybuzz. Although some people think that high THC percentages determine only mental effects, THC affects the body’s physiology, too.

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All cannabis contains THC to some degree, and higher THC levels make for a more intense bodybuzz or headbuzz high. What percentage best suits anyone’s personal needs also depends on other factors, including terpene profiles, CBD content, mood, setting, and more. That means the effects differ between strains as well as between different occasions. Anyone still looking for the perfect match will have to find out for themselves what works best. Of course, this should always be done responsibly, in moderation, and in the right environment to find the perfect personal match.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound that has become hugely popular in recent years. Although our CBD supplements are used for all sorts of health applications, CBD is also appreciated by more and more regular cannabis consumers. This is mainly due to the fact that CBD can temper the effects of THC. CBD can reduce the THC bodybuzz impact of any given cannabis strain. At the same time, though, CBD has its own relaxing potential to add to the bodybuzz effect. Much depends on the particular bodybuzz you’re after, but CBD is present in all cannabis strains, though usually in lower percentages than THC.


Terpenes contribute to the cannabis bodybuzz too. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that provide the typical scents and flavours of weed. Experienced consumers know how varied these scents can be, and true connoisseurs will recognise the typical myrcene fragrance of indica strains. Myrcene spreads a clove-like sleep-inducing aroma. The entourage effect allows myrcene to boost the intensity of the THC high, which adds to the couchlock effect. In fact, tsome experts claim that a minimum .5% myrcene content is one of the defining criteria of indica strains. By these standards, all cannabis containing less myrcene is a sativa: that’s yet another way of recognising bodybuzz cannabis strains.

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Growing Cannabis For That Bodybuzz

As you can see, there’s more than one way to find cannabis with a strong bodybuzz effect. That means anyone looking to grow their own cannabis seeds has plenty of options available. The Amsterdam Genetics collection comprises the very best indica and kush strains in a range of flavours to suit any taste. Our grow blogs provide all the information needed to grow weed seeds at home, including authentic body buzz focused genetics. That means it’s time to check out the full range and order those feminized, autoflower, or regular bodybuzz cannabis seeds!



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